[Movie Review]쉼표영화 "소울"이 주는 메세지|The message from Disney and Pixar's "Soul"

A story that becomes a comma in our lives. It’s the movie “Soul.
In life, regardless of age or gender,
Sometimes everyone has a question mark
about “the meaning of living.”
When you get older, you go to school, you get a set education,
you live with your own goals.
It could be a goal I set, or a goal set by someone else.
So the people who have achieved that goal are well-off lives,
and the ones who have not?
Does my goal really give me happiness?
What’s at the end of this road?
“Soul” doesn’t simply say what dreams or happiness are.
It’s like asking, “How about you?”
Whether it’s big or small,
the characters in the movie seem to show me
or my friends or neighbors in real life.
a young man who lives with dreams
A mother who wants her son to find a stable job.
A friend who didn’t fulfill his dream, but still happy.
a young man who shaves others down for his unfulfilled dreams.
A friend who doesn’t even try
and dismisses everything as obvious.
Soul who lost own way in life due to anxiety and obsession…
“I have a dream. I can sacrifice anything for this dream.
This is

my life and happiness.”
“Everyone says the obvious thing. I like this familiar place.
I don’t know why I have to know the meaning of living.”
“People laugh at what I like. I’m embarrassed. Should I give up?”
“I was born for something. How can I find something?”
“I used to have that dream.
But I’m still satisfied with this moment.
“I used to be so absorbed in this job,
and at some point, I was burnout. ”
“Tired. I can’t see my way. I’m just living.”
“People around me shouldn’t live like that.
It’s a waste of time. It’s useless.”
“I’m a worthless human being. There’s no point in living.
I can’t. I guess not anymore.”
Babysouls before birth get a pass to get to Earth
when they acquire the “Spark” of interest.
Spark has the meaning of flame, passion, goal, dream, etc.
But the movie says Spark doesn’t know the meaning of life.
Spark is the courage to live.
How can I get that courage?
It may come from looking at the sky, walking, running, nature,
kind people, accidental emotion
that you can feel in your daily life.
Because there’s no one in the world who doesn’t have value
You can be confident
There are so many mentors in the world,
and they’re great and they give us a lot of good advice
There are people who go forward with dreams
in what mentors say,
and there are people who still wander from mentor’s advice without realizing or feeling touched.
There’s no problem with those people.
There are some types of people who come across and realize it.
So am I.
Anyway, it takes courage.
You might think it’s obvious if you try.
But there are more things you don’t know if you don’t try.
And from the same experience,
people get different ideas and different insights.
Maybe that’s what the movie “Soul” is about.
I feel like this now,
but when I see this movie in a certain situation,
When I watch this movie again as I get older,
I think I’ll feel differently.
What did you see in the movie “Soul”?

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