MSI Gungnir 100 RGB Unboxing , Useless Desktop Case Review 😂

Hello every one
Today we will unbox this case
It is MSI mpg Gungnir 100 Battle for your Oath
This Is his name i am not sure about it
In this case
This case have or supports many advantages
It supports this, this, and this , and this , and this , and this
So, It is really huge case i am not sure why they make it this huge
Maybe because, maybe because it is made of glass i am not sure about it.
Could be Yes Could be No
So in this in behind we have these instructions
What’s support what
what contains what
and so many other things
and we have this
This picture of someone
I think this is the warrier (Difficult to spell 😂)
for Desktop
This is the father of all computers
That why they put him here
and it supports RGB*
as you can see it support RGB*
Now we will open the case
as you can see, this is a great and really great case
When we open it we should take this first
“the sticker is not removed easily”
We will open it like this
as you can see its shining, its really shiny
and those are for protection

we use this
i mean when we take this we can see the Case
So lets start taking this case
It is heavy
It is really heavy
This is the Case
These 2 things are for protection only
They are great people, i mean great thing to protect the Case
You can see the case shining
you can see it clean
because it is NEW
It is really great case to buy
So lets take off these protection things
and we can see the Case closely
So i think the case should be put like this.
as you can see the case
you can see how bik😂, how big it is
you can see those things for air flow
you can see this
from behind the Case it have this
i am not for sure why they put it here
and they this for power supply and i am not sure why
and at the top we have this
these ports this for USB , it support 3.0
and this for Mic, this for earbuds
and this the Power button
and here we can see this Logo
So we have this dragon
I think this dragon
Owned by this person
where is he? yes
this person
so this person own that dragon
in the, in behind this Case we can see a glass
as you can see
so they are telling us that to be careful because this case is made of glass
thank you for nothing
i am sure that i give you a great knowledge on how to unbox this case
thank you for watching I hope you guys get benefit from my videos

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