Mint Mobile Review

Hey everyone! As someone who is always on the 
lookout for deals especially when it comes to  
daily necessities like the cheapest and reliable 
phone plan, I came across Mint mobile. Yep,  
the one that Ryan Reynolds is a spokesperson for. 
Anyway In the past I used to use AT&T, T-Mobile,  
Cricket Wireless, and now Mint. I’ve been hearing 
rave reviews for a while now and if you’re like  
me who just needs the basics, unlimited data with 
a speed cap at 3GB for only $15/month for 1 line,  
I recommend that Mint is the way to go. You can 
use your own phone, but make sure it’s unlocked.  
What’s great about it is, you don’t 
need to be binded in a contract,  
you set up the sim card yourself, you don’t 
need to go in store to speak to anyone,  
everything is done online, and if you change your 
mind, you can get a refund almost immediately.
So, I wanted to just try it for 3 months and you 
prepay, which I would suggest you save up and just  
pay it so you don’t need to worry about it every 
month. After 3 months, you’ll have to prepay for a  
year, so just giving you a heads up there as well. 
So far I like it. The service has been pretty  

clear in my area, which is amazing because my 
past carrier which used AT&T towers, was spotty.  
Anyway, you can put in your zip code and the site 
will tell you if there is clear coverage in your  
area. It’s worth a try and the most affordable 
phone plan I’ve had so far. Let me know what you  
think! Join me on Mint where I am saving a ton 
on wireless. Use the link that I added in the  
description box and you’ll get $15 added to your 
Mint account, and I’ll get free Mint too. Win-win!

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