Milani Color Fetish Matte Nude Lipsticks | Lip Swatches & Review

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just saw i just finished lip swatching all of six 
shades of the new milani fetish matte lipsticks  
this is a brand new lipstick line from milani 
where they just released six new nude shades  
they’re a matte lipstick formula your typical 
bullet lipstick and um now we have reached the  
review part of this video where i’m going to talk 
about formula how i like them and everything you  
need to know about these lipsticks now before we 
continue on with this video i do want to mention  
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video and let’s get back to the lipstick swatch  
review so milani came out with two new lipstick 
shades i would say in this past like few months  
um and the first line they came out with was the 
color fetish shine lipsticks which i have behind  
me there and i’ve already done a full lip swatch 
video on all of those um so if you want to see  
that i will link it down below but you know i’m 
a milani lipstick fanatic i have probably every  
single lipstick they’ve come out with and i’ve 
probably done a lip swatch videos on all of those  
formulas too um but these two lines were something 
that was very different in my opinion from  
milani’s typical products you know especially even 
just from the packaging alone this is something  
not as identifiable as their classic like gold or 
very classy bullet lipsticks um you know i find  
that these are so classy in a way but they kind of 
have that edgy look to them which is something i  
really like i think this is a very cool lipstick 
packaging i haven’t seen much like this before  
and i also do like how these shades are 
representative right on the uh tube just so you  
can see what you’re getting into without having 
to look at all the shade names if you haven’t seen  
my video on the shine lipstick or you have tried 
those already or own a couple i will say that this  
is a very different formula from those those are 
kind of your lipstick and lip balm in one whereas  
these are your typical traditional lipstick those 
are going to apply a bit more sheer um they do  
have some more brighter shades in here these 
are a full pigment matte lipstick and we just  
have it nudes in this collection also the actual 
lip um stick bullet itself on that one it’s more  
of that balm look where it is round whereas this 
one is your typical lipstick bullet where it comes  
to that point so i just want to kind of point out 
some of those things and kind of the differences  
between the two lines i think this collection is 
very fitting i think you know in the fall time  
finding your perfect nude shade is so essential 
and i love testing out new lipsticks because it’s  
the majority of what i wear especially some 
of these deeper colors i fell in love with  
just because on my fair skin i sometimes like to 
do something a little bit brighter something with  
a little more vampiness to it too especially 
in the fall i do think they have a good shade  
range in here you know it is a smaller line only 
six shades but because it’s only nudes i think  
you know they did a pretty good job kind of 
hitting some different tones in there um so out of  
the two lightest shades we have 410 pleasure and 
this one is definitely your nude on the more pinky  
um a little bit more on the pink side i would even 
call this like your neutral nude this is amazing  
for layering you can wear it on its own or with 
a lip liner really really great color and then if  
you’re into something a bit on the more warm side 
the next one in the line 420 is a great addition  
i love my mauve shades especially in the summer 
too so 4 30 was a nice one a kind of pinky um  
i like layering this one as well i think 
it creates a really nice color on the lips  
and then i think my favorite from the whole 
collection is 440 passion this is just such an  
interesting color and it’s kind of you know that 
brown vampy color but still on your more nude side  
um doesn’t pull too orange or too red 
it’s just really pretty i actually layered  
both of these ones on my lips right now and i 
really like how that turned out this is definitely  
one of my new favorite lip products and i’ve 
been using it so much and then we do have some  
two darker shades the top one right here more 
of a chocolate brown in 450 and then a nice deep  
brown lipstick um in a 460. if you’re looking for 
a warm toned brown that’s really deep this one is  
a really nice one now i have honestly been using 
these so much i actually had to hunch through  
all my bags today before sitting down to film 
this because i have been actually using them a  
lot and because they’re nude lipsticks i take them 
everywhere with me they’re really easy to apply  
i would say formula wise they are very similar 
to the milani matte bold lipsticks which i also  
have back there but i’m not sure if you guys can 
see them they are the ones in the black packaging  
those ones have a very similar formula to these 
where it is that matte lipstick that applies very  
lightweight on the lips it kind of has more of 
that velvet mousse texture um very lightweight but  
it does apply with a lot of impact and a lot of 
pigment to it so a little bit goes a long way you  
do not need a lot of these you don’t have to layer 
them too much which i personally like because i  
like you know layering things up on the lips so 
i’ve been applying a lot at once so that’s really  
nice to see work great with other products i love 
layering these on top of liquid lipsticks too  
um or lip liners so this is honestly probably one 
of my favorite collections from milani as far as  
lip products go um i love that they came out with 
just a nude lipstick line because honestly some  
of my favorite lipsticks from milani are their 
nude shades um and although they have a ton of  
lipsticks out there it is kind of nice to see an 
all nude shade that is affordable i think these  
are all under ten dollars and are also um you 
know very accessible you can find them at lots of  
different drugstores and the fact that you know we 
have some really nice shades in here that are kind  
of different from shades i’ve seen before um i 
really enjoyed i think this is a great collection  
and if you’re looking for some perfect nudes 
for this fall season or really all year round  
because you can never go wrong with a good nude 
lipstick i highly recommend these i think they’re  
an excellent formula really really you know um 
the type of lipstick i like that matte feel that  
doesn’t feel too heavy that i can mix that i can 
layer really great um they do last a fairly long  
time too for being a two bullet lipstick so i 
honestly have nothing bad to say about these  
i don’t find they bleed too much i don’t find 
they you know obviously they transfer because  
they’re not a liquid lipstick but um even for 
that they do last a fairly long time on the lips  
they’re not drying at all they don’t really have 
any um fragrance to them it’s a little bit of a  
sweet fragrance but nothing that lingers or is too 
potent but i did want to mention that to you guys  
again really pretty packaging and all around i’m 
really impressed by this line and i am very very  
happy that i’ve had the chance to try it i’m very 
very happy i bought all the shades because i love  
all of them so that is it on this review video 
guys i hope you enjoyed thank you so so much for  
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