Movie Review Dare to Love: Hai Ruk Pipaksa Ep1 (2021)| Review Phim Hãy Để Tình Yêu Phán Xét Tập 1

At the Central Juvenile and Family Court, Ticha is defending a wife who is asked for a divorce by her husband on the grounds that the wife likes plastic surgery
At this time, the male lead also quickly attended the jury trial that afternoon
At the appellate hearing, the wife accused her husband of having improper behavior with the female salesperson
Thanks to the evidence and sharp arguments, Ticha helped his wife win the court case
Are people coming to congratulate me? Oh my gosh, thank you so much
After the appeal session, everyone came to congratulate the female lead
Director Ben brought a bouquet of fresh flowers to congratulate her and another flower to congratulate another person, that is Camellia – who helped the company close the deal in Geneva.
This made Ticha quite jealous
Ben called Ticha and Camellia into his office, where he announced the appointment of Ross & Harvey’s first young female partner
The director gives them time until the end of the year to prove their energy, and then makes a final decision
A real battle between 2 beautiful and talented female lawyers officially begins
Why do you have to compensate for work?
Ticha’s mom wants her to spend time

taking care of herself and looking for a boyfriend
Don’t forget to find yourself a boyfriend
Mom drove Ticha to the company, but she forgot to give things to her daughter, so she had to ask the company staff to do it for her
Hey man, stop
Coincidentally, the employee who gave Thicha the towel was Kiew
Are you my girlfriend?
Kiew returned the towel to Ticha but did not forget to tease the female lead
Get out of my sight
Today, Ticha has a trainee interview
At first, she didn’t intend to interview, but because Camellia was praised by Director Ben for this interview, she had to change her mind
Ticha, you’re always smooth-tongued aren’t you
Camellia goes to Ticha’s office to remind her
At this time, the trainee who came to meet the female lead for an interview was none other than Kiew
Ticha intentionally made it difficult for Kiew by purposely excluding him from the interview
She is willing to refuse matchmaking and referrals from friends for her
In court, Ticha got into trouble when the witness was not present
By chance meeting Kiew again, Ticha learned that he was accepted as a trainee by his colleague
Did your witness not come?
The fellow lawyer was quite happy when the female lead had a problem
Camellia went to the office to meet Director Ben to talk about Ticha’s trial
There’s still time, I’ll go find witnesses
The heroine immediately took a taxi to convince the witness, but there was no car
At this time, Kiew appeared and took her away
The two went to the witness’s house but Ticha still could not convince her to come to the trial
What I like to do is my right
Thanks to Kiew’s persuasion, she finally testified before the trial
After the trial, everyone congratulated Ticha. Kiew returned to Sak’s office, only then did he remember that he had forgotten to return to the courthouse to pick up Sak
Ticha now appears: How did you convince Samai to come testify? Kiew did not answer Ticha’s question
Do you remember the dreamy boy? The girl with the killer smile
Kiew thought she recognized herself – the boy from 7 years ago
But Ticha doesn’t seem to care about that, she wants to ask Kiew about persuading Samai
Kiew tried to escape but failed
Where are you going? Dreamy boy
Sak suddenly appeared, Ticha had to lie that Kiew was sick
The male lead only had to cooperate with Thicha to perform this play
Sir, I’m sorry I left you there
Kiew returned home to meet two of his friends
Can’t he see us? Maybe
They tried to ask about Kiew’s story but he said nothing happened but everyone didn’t believe it
Hey, are you in love
Dad’s question left Kiew speechless. Ticha recalled what happened in the morning with Kiew, she accidentally recalled the past
Oh this crazy kid, so angry. Why did you come back and bother me
The next day, Ticha went to the law firm with a rather angry expression on her face
Kiew appeared
It’s for you
The heroine warns Kiew about their relationship. Kiew could only smile happily
You’re nice to everyone, but you’re only bad to me
After receiving the call, Ticha angrily went to the office to meet Camellia
She thinks Camellia robbed her client. Director Ben called Kiew to the office
He thanked Kiew for helping Ticha in the lawsuit. It turns out that Director Ben asked Camellia to be the legal advisor for the project
Did he not tell you
The heroine just left with an angry face
Hi director! I’m coming to see you
Director Ben suggested to lawyer Sak that Q would transfer to Ticha’s group as an intern
The director wants Thicha and Kiew to collaborate on an important project
The film is about a love between a female lawyer and a young man
With a one-sided love for a beautiful and talented female lawyer, the “young pilot” has found every way to work with her
Will the young man win her heart?
I’m An, see you in the next videos. Goodbye!

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