Morning Skin Care Routine GRWM & Facial Spin Bush Review

hey guys candy dawn welcome back to my
today i want to share with you my super
easy and quick morning skincare routine
using only
four products i’m gonna put all the
links down below in case you guys are
interested in
trying them so first i like to cleanse
my face with this emu soap and i have
raved about the soap for years because
years ago i had this major skin
issue and within days of using this my
skin was clear it’s packed with tons of
beneficial ingredients including emu oil
which is often referred to as liquid
super moisturizing hydrating and
soothing and once i have the soap on my
i use this radiant spin care system to
really exfoliate and cleanse my skin
if you don’t have one of these brushes
you need to add it to your routine it
really amplifies your results and my
skin feels so amazing after using this
and i love this system because it comes
with so many attachments
there’s a face exfoliating and cleansing
brush attachment these are so great for
removing any dead skin cells and really
gets in your pores to deeply cleanse and
so this really helps minimize my pores
and i

really love the large body
cleansing exfoliating brush
because the system is water resistant i
can bring it in the shower with me
and this puma stone attachment is really
great for softening your rough skin you
know on your feet and elbows and removes
any calluses or hard
dead and dry skin so i’m gently
cleansing that emu soap by gently moving
the brush across my face in a circular
now this system was graciously gifted to
me by the company and i can’t thank them
enough i’ve been wanting one of these
for so
long after hearing so many rave reviews
now the company did give me a discount
code for you guys to use
which will get you 70 off if you use the
code candy dawn
now i’m not an affiliate so i don’t make
any commissions off of that it’s just a
gift for you guys
so next i take a cotton pad and soak it
with thayer’s facial toner
with witch hazel and i rubbed that all
over now i have raved about this toner
in previous
videos and i cannot get enough of the
smell of this
toner i just want to bathe in it it just
smells absolutely delicious
and then i finish with a skincare
moisturizer which is from
the same company that makes that emu
soap that i used in the beginning of the
now i really love this company because
their products are natural and free of
i especially love this moisturizer
because it leaves a nice dewy complexion
off my skin
okay guys there you have it such a quick
and easy skincare routine using only
four products takes me less than five
minutes in the morning
so anyone can do it thanks so much for
watching and i’ll see you guys next time

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