Movie Review: Was Black Widow Worth The Longest Wait For A New Marvel Movie?

so i saw a post on um reddit this morning that 
said it had been like 738 i think it said days  
since we had a new marvel movie release 
and so that is how long i have waited to  
see a new marvel movie in the cinemas for the 
first time welcome to my review of black widow
welcome back or if you are new here welcome my 
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um but yes i am i’m a marvel fan in case you 
can’t tell it took me a little while to get there  
but then i had the joy of watching them back 
to back in imax for their like 10th anniversary  
that’s a

whole story um and in that playlist 
you’ll see movie review videos ignore the lack  
of books behind me that is going to be explained 
coming up in another video very soon so hopefully  
it’s not too echoey because it’s so echoey 
without the books but we’re trying we’re  
trying to make it not too echoey so yes i 
just got back hence why it’s dark outside  
from seeing black widow in dolby tonight first 
showing um the they had a five o’clock showing  
in dolby and a five o’clock showing in regular 
imax had to wait till six so that’s why i went  
with dolby um i probably will end up trying 
to watch this one in imax as well because i  
do like to do the comparison with the new 
releases i did the same within the heights  
i will leave that video linked up above but yes 
this is um the first movie release of phase four  
i think um i don’t know if spider-man far 
from home was phase four if it was the end of  
phase three i feel like i’ve seen conflicting 
views on that one but yes this is phase four  
of the male cinematic universe and this film in 
the timeline falls well it falls between civil war  
and infinity war but then again some sources have 
said that it actually takes place during captain  
america civil war so i did watch that to prepare 
for watching this so i was kind of in that right  
phase because this is natasha romanoff’s origin 
story um so it is on the long side it’s not as  
long as um the last two avengers movies but it 
is two hours and 13 minutes and um this movie  
this review will be spoiler free but there is 
an end credit scene i’m not going to say what it  
is but i’m going to let you know that so that you 
make sure you stay until the end i mean you pretty  
much know with a marvel movie that there is going 
to be an end credits scene but just to confirm  
for you that is an end credit scene and the end 
credit scene is well worth staying for no spoilers  
though um so yeah so this is her origin story um 
however i almost feel like we didn’t get enough  
of the black widow and the natasha that we kind 
of know and love from the avengers but then  
looking at where it fits in the timeline there’s 
a reason for that i would say there’s definitely  
a reason why she’s kind of in the headspace that 
she’s in and why she’s not the natasha that we  
got to see in infinity war and end game um but 
yeah i feel like i would have liked more of her  
i mean from the trailers and the posters you know 
that this film also stars florence pew and rachel  
vice as two other black widows um as part of the 
the family that um natasha was involved in before  
she found her avengers family and um some of it 
is a lot more sort of about them i would say that  
this is almost as much about um florence pugh’s 
character elena as it is about natasha um and but  
part of me is like well i was expecting more 
just the black widow we know however i’m not  
mad about the fact that we’ve got more florence 
pew in here because i’m a big fan of hers i like  
just fell in love with her acting in fighting with 
my family i went to see that film multiple times  
mostly because of her and then loved her in little 
women you know love her instagram stories but i  
really really enjoyed what she did with this 
and the writing in this film when we actually  
have you know a bit of back and forth between 
characters a bit more dialogue there’s those sort  
of scenes where there’s more talking and not just 
kicking and fighting and jumping and flying and  
all the rest of the things that make marvel marvel 
um the writing i would say is actually pretty good  
there were moments where the whole cinema was 
laughing me included and we know sometimes i  
don’t always laugh at the same time as the rest 
of the entire cinema but the whole cinema was  
laughing i was laughing and then there were other 
points where i feel like their sense of humor  
was carried across a little bit more because 
florence pugh has most of the her character has  
most of the kind of like punchline witty remarks 
sarcastic comments here there and everywhere  
and i think it works really well because she’s got 
that british sense of humor so even though she is  
playing somebody who is not british in this film 
and i know that she doesn’t live full time in the  
uk she’s still got that british sense of humor 
and that kind of like british comical timing  
and so it worked really well with her and 
that was something that was definitely  
a winner for me um some of the sort of action 
scenes i think if you were watching them um  
just on a regular screen or if you were watching 
them too close to a big screen tv or your seat  
in the cinema was too close i think you would 
find them quite like assaulting on the senses  
obviously the loud parts are very loud i saw it 
in dolby so it was loud and it was a full cinema  
can we just like take a moment to recognize 
that i was in a full cinema there was someone  
right next to me there was someone right next to 
them there was somebody in every seat in my row  
there was somebody in every seat in the road 
behind me there was somebody in every seat in the  
room in front of me it was weird um but i mean i 
was okay because i had my marvel dress to match my  
marvel mask so that was fine um but yeah it was a 
full cinema and so it was loud you know they turn  
up that volume i imagine that if when i go and see 
this in imax i will also think that it’s very loud  
but then the sort of action scenes in particular 
were quite chaotic and so just be warned ahead of  
time it is a bit of an assault on the senses with 
the loudness and the chaoticness of the action  
scenes i did sometimes find those action scenes 
i did start to almost not switch off but kind  
of like lose interest a little bit because you 
went from having these like funny dialogue scenes  
to having these action scenes and it was there was 
a quite a stark contrast between the two and i was  
you know enjoying the the dialogue scenes and 
normally i do really enjoy the action scenes you  
know they get my adrenaline going and i enjoy you 
know when i was watching captain america civil war  
earlier i was like wow like black widow does get 
a lot of decent action scenes in this film um  
but some of them in this one were just like a 
bit too much like either they went on too long  
or they came they went to full throttle too 
suddenly and so that was like i was like  
all right okay i’m ready to get my teeth into 
something else happening now i think um and so  
that that was just me personally i will say that 
like on the whole i do think you have to have an  
interest in this character to enjoy that film now 
that that might seem like an obvious thing to say  
but i think that if you’re going into one of 
the more ensemble films or one of the sort of  
bigger characters like incredible hulk 
or captain america or you know thor  
um there’s more to kind of take away from it 
on the whole there’s some humor in there and  
there’s some action in there and there’s some 
interest about that character i do think that  
you have to have a little bit of a background 
about you know having seen this character in  
other films and being a fan of this character 
in other films because it does go into the whole  
origin of a black widow character not just 
natasha romanoff like a black widow in general  
and so i do think you have to have a level 
of interest because the film does start off  
quite slowly and we sort of pick up where natasha 
is kind of wanted for breaking the um uh sokovia  
sarkovic um thing that the minister of defense 
signs in civil war um and so she’s wanted and  
she’s on the run and so there’s not a lot going 
on at the very beginning um and then it’s only  
when she kind of when our other characters come 
into play that the film begins to sort of pick up  
pace a little bit and so i do think you have 
to have a vested interest in this character  
in order to kind of get into this film from the 
beginning the person next to me clearly did not  
have that she was sure she did laugh at points 
but i think she wasn’t really into the film she  
was on her phone a couple of times she left to 
go and get food and was gone for quite a while  
she kind of left towards the end and then came 
back and so that’s kind of where i’m like i do  
think that you do have to have a bit of a an extra 
elevated interest me i was so excited about this  
one i was so gutted when i thought i wasn’t going 
to be able to see it because obviously everything  
got cancelled um it was supposed to come out what 
may last year oh my goodness um and so i was like  
ramped up for seeing it in may you know ready 
to order my tickets whenever they came out um  
so it was nice to see it in a full theater i 
have to say you know you get that atmosphere  
um and because she is one of my favorite avengers 
characters i was just excited to get to know more  
and to get to see more it wasn’t quite what i 
expected and as i say the pacing was sometimes  
a little off in parts in very specific ways um 
but i really like the humor i like the writing  
and i like florence pew and i really hope 
that we get to see more from her character  
from the marvel cinematic universe at some 
point soon i really do hope um obviously  
i do think that a you should pay your cinema 
going money to see this film this week and b  
i think that you should see this film in the big 
screen as big a screen as pos as you possibly can  
with as good sound as you possibly can but 
don’t sit too close to the screen because  
you will be assaulted your senses will not thank 
you for it your ears will be buzzing afterwards  
um so yes there you have it i am a fan of this 
one i hope you’ve enjoyed this spoiler-free review  
let me know in comments if you have seen this 
one and i would be interested in those of you  
who’ve done the premiere access at home how 
was it seeing a brand new marvel film at home  
for the first time i’d be really interested to 
hear how that experience compares to say seeing  
maybe like captain marvel or spider-man far 
from home those kind of last couple that we saw  
back before that’s all i need to say i will be 
back with more movie reviews for you next weekend  
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