mSpy app review – Find out how to track someone's smartphone

do you want to spy on a smartphone well with this 
software you can see someone’s contacts messages  
call logs calendar events photos videos you can 
see everything they’ve typed on their smartphone  
for it to work and at the moment m spy is giving a 
30 discount to new customers so at the end of this  
video if you found it to be useful you can always 
download it and use it now after you’ve paid for  
a plan you will get an email that contains your 
credentials you’re going to get a username and  
password to log into the m spy control panel 
i’ll be using the xiaomi metropole to show you  
how you can use the m spy software to spy on this 
smartphone but the first thing you need to do is  
you need to open the google play store click on 
the logo at the top right corner that takes you  
into the settings click on play protect click on 
the settings at the top right corner and disable  
scan app with play protect and improve harmful app 
detection now don’t be scared the reason why you  
need to disable them is to install the m square 
application on the smartphone you want to spy on  
now open the browser

on your smartphone and go 
to this website get forward slash a and  
click on download after the download has been 
completed install the application and open it  
now guys here comes the hard part you need 
to grant software services permission to a  
lot of functions on that smartphone as you can 
see there are a lot of permission to grant the  
application and after that you’re good to go now 
on your smartphone go back to your home page and  
look for update services open the application and 
you will be required to enter a registration code  
the registration code can be found on the mspi 
control panel login with your credentials and when  
you’re in click on get started select the type 
of smartphone you want to monitor click on yes  
if you have access to the smartphone you intend 
to spy on select the smartphone maker click on  
next and now you will see this registration code 
enter the code on your smartphone and you’re in  
now guys all this spine will be done by the m spy 
control panel and let me show you what works and  
what doesn’t you can view the contacts save on the 
smartphone you can read the text messages you can  
smartphone you can also disable apps from opening 
on the smartphone you can see the location of the  
smartphone and where they’ve been you can also set 
a geofence that alerts you when that smartphone  
leaves an area now with the m spy application you 
can actually see messages from apps like whatsapp  
telegram snapchat instagram dm but you need 
root access to the phone to be able to do that  
now another thing that the m spa application does 
is it takes screenshots of what’s happening on the  
smartphone for example if you’re scrolling 
to instagram it will take screenshots of  
instagram as you’re scrolling with the browser 
history you can see the website the smartphone  
has visited and you can also block a website 
that you don’t want that smartphone to have  
access to so as you can see you can view a 
lot of things remotely to protect your kid or  
to spy on your partner i’m not saying 
she’s fine on them but you can with  
this software so what do you guys think 
about the m spy software and the features  
let me know in the comment section below links 
will be in the description for you to try it out  
so we’ve come to the end of this video thank you 
for watching hope someone found this video to be  
useful my name is tunde and i will see you 
guys with more content like this bye for now

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