Moneybox app review 2021

Today, I’m going to be doing a review of
The app, which launched in 2016, allows users
to open a variety of investing and savings
accounts designed to integrate seamlessly
with your day-to-day life.
This video will cover how much the app costs,
what its key features are and take a look
at the app’s interface.
And if you stick around to the end, I’ve
also included a bonus section with more detail
about investing with Moneybox.
Fees and charges
I’m going to break fees down into 4 sections:
For investment accounts like your stocks and
shares ISA, general investment account or
stocks and shares LISA, Moneybox is free for
the first three months, after which a £1
monthly fee applies.
There is a platform fee of 0.45% of your investments
per year.
The £1 monthly fee and platform fee are paid
off by selling the equivalent value of your
largest investment holding.
For Moneybox pensions, a 0.45% platform fee
applies if you have less than £100,000 in
your account.
If you have over that amount, a 0.15% fee
There are no fees or charges to open Moneybox’s
savings accounts or Cash Lifetime ISA.
And finally, for the Junior ISA accounts you
will pay three fees.
A £1 monthly subscription fee (after

3 month free introductory period is over),
a 0.45% platform fee and fund management charges
from 0.12% to 0.26%.
Key features
Moneybox is a savings and investing app with
an extremely comprehensive offering including
lifetime and junior ISA accounts, pensions,
three different savings accounts, a general
investment account and stocks and shares ISAs
and LISAs.
To make investing and savings as streamlined
as possible, Moneybox comes with a nifty “round
ups” feature.
Round ups connects to your bank account and
uses any spare change from everyday purchases
to add to your investments, pension or savings
You can also contribute to your funds with
one-off payments or regular deposits, or set
up a “payday boost” to automatically add
money to your account around your payday.
Every Wednesday at midday your deposits will
be collected by direct debit and invested
or distributed into your accounts.
With Moneybox you can start investing with
as little as £1.
The app has exposure to plenty of big-name
stock including Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Nintendo,
Disney and Unilever.
The only caveat is that you can’t invest
directly in individual shares.
Instead, Moneybox invests using tracker funds
which are a collection of stocks that track
a broad stock market index or sector.
Moneybox pension allows you to combine all
your old pensions into one handy place, where
you can then monitor them and adjust your
investment strategy accordingly.
The app, however, won’t be able to accept
any pensions that you or your employer are
currently paying into or any old pensions
that provide guaranteed benefits when you
The app
As someone who has a Moneybox account I can
say that the sign-up process is very quick
and easy.
The app itself is clear and intuitive to use,
and they’re always making little tweaks
here and there to improve the service even
If you’re a fan of digital finance apps
like Monzo, Plum or Freetrade, chances are
you’ll also like Moneybox’s fun graphics
and colour scheme.
Moneybox investing
With Moneybox you can invest in thousands
of global companies via tracker funds from
as little as £1.
When you sign up, you’ll be asked about
your risk profile and, depending on what you
choose, Moneybox will apply a different investing
Your risk options include cautious, balanced
and adventurous; and range from traditional
safer assets like government bonds and investments
in banks and financial institutions to property
companies and riskier global shares funds.
More experienced investors can adjust your
settings to manually edit your investing strategy
and decide which percentage of your money
goes into which fund.
For anyone concerned about the environmental
impact of their investments, Moneybox has
a “socially responsible” option which
replaces the default global shares fund with
its socially responsible fund.
This fund takes into account a range of ethical
values based on a company’s environmental,
social and governance score.
To use the Socially responsible fund you will
be charged a 0.18% management fee.
What next?
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