Mr. Popper's Penguins Movie Review!

hey yuri which movie should we watch
um you know what’s a kids movie this
movie sounds good
we gotta make sure really is a kids
movie though not like that life of pie
yeah right all right let’s uh should we
check on hbo
or on disney plus what do you think mto
hbo hbo all right
time to check what’s on hbu
okay let’s see what’s under kids we got
ooh quite a few movies here huh all
right here’s a movie we could watch
mr popper’s penguin we got a penguin
so we just watched mr popper’s penguin
yuri what do you think of it hot
oh that’s a big one okay
so now this is really yuri and the
penguins here too to kind of help out
right okay so uh we didn’t just watch
mr poppers penguins it was on hbo uh
plus also
i mean hbo max right so yuri could you
give a summary of what happens
in mr popper’s penguins uh
what happened to the movie what happened
hi white uh
they’re trying to put the penguins in
the zoo because
he produces
how many how many how

does he get the
penguins how does mr popper get the
the funny part is there’s
like a boss and when from his dad when
he opened it a penguin walked out
mm-hmm what what happened to his dad
you’re right
you remember what happened to his dad
yeah yeah his dad died and left him a
and there were a note it dropped and he
was yes
and in one movie in the other box and
so he didn’t put the penguin back but
more people came out
you’re right how many penguins did he
end up with six
six penguins right did they have
different personalities or they all act
the same
they are different they all act
differently right what
sounds like blood punch
which was your favorite penguin it was a
new bun oh
nimrod huh yeah and i actually like the
one who
oh yeah the funky one stinky sneaky the
penguin right
yeah uh yeah my favorite probably was
the first penguin captain
who always wanted to fly he wanted to
fly and by the end
was he able to fly no what about the
kite he had a kite and he flew with the
yeah he flew with it he did yeah
all right maybe
make it swim i don’t think they could
fly no all right you kind of
want to
all right so um this movie do you think
it’s a good movie for kids
what are you talking about it’s great of
course it’s good for kids it’s listed as
a kids movie
it came out in 2011. but it stars jim
carrey um i thought it was a really it’s
a good
kid’s move i’ve seen it before uh but it
was a fun watch yuri was a little
hesitant at first because he hadn’t
heard about it
but in the end it ended up being a good
movie is it a good move for dogs
yes yeah i think so i think dog would
like it they might
market the penguins though okay would
chelsea bargain their penguins
no all right okay so that’s our uh
of mr popper’s penguin so people like
this video what should they do here
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all right so thank you everybody goodbye

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