Movie Review: Is King Richard and Oscar-Worthy Film?

can you feel it because i can feel it it 
feels like we’re going into oscar season  
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includes my bonus eternals movie review um if  
you have missed that one yes it feels like we’re 
going into oscar season today i have a review of  
a biopic for you if you have been following the 
channel for a while you will know that i am a  
huge fan of a biopic it’s possibly one of my sort 
of favorite like genres of movie to watch and if  
i’m looking for something to watch from a sort 
of streaming service if there’s a biopic that i  
haven’t seen on there i will always pick this one 
and this one yeah just feels like we’re now in the  
run into like we’re going to get oscar nominations 
for this movie and so i’m just excited for all  
the movies that are going to come out like this 
one as well so this is my review of king richard  

/> this one stars will smith and it’s produced by 
will smith as well as being produced by venus  
and serena williams because this is the story 
of richard williams their dad and their sort of  
rise to tennis stardom now i am not a tennis 
fan i there are very few tennis matches i have  
watched obviously i am aware of the big names 
i’ve been to the town of wimbledon um and  
yeah not big tennis fan so if you are worried 
that you are not a tennis fan and therefore you  
will not enjoy this film don’t be because i sat 
down and watched this film and i did not move  
until the film was finished and that is 
unheard of for me and it’s not a short film  
um however it did not feel like a long and boring 
film i did not i was never sort of aware of  
the time i did not look at my watch during 
this film i was captivated from the moment  
it started until the moment i left my seat as the 
credits were rolling um i just yes love love love  
a biopic i am a big fan of will smith on the 
screen as well and this film was just oh it was  
just perfection it was just so good it’s been so 
long since i went to the cinema and saw a movie  
that i really really loved and i’m already 
excited to take other people to go and see  
this because i know that they will love it too i’m 
already recommending it to people and i watched it  
less than 12 hours ago well 12 hours ago 
right now i was in the cinema watching it so  
yes it’s a biopic we see the story of um 
their family and growing up in compton  
and the sort of fight for tennis coaching and 
representation and first professional matches  
and it literally only goes up to the point where 
they sort of break into the tennis world we don’t  
go into like now let’s follow them to the us 
open and to wimbledon and to the cover of vogue  
and all that um it just literally goes up to 
venus’s first professional match um but yeah  
i was also really aware of how well his film was 
directed there was some really interesting shots  
that gave like a different feeling to a scene 
so we might be watching a conversation between  
williams and the tennis coach but we’re seeing it 
from the perspective of kind of like over one of  
the girls shoulders and so she’s listening to this 
conversation and just that like directional choice  
um i just thought was absolutely fantastic 
the other thing that really struck me as i  
was watching this film was the soundtrack i 
really enjoyed the soundtrack and when we’ve  
got those sort of like powerful montages of 
good things happening or those sort of like  
moments where the family are all doing 
something together and we need some  
uplifting music the music suited it really 
well and then the music that rolls over  
the um closing credits as well it’s just fantastic 
so amazing musical soundtrack amazing directorial  
choices the sort of lighting as well like 
everything about this film just kind of like  
made me a little bit fizzy and that’s what 
was lacking with my eternals review that i  
did last week so i’ll leave that linked 
up above in case you haven’t seen it  
i just didn’t get that feeling from that film and 
so walking out of that one and walking into this  
one was a huge relief because i was thinking 
maybe it’s me i haven’t seen a film that i’ve  
just loved in cinemas possibly since being back 
in the uk like it’s been a struggle um but i did  
love this one and i just thought it was fantastic 
as i say the acting is absolutely superb the um  
the young actors that play the five williams 
daughters are fantastic the person that plays  
the mother she is amazing obviously we know that 
will smith is great and just the kind of like  
level of do i see he’s getting involved with this 
one he’s not sure about will smith clearly but the  
level of like emotion in his acting like think 
back to him in the pursuit of happiness it just  
reminded me of that there’s moments where 
it’s raining and he’s just oh you can tell  
how tired he is he made me exhausted watching 
it and this was after i’d fallen asleep in the  
previous film that i watched um but i 
was i was just engrossed in the screen  
the whole time i found it very uplifting i found 
it very motivating i felt empowered leaving there  
and i just thought that it was a fantastic 
film well done don’t be put off if you  
don’t like tennis don’t be put off if you see 
that it’s on the longer side it does not feel  
like a longer side film there are other films 
out there that i have reviewed recently that feel  
too long this is not one of them should you pay 
your cinema going money to go and see this yes  
it is a beautiful film to watch and seeing it with 
an audience in the cinema is just a treat because  
there are moments of humor where everybody laughs 
and there are moments of tension where you can  
feel everybody else holding their breath and so 
yes this absolutely should be seen on the cinema  
um on the cinema screen however don’t let that 
put you off from seeing it at all you should watch  
this film it was amazing i highly recommend it and 
i’m already excited to go and take as i say other  
people to go and see this one i really really 
enjoyed it and i feel sure that it is going to get  
some oscar nominations let’s circle back to me at 
nominations time next year saying oh they didn’t  
get any um maybe i’ve doomed it but yes absolutely 
recommend this one wonderful to be able to come on  
here and actually enthuse about a film that i’ve 
seen it’s a good feeling um i will be back with  
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