[Movie Review #2] [Eng CC] Shall We Dance 사는 것이 시들한 중년에게

With a charming wife and son and daughter
Lawyer, John Clark
is a middle-aged man who has a loving family
and a successful career
but feels something is missing in his life
Is he having a mid-life crisis?
One evening, on his commute home through Chicago
through the window of a dance studio
staring with a lost expression
he sees a beautiful woman
Haunted by her gaze
impulsively jumps off the train
hoping to meet her
signs up for ballroom dancing lessons
Comporting loneliness with alcohol
the studio owner, Mitzi
Vern who wants to lose weight
to dance with a bride at his wedding
Bobbie works two jobs to make the lesson tuition
a single mom who is passionate about dancing
Rumored being a gay
and being bullied co-worker, Link
With broken heart
and lost passion for ballroom dance
Paulina teaches dance at the studio
John meets those new friends
Unlike his first intension to meet Paulina
as lessons continue
John falls in love with dancing
Keeping his new passion
from his family and co-workers
John feverishly trains for
Chicago’s biggest dance competition
John’s friendship with Paulina blossoms
One evening, they

dance together spontaneously
his enthusiasm rekindles her lost passion for dance
The dialogue “be this alive”
tells us to rekindle lost passion for life
The more time John spends away from home
and perfume smell on his clothing
Beverly becomes suspicious
she hires a private investigator
to find out what John is doing
When she finds out the truth
she told the private investigator
to stop the investigation
not to invade her husband’s privacy
A famous line in a film
touches our heart
The line Beverly tells the investigator
explaining why people get married
despite all the broken promises
touched my heart
We make wedding vow
to have and hold from this day forward
for better or worse, for richer or poorer
in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish
But we get hurt easily by the loved one
Beverly says we nevertheless get married
because we need a witness to our lives
I had a “A-ha” moment from this line
“Yes, that’s right”
when we have good food
and see beautiful scenery
we want to share with loved ones
Our kid’s first teeth
first step
one year anniversary
we celebrate with excitement
Anyone’s life excites you?
When we hear the loss of friend’s parent
we feel solemn
but when our parents pass away
we wail loudly
In a marriage
loved one’s life gives whole new meanings
“Your life won’t go on unwitnessed”
“because I will be your witness”
There’s billion people in the planet
What does anyone life has any special meaning?
The one closest to us
and the one comforts us most
break our hearts most also
This is the Irony of life
John partnered with Bobbie
for the competition
After Waltz went well
during the quickstep
John sees his wife and daughter
in the crowd
lost step by distraction
He and Bobbie fall and are disqualified
John and Beverly argue in the parking garage
John confessed he wanted to be happier
A loving family with a charming wife and two kids
a successful career as a lawyer
He has so much
but as he meanders listlessly from day to day
he feels missing something in his life
He confessed he was ashamed of
those feelings
because he was afraid of being a immature egoist
He also concerned of hurting Beverly’s feeling
when she hears he is not happy
Anyone who is a middle aged
would empathize with John’s feelings
The couple who are together but feel lonely
tell each other “it’s okay to feel that way”
Paulina, having been inspired by John
is leaving to go to Europe
is having a going-away party at the dance studio
She sends John an invitation
John is not convinced to go
Wishing him to be happy
his wife bought him a pair of dancing shoes
John goes and meets Beverly at work
John convinces Beverly while he loves dancing
he still loves her just as much
he proposes Beverly to dance
It’s so romantic !
John and Beverly go to the party
John, before Paulina leaves
has one last dance with her
This movie is the 2004 remake romantic comedy-drama
starring Richard Gere
Jennifer Lopez
Susan Sarandon
This is a Feel-Good movie
Recommend to those who feel depressive
and bored in life
It will cheer you up
Like Beverly who accepts
her husband’s wish to be happy
buys him dance shoes to encourage
Let’s accepts loved one’s feeling as it is
encourage each other to find a hobby
that make you feel alive
Thank you for watching
I plan to upload another feel-good movie soon
Till we meet again
stay healthy and happy

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