Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant | Vegan & non-vegan food review | Knott's Berry Farm

hello everybody Princess and the Bear here and 
we’re back in california at my favorite place  
america’s first theme park knott’s berry farm 
okay so we’re not going to the park today  
unfortunately but we are going to go eat this is 
the restaurant that started knott’s berry farm  
mrs knott’s chicken in a restaurant yes 
so there’s some chicken in our future  
maybe some plant-based chicken on 
the princess so let’s go inside and  
not not do this be sure to 
boysenberry you heard the girl
don’t mind me i just spilled water on my 
shirt because i have a hole in my mouth  
and i was really excited for 
boysenberry beer it’s been like  
gosh three four years since 
we’ve had this and i miss it
boysenberry all the things i don’t care 
if it’s the salvation it gets a five  
out of five boys and berries because 
it’s like a wheat beer that i don’t  
actually drink it’s nice and sweet perfect 
boysenberry all the things make it and more
so in case you guys never been to knott’s berry 
farm they are known for boysenberry everything  
boysenberry beer boysenberry drinks boysenberry 
jam boysenberry candy boysenberry barbecue sauce  
if you can think about

it boysenberry they 
probably haven’t except for wine for some  
weird reason do you guys know why are you nova 
boysenberry wine by all means let us know now this  
is before youtube i’ve had this before and don’t 
remember if i liked or not but we’ll find out
it’s definitely a weedy wheat it’s not as chilled 
as i would expect but it goes down really smooth  
it’s got a slight good aftertaste but i don’t 
hate it it’s like a sweeter less complex blue  
moon if it makes any sense but i’m on board 
with it i’m willing to give it a 4 out of 5  
plus if i could buy this i would probably 
indulge the princess every now and then
my meal comes with a salad i was sort of 
hoping for a boysenberry vinaigrette but  
they have a vegan ranch why not our 
vegan caesar i said vegan ranch okay  
well they have a vegan caesar i love me 
some caesar why not try it very basic  
salad with a small amount of uh dressing 
the bowl is a little awkward actually yeah
the seed is a little on the acidic side 
but it’s not bad it’s a very basic salad it  
tastes a little icebergy more like soup 
plantation level like basic plantation
so two out of five lettuce leaves  
it’s got a nice like peppery kick to it 
though i’m gonna eat this can’t work it
i love a good salad no complaints about rabbit 
food ever not for me even though i’m a bear but um  
in a gravy boat either way it eats the same nobody 
cares you gave it to me in a trough i probably  
wouldn’t say that i think it’s adequately 
dressing you put everything around we got  
iceberg lettuce some mini croutons and 
some carrots i do love mini croutons  
full-size croutons just drive me 
insane my vegan teaser is solid
it’s crisp things are fresh it won’t dazzle you 
but it’s a competent salad two and a half out of  
five i’m working through this equivalent of a 
bagged salad and my mouth is slightly on fire  
it’s very peppery i just feel 
that pepper pepper centric
delicious to what definitely smells like 
buttermilk biscuit 100 not vegan however again  
with the boysenberry trend we have poison berry 
jam and we are definitely not going to skip this  
boysenberry preserves spreads beautifully smells 
amazing a little jam sandwich that’s how you mine  
this is definitely the place 
to go yourself from boysenberry
i could just eat these for the whole 
meal and honestly probably pretty happy
four and a half to five plus i’ll take this over 
any fast food biscuit any day now my entree also  
came with the side the way to recommended the 
chicken noodle soup apparently is extremely good
now only in california would i have soup in 
the middle of a hot day but it’s nice and  
creamy and thick decently huge pieces of chunk 
chicken and uh like a thin fettuccine noodle  
this tastes nice hearty
and homemade i love creamy chicken 
noodle soup not like the watery stuff  
this reminds me of home four 
to five plus i am impressed
this is 100 fit the biscuit in
i’m telling you just by the biscuits 
i could clear this walking dead style
now let’s continue our boysenberry 
tour with a boysenberry lemon drop  
all of the beautifulness boysenberry combined 
with the sweet and sourness of lemon and sugar
that’s really nice that’s 
like better than a lemonade  
oh yeah this is amazing this 
is a 5 out of 5 boysenberry  
i swear i’m not biased against boise berries 
i just really like this drink it’s good
just remember people that anything in a martini 
glass is ultimately designed to hurt you  
but tastes good going down 
at the very least i love this  
sugared rim nice like pretty looking 
cocktail i could see this fit for a night out
he said it’s almost ready 
for okay okay great thank you  
definitely the lemon droppy nice bit of 
sweet boysenberry helpful sort of like the  
scissors of lemon which is the one thing 
i usually do not like about lemon drops  
but i think that’s pretty good i give 
that a three and a half out of five
mojito mojito but make it boysenberry
the boysenberry complements the mint 
rather nicely but the mint is still  
pretty prominent in this drink so this might 
be the one that i don’t give a five out of  
five on but there are like actual boysenberries 
in here so else uses their straws as chopsticks
i’m going to give it four out 
of five boysenberry mint leaves
i don’t really have a whole lot of 
experience mojitos have everything  
and a barge repertoire is probably the 
drink that i’ve had the absolute least  
i just don’t know how to make them don’t 
know what to do with them they’re always  
the prettiest look at things fill the boys and 
berries fill with mint let’s see how it tastes
it’s cool and refreshing i usually find the mint 
mojito is overpowering but i think the boysenberry  
pairs well with it this is like a nice 
refreshing cooler i can do this on the beach  
somewhere four out of five claws i think 
so far though the boysenberry beer is my
we have a tallow vegan scallops  
these scallops are made from court bouillon 
poached tower root pan seared and served over  
vegan herb rice pilaf steamed asparagus 
and topped with a lovely balsamic glaze
let’s go ahead and see how this 
this tastes like a little bit hurt
oh i didn’t even need the knife it’s 
just a nice like tower root here
oh it smells good
that is tasty it’s smooth it doesn’t taste 
like a scallop like it’s not like toledo level  
scallop but it’s still really 
good i’m gonna give this
four out of five snoopys 
and i’m gonna try this pilaf
well the rice was a little crunchy it’s a little 
flavorless it doesn’t taste very pilafy but it’s  
decent so i also give it two out of five 
grains of rice and then i have an asparagus
so i grab this asparagus
fresh steamed lovely asparagus it’s decent 
it just tastes like asparagus though so  
if you like asparagus spears you’re gonna like 
these i give them like a two out of five asparagus  
overall i think this dish is delicious is it 
worth i think it’s like a 15 plate probably not  
but it is knott’s berry farm and his mrs 
dance so i would eat this and i love the like  
innovation of this creativity this is 
better than the last time i was here  
when they just gave me like vegan chicky tindies 
and that’s all i could have so this is a step up  
big big props to you knott’s 
berry farm snoopy would be proud
so here we have these tower 
root scallops i keep getting  
very surprised by the ability 
of chefs to turn root vegetables  
into seafood similar to the what we had at 
uh cordado previously but let’s give us a  
shot evaluate it based on its merits here get 
a little bit of the sauce here at the bottom
yeah i’ve been here thicker malt 
vinegar i would say that they  
they’re going they’re getting close to getting uh
their overall flavor of what a soft scalp 
would be but it’s nowhere near the texture  
or like the consistency it tastes like a potato 
but the vinegar does help sort of give like a  
seafood ish taste but i couldn’t say that it 
was my jam i love the effort but i wouldn’t  
necessarily order this two and a half 
out of five plus as for this rice pilaf
those dragon balls vibes
just rice a little bit overcooked that’s a 2 
out of 5 for me asparagus nice long and green
that’s pretty asparagus i give that two and a 
half out of five problems overall i think it’s  
a decent plate and it’s a good try providing 
vegan or something that’s not just a simple  
dish they get points for that
so here we have the nuts chicken waffle now i was 
definitely expecting a smaller waffle but i’m glad  
at the portion size here this huge chicken breast 
this absolutely delectable looking fake pancake  
and then you have two things of 
syrup so let’s give it a dosing
and i’ve always been super late 
in the chicken waffle game like i  
took me forever to get in on this trend i didn’t 
think it was really going this last to be a thing  
because you have a boning chicken breast on 
top of this flimsy waffle with syrup chicken  
syrup i gotta get on board with that but this 
is like one of those foods that looks pretty  
it always to me seem like an absolute 
chore to eat you gotta cut around the bone  
once you go through the chicken then 
you’re going to cut a piece of waffle  
to get the full flavor which is this big piece 
of chicken in the way it’s just kind of unwieldy
hmm the chicken itself is excellent 
completely juicy not greasy  
a little thin breading like a hard 
cracker shell breading like say like  
some fast food fried restaurants that will 
remain nameless the waffle is beautifully  
cooked like nice and fluffy there’s no pancake 
but as far as waffle goes it’s pretty strong i  
love the syrup and chicken everything’s right 
together it feels lighter than it actually is  
i probably give the whole thing four out of five 
claws the only thing i think it would set this off  
instead of regular maple syrup that 
gives you like a boysenberry syrup  
if you’re gonna go into the boys and berries 
just go all in but give it to them i’m impressed
should i review all that
do we have a side here of the mashed 
potatoes what gravy oh it’s country gravy
that is decent gravy it wasn’t expecting that 
good potatoes are average oh this is a little  
buttery and milky so if you’ve got problems like 
me might want to watch yourself but i think it’s  
above average three out of five claws and we 
have this here corn which looks about standard
slightly salted not just plain like i was 
expecting but still fairly good two and a half  
out of five balls overall i’m gonna keep the whole 
thing of four the chicken and waffles are low
i guess i hate it now
so that’s very chicken dinner that’s wrong this 
is not at it again with some great options and we  
got leftovers for grandma yes i think for what you 
paid i mean for all of our meals the four drinks  
it’s only 90 bucks as far as a theme park table 
service dinner or that quality i’d give this top  
tier i would rank this over 90 percent of food get 
a magic kingdom and well obviously magic kingdom  
is easy to beat little bar they also take pass 
holder discounts if you are a knott’s berry farm  
pass holder you can get a discount at mrs 
knotts make your reservations on open table  
yes but i want to know what’s the last time 
you guys can announce dairy farmer have you  
ever been in knott’s berry let us know in the 
comments if there’s anywhere else you’d like  
us to go around california or period that 
you think would rival the chicken that we  
have here that’s going to be the place to let 
us know hit the notification bell if you want  
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