Moukey MCm-1 Microphone Unboxing and Review |This Is Us By Daniela & Bruno

Hey welcome back to the channel o
Today’s video is only for the microphone that
we bought a little while ago
ok so we bought this
microphone that was needed for
make our videos like the sound of
of the camera is not the best
so then we saw this one that was
cheap which is the Moukey MCm-1
Thats a microphone
directional say it’s more for cameras
but this one can also be used with
mobile phones and let’s see what’s inside
from the box
some information here on the side that I
I do not understand very well
and the dimensions of 22mm by 81
or that is very tiny
And then inside the box comes this protector
of the wind
it’s looks very big for the image I have
the box looks kinda big or
compared to this one which is the sponge
that I assume this is more for the day to
day and not for wind or you can also use
comes a bag to carry out. Saying Moukey to never forget what you have bought
more information
Moukey VIP don’t know
and instruction manual and comes with
two different cables one is for cameras
one for cameras and one for phones
nobody cares about the
specifications 😀
ok inside the bag comes super small microphone
as I said this is almost bigger than the microphone itself. Quite light looks small
never seen a normal but
this I suppose is the support for the cameras
comes 2 cables this has some tags
to this for the mobile phone and the
and this one should be for the camera.
The microphone is very light, super small fits easily
And I’m going to use this one because I’m inside the house
and didn’t need protection from the wind and
ready i’ll turn it on the camera and see the difference it makes
The video now has a microphone that I was surprised at how small it is,
how small it is on top of the camera is really compact and nothing extravagant
I believe it will make a difference because the microphones from cameras
are not exactly the best and can even delete some noise when the
camera is approaching or searching for
a face may even make a big difference.
So I now had to watch a video and
I think it made a big difference
mainly the sound got deeper or
and not so noticeable the
in this case the spikes if I can
Show. If you can see the waves
of sound are more balanced not so
separated like these where there are peaks. Throughout the video you can clearly see which
was recorded with the microphone or not.
In order to watch the video I think it makes a
big difference even in sound and in
frequency waves think this is how is called.
And I notice that there are not so many
peaks or noise from the camera to focus.
I do not know say what you think in the comments below. I think it makes a big difference.
Even though it is an accessible microphone not compared to good microphones this is
quite affordable. I think it was 15
pounds and it was a good investment
for our part. I think, until I see on the next future.
Tell us what you think of the sound of the video, leave it in the comments below.
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Bye Bye

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