hello there aces we are back with a new
episode of the freighted air a
where we get to have an exclusive
interview with the cast of a particular
i am aaron bernardino joining you for my
room observing safety
and social distancing now for this
week’s episode
we get to meet the casa fe film from the
late 2000s
and do you know what it is that’s
absolutely right let us give a round of
a virtual applause to the class of
it’s great to have you here you guys
we literally wanted to guess here how
are you
i’m in the best mood possible how about
everyone else
we are more than great that’s fantastic
now francis can you like tell us
something about
the film the movie is entitled
that dead nasi lolo and the title is
really hilarious but it actually came
from the bobby’s perspective of what
to his grandfather
yeah i mean the title is not that catchy
but it does a lot about what the movie
is about
that’s actually pretty interesting but
you know as a part of the cast
who do you think is the

character that
that had the biggest impact to you
um for me i think it’s june my character
the movie didn’t get boring because of
he’s a he’s a loving son you know in a
funny guy but
he doesn’t believe in tradition such as
wearing a red dress and
sweeping the clutter which is bad in his
father’s bureau um well
it is a pretty much the same answer that
i have
um because i kind of personally relate
with the character
that’s actually great to hear and by the
her outfit really really looks nice a
new debbie but
yeah moving on isabel what do you think
are these things about the culture
you’re recognized in the film
it is mostly about filipino
that was passed on generation after
generation and
still exist up to this day um
the movie also represent the
family centered in the bayanihan
attitude of us filipinos
that was really insightful it is really
nice you know witnessing filipino
culture being showcased
in armenia so i have another question
for you
mark so what personal insights you’ve
while watching the video
for me i felt happy in the first part of
the film
because of the personality of the
characters but in the middle of it
i felt sad because their father died out
of a sickness
and they started blaming each other for
not having enough money for the funeral
but at the end of the film they forgive
each other and they live happily
watching the movie really felt like
gliding a rollercoaster
i think the constant up and downs
along the field made it outstanding that
is absolutely correct
and you know i i know that you either
sad or happy while watching this movie
but i still want to ask the borrow
um what did you feel after watching dead
after watching the movie de nocilolo i
gain an
insight that holding grudges against
someone without knowing the reasons
behind closed doors will have a negative
impact to you
you will hold anger resentment and
thoughts of revenge to the person who
hurts you
one time there is a particular person
who did something wrong
wrong to me i didn’t let that person
explain or defend his side
i hated him for a very long time until
someone enlightened me
of what he did now i realized that
don’t let your emotions take over you be
rational and make good choices
i agree letting your emotions take over
you will bring nothing but chaos
okay so for the last set of questions go
are the themes shown in the movie
are these things present in different
and are these themes present in our
oh wow that’s a nice question
responses are the themes shown in the in
the movie universal so i answered no
for the second question which is are
these themes present in different
i also answered no because only the
here in the philippines are able to
relate to this kind of movie
because this is our culture right and
which is presented in the movie deadness
for the last question
which is are these themes present in our
so i definitely answered yes because we
are filipinos and we are also practicing
those kinds of belief
and culture in our homes
that was incredible that so yeah
that was it for our interview now go
watch deadness
in your respective homes to experience a
half laughter
and half deer filled film again this is
your rated a host aaron bernardino and
see you next week goodbye and good night
bye goodbye thank you

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