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today’s video is linked to a response i
received regarding my previous video
on the last three underdog subscriber
mick mentioned that he didn’t like the
last three underdog
but preferred to use the last five
underdog with a six step martingale
he asked if i could test it and i’m more
than happy to oblige
so let’s see who wins the battle of the
last five versus the last three
mick didn’t mention whether he used the
ties or not so i shall test with and
without ties
for more detail on the last three
underdog method please refer to my
previous video
so to clarify the last five underdog is
betting on the side that had the fewest
results in the last
five hands for example
if the last five hands were banker
banker player banker player
we would bet player for the next hand
alternatively if the last five hands
were player banker
player player banker we would bet banker
for the next hand
mick mentioned he utilized the six step
martingale then stopped
a wise strategy however i will go

an eight step to allow for any variance
with my data
okay time for the analysis
we’ll start by looking at the two
methods with ties being accounted for
generally they both followed the same
trajectory upwards
and both here and one at level eight of
our martingale
overall though it does seem like the
last five underdog balance
tended to be slightly higher than the
last three
when looking at our balances where we
ignore ties a much clearer result can be
the last five underdog selection
maintained a clear 10 to 15 percent
consistently higher balance over the
last three underdog
it also didn’t suffer from a deep stint
in the martingale
unlike its counterpart what was very
interesting was the last five survived
the sixth step martingale
that mick had initially stated
focusing on the methods without ties
they both perform well with an average
hit rate of 56 percent
last five underdog had a slight edge
when it came to maximum win
and lost streaks peak and low balance
points clearly show the slight advantage
that last
five had over the last three
so how would i rate last five underdog
compared to last three
for me they are both fundamentally the
same system with the same levels of risk
and money management
they’re also both fun strategies to play
however i have to hand it to mick and
say that in this case
last five had the slight edge in profit
and martingale depth
nice one mick and thanks for your
if you found this video helpful or would
like to suggest other strategies for me
to review
then please leave a comment in the
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with that
i’ll see you in the next video and
remember enjoy the casino
but play sensibly

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