Monster's Cafe | Universal Studios Vegan & non-vegan food review | Orlando Florida

hello everybody princess and the bear here and 
we’re back at universal studios because you asked  
for us to come to monster’s cafe we finally did 
it and i wanted to come here too yes the princess  
has been asking every time we’ve come we’ve 
missed it either like an hour or being closed  
we came in hhn and they weren’t 
even serving what we wanted  
so yes we’re finally gonna need your jackfruit 
sandwich so i’m gonna go be a monster be sure to
you heard them
hello you want to get a mummy
what’s this back here in the corner oh let 
me just give two things about the sprouts
doesn’t it yes
a classic american beer that’s vegan
always a good three out of five 
beasties yeah five hope it’s average
i’m always happy to have a yingling but i’ve 
said it once instead of thousand times universal  
some diversity in beers you can get them during 
festivals and halloween horror nights there’s no  
reason that i should have to settle for either 
only blood light or yingling when i come to a  
monster cafe where are my themed beers in here 
you’re breaking my heart for specialty drinks  
but it’s good yingling creative

jackfruit sandwich that i’ve been 
waiting over a year to try it’s finally  
in my hands and it is falling apart but 
there’s coleslaw and crunchies so cool
oh lord i do napkins in my 
hair it’s all over the place
it’s called the mummy and it most 
certainly wrapped me in juices
but it’s good i’m good i did not 
want it no juices not yet juices
i will give it four out of five messy 
juicy emo taps for the mummy and no coffee
already i got some issues with this you use 
jack for dim tape pulled pork but if you’re  
going to imitate it you need everything 
like the buns are a soggy mess and these  
crispy onions on here this plant-based slaw 
uh it’s more sloppy joe than pulled pork
cool doctor’s got some flavor to it a little bit 
more seasoning i feel like you guys didn’t trust  
the ancestors when you were seasoned in jackfruit 
but it’s on the right track it’s better than a lot  
of plant-based stuff we’ve had here my crispy 
onions are so soggy they add literally nothing  
the slaw is basic with a bit more seasoning and 
like like a properly toasted buns or something  
like falling apart literally in your fingers you 
might have something on your hands until then  
did toast the bun this is toasted yes this is 
like a sponge i watched them toast it well then  
maybe some training parts in there but either 
way for me that’s a two and a half out of five  
claws and i was expecting a lot more i’m a 
bit disappointed and then we have these fries
that’s a that’s a fail on the fry test there
but at least they’re partially salty 
they’re better than the sandwiches  
three out of five balls i mean technically 
i do i’m rating it but either way
another quick service 
another half fresh chicken uh
i have some issues with half maybe a third it 
doesn’t feel like half a chicken because you’re  
definitely missing some middle part here got the 
wing you got the leg there’s a little bit of thigh  
in there but it’s like it’s it’s a third of a 
chicken not a half rotisserie don’t lie to us  
the skin looks nice and juicy it doesn’t look dry  
let’s just break off this leg this 
knife and fork things not gonna work
you guys know how i feel about bad chicken
it’s not public rotisserie chicken it’s more 
like a couple hour old walmart rotisserie  
chicken it’s juicy it’s not dried out the 
skin’s got some flavor but you’re not gonna  
win any awards with that to me again that’s 
average two and a half out of five flaws
as for these crispy brussels sprouts 
there there’s some crisp they spear well
nothing really special about some lemon in there 
and some salt and pepper but it’s a decent size  
this place is a whole lot of average it’s a quick 
service it’s doing what it needs to do it’s not  
gonna win any awards you won’t see me running 
back here for the food but it’s not the worst  
thing i’ve had in university that’s two and a 
half out of five claws for both sprouts two and  
a half for the whole thing i’m gonna eat it i’m 
really satisfied but i’m not gonna brag about it
so we did it we finally hung out the monsters 
in monsters cafe i think i enjoyed it a lot  
more than bear did yeah i would i maybe it 
was because of the build up you guys have been  
asking for months i was expecting something 
like mind-blowing and it was just man of me  
like a b-level frankenstein movie i would say 
it’s more like an a-level for me but i really  
enjoyed that jackfruit even though it got 
all over my hair and let’s take a shower now  
it’s not the worst jackfruit we’ve had i just 
i’m not amazed by it i’m not going to remember  
that in a week or two but i have been harshest 
of things before if you guys think different  
of course let us know in the comments if there’s 
anywhere else around universal and up here you’d  
like to see us go that’s gonna be the place to 
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