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hi everyone welcome to my show my view
review i’m arya nalami and in today’s
of my video review we will be reviewing
the most talked about
brilliant show casa le pape
or money heist so let’s get started
initially the casa la papi was a spanish
series which was
which was become live on tv
antenna 3 i think in spain but they
cancelled the show
after season 1 and then netflix spotted
in late 2017 and after editing some
shots to it turned it into 22 episodes
and made it live
currently it has four
four seasons as i call it um
and like many of you i had heard about
from many people talking about it so i
was just wondering like what this
whole show is about so i was like let’s
give it a watch and here’s my relay for
it if you rob a bank
every currency comes with a special
series serial number
which means if you use the currency to
buy something you will get arrested or
if you put that currency in your bank

again you will be arrested because they
will trace the number
so this genius professor comes up with
this idea
of printing his own money
legally or just like
my idea but then he himself is like a
geeky normal
common next door guy that does
not have the guts or
mindset to do it so
he makes a plan for it and he recruits
other criminals to join him
he trains them and then he sends them
to accomplish this impossible task
they target the royal mint of spain
and the aim is to print euros
millions and billions of euros and then
get away with it
all the people that he had recruited
they come up
with some kind of special skill
that will help him achieve his goal now
the whole
episodes are
about whether are they will they be able
to achieve this impossible plane
will they come out alive
from the royal men of spain because they
have the army the police for
security everything is on top of them
so how are they gonna do all that and
because they need the staff of royal men
to actually
print the money for them they need to go
in daylight it’s not something you’re
gonna do in the middle of night they
have to go in the daylight
keep the hostages and make them work and
the most
important thing they need in order to
achieve this impossible mission
is time and professor is trying his best
to get
as much time as possible because time is
money billions being printed every hour
the whole series is a roller coaster
of emotions when you will see it it’s
not only
about robbery or when
you will see there is lots of flashback
and time jumps between
every character’s past and how they end
up there
what’s their story behind it and
so you get this emotional attachment
with each of them
when you know their stories and you feel
like you know them personally
and everybody has their own qualities as
well as flaws
to get to know in terms of
review i would give the shoe proper
thumbs up i
there has been parts where i was
angry scared shouting at my laptop
in last episode of season three i was
screaming and i season four as well i
was like oh what is behind you
what so it’s really exciting for me i
like to feel it i feel like it’s
really happening and everything is this
life and it’s
it’s brilliant i wanted to watch
something that will
give me emotion time so you feel
sadness and anger
it’s a whole roller coaster for emotions
to watch um and that’s why i think lots
of people love the show because
it’s just amazing so i’ll give it a
definitely thumbs up
go watch it you will enjoy it it’s a fun
now let’s talk about the characters so i
have lots of
favorite characters in this show but
let’s talk about the people that i hate
one character that i hate the most is
the art rito’s character
every time you would come on the stream
i just did to slap him
because he just plays it so well like my
dad used to say
if a character has made you hate him he
must have done a brilliant acting
so arturido must have been brilliant
acting because he’s really annoying to
um in terms of all the
tokyo’s character it’s like you like her
and hater
i i like her and i hate her because she
does not have patience or control of
she’s very impulsive and then what
decisions she makes
just affects everybody else so there are
times when you love her and there are
times where just you just
like talk you brain calm down
um nairobi is the mother of the gang
she is really nice and sweet to everyone
and most of the time save the day
because of her
um then goes the character goes forward
raquel character wow like
her character has been really surprising
i do like how she have conducted the
whole thing
but towards the end what he did it was
and is expected from her
um i was really surprised by the things
accomplished and she did after she find
out about everything
professor of course he’s a favorite of
um i like denver’s character even his
funny love
i love it and rio he’s just so cute i
just want to pull his cheeks
he’s like the most innocent and youngest
of the whole show and that’s why i think
the reason
they picked him to be the spot to the
reason to create the season four for him
which was berlin’s character i did love
the guy i mean in the beginning i hated
um but then i this character grew at me
like he’s the most
smartest smart ass criminal who is
handling everything
and then you get reason like why he
choose him to be the
head of the gang into monitoring
everything but as you’ve seen in season
four the last episode
um it’s not ended
so there’s definitely like i’m really
looking forward and hoping for a next
season because
everything has not been ended yet so
just waiting desperately to see what’s
gonna happen now
so yeah that’s all this is i’ve tried my
best to give you
the least spoiler-less review as
and um if you’ve liked it please give
this video a thumbs up and subscribe and
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and i will see you in the next video
until then look after yourself and your

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