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hi everyone welcome to my show my view
review i am aryan and in today’s episode
i will give you a review of netflix
recently released film
so let’s get started
um so mimi is a story of
a girl who wants to
belongs from small village but has big
dreams she wants to go to the bollywood
and come actress
that’s her passion and she’s good in
dancing and she has a friend who was
very good singer
and that’s the dream of her life and he
end up
because of the money problems
she ended up agreeing
a couple
to be the surrogate of their child abka
or bachcha um
she gets pregnant
and after
the pregnancy progresses the family
decides to pull out
and they say we don’t want the child
anymore but
and now she has to abort the child and
the decision comes that she has to kill
human being that’s been growing inside
her and
pregnant the hormones and all that
um her maternal
instinct doesn’t let her do

it and also
for a woman
the whole
thought process of killing
another human being is it’s impossible
so you can’t
ask a mother to do it so she doesn’t go
through with it
now she’s stuck
with the child
no partner
she hasn’t even told her family about it
so she gets into a big pickle where she
doesn’t get any money for the surgery
and now she is a single mother of a
it’s and also she loses all her dreams
imagination and everything that
she always hoped for is gone now
she finally goes back to her family but
tells him the person
who’s actually
okay so
this taxi driver who introduces them to
the family
he ends up feeling guilty as well and
gets involved into all this and she
introduces him as a father of the child
to the family and then later on they
find out what actually the reality is
but so the baby is born the whole family
fell in love with it and all that i just
i don’t want to say the whole story now
um at the music so this is the beginning
this is the story uh so there is a lot
of emotional ups and downs
um the music is brilliant the
happy songs will make you dance with it
whereas the sad songs will make you cry
the acting is brilliant i am big fan of
kriti now she is a really good actor
so far we had only seen the male actors
uh going through a body transformation
in order to do a role and now um there
is lots of female lead who are
joining the club and in this film pretty
had to put on 15
so in order to
uh so the pregnancy looks really real
and you can feel and she’s really good
actress and
if i haven’t
seen the videos of making and all that
it was all very believable so she
she’s done a great job and all the other
actors as well have done a brilliant job
in this film so this film is a full
package if you are looking for a film
which will make you laugh and make you
cry and go through emotional
rollercoaster now i would definitely
recommend this film is
a really good watch um
that’s all for this one if you like this
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i’ll see in the next video until then
look after yourself and your family

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