Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Wagon Grey by Inno64 | UNBOXING and REVIEW | with English subtitle

Hello Guys,
Back with me again William
In this video I want to unbox this , the newest item from Inno64.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 Wagon.
This is Grey color, now it
has 5 variant from Inno. The grey color , there’s 2 ralliart color
Black and Red , and then the first white with
roofrack and Yellow with Ohlins decal.
This is the grey one just arrived.
Let’s look from outside, this is the car name, Inno64 logo, on top as usual 1:64,
on the left and right there’s nothing, at the back there’s a car silhouette
and the website of , but too bad the website is not updated,
looks like a dead website. Yeah that’s it, on the bottom as usual
Inno64 logo, media social, Mitsubishi Motors license, this is the name and barcode
And this is warning, not suitable for children under 14 years old, and long term exposure of sunlight
Okay, let’s open it up. I have open up the plastic
Turns out it go a set of spare tires, the spare tires is pretty cool.
got axle as well, but I won’t change it. The original is already good enough , isn’t it?
The original seems to be Volk,

Volk or else?
But it’s not TE37 , I don’t have good memory with the rims variant
As usual there’s separated card behind.
Okay let’s open it up. The base got Inno logo as usual , Mitsubishi Lancer
Evo 9 Wagon , this Lancer Evolution Wagon, from first impression this is cool.
Yes it’s cool , let’s open it
from the base. Where’s my screwdriver, there
Let’s open it up
Okay, the details are great. The same casting with the
Ralliart but this is color variant. But the color is great.
I like it. From the front details, the light is great.
Yes the light is great, Lancer Evolution Wagon license plate
Why it’s blurry? There’s the front light detail, cool isn’t it?
And the lips is diecast
Diecast or , supposed to be diecast, but? Yes it’s diecast.
This is Right Hand Drive , the side mirror
I don’t know if it’s diecast or plastic. It’s hard but that’s it, I don’t dare to do anything to it
or it’ll break. The details are plain like that , but the color is good. On top there’s antenna
Quite scary , might break it. But seems a little bit tilted huh?
But , I won’t fix it or later it will be the same with that Tarmac AE92
I try to fix it but it break off. Let it be , but it’s a pity
Can you see that? It’s not straight, tilted to this side , to the right side
The interior is plain black. There’s no that
No racing seat belt , but racing seat already
Back glass is tinted black and is it the same casting with before
Yes it’s still , still visible, there’s the screw rivet position. But because
the window is tinted black so it’s not really that visible. There it is inside
If the white one you can spot it clearly, because it’s white and the glass is clear too
So it’s visible. I don’t have it from Tarmac
So I can’t compare them. They said the Tarmac
The screw rivet position can’t be seen unlike Inno
But back to your choice. Inno details seem to be better. At the back there’s Mitsubishi logo
Lancer Evolution , what is this text? Why the camera keep blurry?
What is this? I’m not sure what it’s written, Lancer Evolution Wagon on license plate
Door handle detail, fuel cap on the left, there’s also door handle detail
On engine hood has air vent , wiper sprayer , wiper is there as well
Cool , and yet again the back light color white and
red looks like blended , need to see from the side to see
it separated. If you see from the back the color looks blended
See it like this then it’s separated. The wheels, the wheels roll smoothly
Plastic chassis as usual , but the wheels roll smoothly
Roll smoothly. They said in the future Inno will do this
the wheels roll smoothly but we’ll see that later on the new release
Will it roll or not. That’s it for this video.
Thank you for watching.
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And we’ll meet again on the next video. Bye Bye

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