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Update. So Lets Start
With Joe Penhall at the helm and David Fincher
as showrunner and creative force, ‘Mindhunter’
creates a brooding ambiance of fear from materials
tethered to reality. Based on the titular
non-fiction book by John E. Douglas and Mark
Olshaker, the detective series follows Holden
Ford, a young aspiring FBI agent who teams
up with senior officer Bill Tench and psychology
professor Wendy Carr to investigate the crooked
minds of notorious serial killers and revive
cold cases. Since its initial release in 2017,
the Netflix original show has spawned two
seasons, garnering widespread fan praise and
critical acclaim in the process. Critics especially
loved the uncanny ambiance, cinematic visuals,
and impeccably crafted characters. After the
second season’s anticlimactic ending, fans
are eagerly waiting for an update. If you
are looking for titbits regarding the speculated
third season, let us get to it!
Mindhunter Season 3 Release Date
‘Mindhunter’ season 2 premiered in its
entirety on August 19, 2019, on Netflix. The
second season comprises nine episodes with
runtimes ranging from 34 to 76 minutes per
Let us now present before you

everything that
we were able to scoop regarding the renewal
of the stylistic procedural drama. Although
initially planned to have five seasons, it
was announced in November 2019, that the anticipated
third season will go into indefinite hold
following David Fincher’s lack of interest
in pursuing the show.
In January 2020, all of the original cast
members were released from the show by the
original network, while Fincher became busy
with ‘Mank,’ among other projects. In
October of the same year, an official from
Netflix spilled that the third season will
be developed “maybe in five years,” following
a revelation by Vulture.
The prolific director was integrally involved
in the development and production of the show,
but due to the tedious and tiresome filming
schedule and his overt engagement, Fincher
gave in to exhaustion. Moreover, while the
series managed to get a cult following, the
viewership numbers did not match the production
cost. So, the bottom line suggests that the
math does not favor the lavish budget of the
show, and its fate looks bleak indeed.
However, in April 2021, a piece of news bloated
up which may give the fans some hope. Small
Screen revealed that they were in touch with
a source from Netflix, who reportedly said,
“… Conversations between Netflix and Fincher
are ongoing. They are discussing the possibility
of bringing the show back for a third season.”
But pursuing the news is nothing more than
a shot in the dark, and we don’t know whether
Holden and the gang will return to solve the
unfinished cases anytime soon. If Fincher
resumes work on the project by 2021, fans
can perhaps expect ‘Mindhunter’ season
3 to premiere sometime in late 2022 or early
Mindhunter Season 3 Cast: Who can be in it?
All of the original cast members are released
from their respective contracts as mentioned
before, but if Fincher gets back on the production,
chances are most of the principal actors will
return in their previous roles. This includes
Jonathan Groff, who plays the role of young
FBI Agent Holden Ford, Holt McCallany, who
acts as Bill Tench from the Behavioural Science
Unit. These two will in all likelihood be
joined by Anna Torv, who usually appears in
the role of Wendy Carr. Among other prominent
roles, we hope to see Cameron Britton (Ed
Kemper), Michael Cerveris (Behavioural Science
unit chief Ted Gunn), and Sonny Valicenti
(Dennis Rader aka the BTK Killer). However,
while this is the cast list that we expect,
it can change by all means.
Mindhunter Season 3 Plot: What can it be about?
The second season of the crime drama was taxing
for many as it was revealing. The season sees
Ted Gunn taking up responsibilities as the
chief of FBI’s Behavioural Science Unit
after a bitter incident leads to the retirement
of Shepard. The team follows the infamous
BTK Killer, while Bill discovers a sinister
aberration that affects his own family, and
the team pursues its project of profiling,
with the highlight of Bill and Holden’s
rendezvous into the mind of Charlie Manson.
Holden obsessively pursues the Atlanta murderer
in the absence of Bill, but his investigation
gets lost in a vortex of leads. In the finality
of events, the Atlanta Police Department releases
a prime suspect and closes the missing child
cases, while Holden is left to feel guilty
for not being able to deliver justice to the
families of the deceased. The season finale
ends with a glimpse of the BTK strangler,
who is still running on the loose.
This brings us to the theories regarding the
speculated third season. Well, we are pretty
much clueless regarding how the creator would
take the story forward, and our guesses are
as good as yours. Following historical realism,
the BTK killer will not get caught until the
break of the 21st century, but he may taunt
the investigators with more clues. However,
the Atlanta case has to be solved, and Holden
will perhaps get back to the city if higher
officials comply. The series draws heavily
from its source, and following the sourcebook,
we are yet to meet menacing figures like Larry
Gene Bell and Robert Hansen. We can at least
be certain that the series will continue to
probe into the workings of a serial killer’s
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