MTV Movie and TV Awards 2022 outfits Review | The Worst Looks of All Time

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2022 outfits review the event has been
held at the barker hangar in los angeles
and like this year’s med caller vanessa
jones took over the task of being the
host as always we saw some stars shining
in their sexy looks while some of them
missing the mark i’m not gonna waste the
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let’s start with vanessa hudgens since
she was the host she showed up with
several looks that one of them was a hot
pink outfit from valentino i’m not gonna
lie i’m so tired of seeing this
valentina collection everywhere from
metzgala to ken and now mtv i personally
got so excited the first time saw this
collection because the color the mood
the message the design everything was
extra ordinary but now after several
months of seeing celebrities wearing

everywhere it made me tired maybe
it’s because of its color because if it
was black it wouldn’t look like that
pink is such a color that easily catches
the eyes so when you look at it from a
distance you say oh valentino instead
she had a strong moment on the red
carpet with a blue very bang dress a
dramatic costume that is symmetric
trained perfectly dances in the wind the
fabric is soft and elegant although it’s
a cold color nothing diminishes charm
the off shoulder gown has a good cowl
neckline detail although it’s called
long red sleeves it doesn’t feel like
sleeves it’s more like chiffon randomly
draping on the skin the length of the
dress and train made an eye-catching
contrast i don’t know if you sense it
like me but by looking at this style i
really get the feeling that it’s a soft
silk chiffon wrapping around her and
resulting in a stunning look
another look that she showed up with is
a black mini dress from cd green a
halter neck dress that is main signature
is this big colorful sequins which made
an eye-catching mirrored look the
sandals the jewelry the makeup
everything matched with this dress
helped to keep the balance and i believe
although it’s not a wow what a style
look it was by far more digestible than
many other looks we’ve seen in this
event like this one ariana medics
literally surprised us with these
feather bodies and chain link mesh skirt
the only question that i want to ask her
is that did anyone force you to wear
such a thing i mean how could anyone
consciously intentionally and
voluntarily show up like this the upper
part gives the voip of cheerleaders and
let’s not talk about the bottom mesh
feels like it has been ripped apart by
force the finishing is super sloppy i
cannot even imagine how they glued two
parts of the mesh together and ended up
like this what are that satan ribbons on
the back did they think this outfit
needs extra detail or they had no idea
how to have a closure to the waistband
i’m not sure if the back ribbons are for
the vase or for the feather top but
whatever it is it’s too much and floppy
even her underwear seems uncomfortable
and his fitting has problems i’m so
sorry to confess such a thing but not
mtv even among the last 10 red carpet
events this look was one of the worst of
all and it really got on my nerves
dixie damelio attended the mtv awards
with a black empire silhouette look from
ysl the velvet bodies and the black
sequin detail made a good fancy
combination she also completed the look
with black ties which made a good
contrast with the upper bare body the
somber stone resulting from the sequence
catches the eyes to be honest i’m a
little so so to this look cuz
technically the design the finishing the
silhouette the fabric combination and
the color planes are excellent but i
kind of get a little void of fitting
issues here i’m not sure if it’s because
of dixie’s body type or is the look it’s
somehow digestible but questionable in
some cases but still i’m sure of
charlie’s look charlie damelio showed up
with the prada look she wore a white
tank top that was matched with the skirt
actually three separate parts gathered
together as a skirt a dark gray need at
the bottom a black tool decorated with
red flowers in the middle and brown faux
leather at the top i’m so sad to say
this look is for prada the fabric
combinations are not digestible not only
do the torso and the lower body not fit
together but not even the skirt itself
also fits into its three separate parts
if you remove the two bottom parts of
the skirt it will turn into a leather
mini skirt which happens to be so
beautiful but unfortunately it doesn’t
kind of fit the mtv awards if we remove
the third part which is the lowest cut
of the skirt it can still be somewhat
digestible but only as an ordinary skirt
not beyond but combining these three
part is not acceptable at all let me not
talk about the tank top either if you’re
going to have a casual style denver
jeans and relief everyone if you want to
wear a formal look then wear a chic
proper top instead of this tank top and
if you want to present something
different i think there are a lot of
ways to do that it seems there has been
much effort to represent such a look but
i wish the efforts could be done in
another way
the next one is actress sydney sweeney
she showed up with an ensemble from mew
mew a georgia shirt and crystal’s mini
skirt all in pink the mini skirt has a
high slit and its upward is decorated
with two faux leather semi belts believe
me or not i didn’t intend to make a
critical video but the more i go forward
to the looks i wondered by the stars
they have been shown off within this
year’s mtv award events this is not
something elegant to wear to mtv awards
the only dazzling part of the look is
crystals but that really isn’t helping
they cannot hide the outfit’s questions
and imperfections in the best situation
this whole look is something to wear at
a birthday party or unless we’re living
in the 2000s and watching britney spears
walking down the street
the next one is paris hilton that showed
up with a light blue maxi dress the
dress completely covered her body and
there is only a front high sleeve which
took it out of simplicity now you’re
talking this one is relieving the color
is too thin and the soil is modest she
completed her look with silver
fingerless gloves that are a good match
with the dress according to this
neckline the necklace is extra she could
skip that but the earrings are nice and
proper there is a cut at the waistline
since it’s not a mish mesh and is not
attracting too much attention and the
stitches are done perfectly it’s chic
and acceptable there is some draping
detail near the sleeve part which is
nice not only did it not make the look
complex it just happened to accentuate
the front view the flow of the fabric is
giving the void also overall i like this
look among all those wrong choices this
was a good one to mention
god mig also had a strong attendance on
the event as the host a strapless sequin
zebra pattern gown with a high slit she
completed the look with the black two
lopera gloves and made it retro this one
also is eye catching she also did black
and white makeup to make a good
combination with her look which is nice
the hairdo is extraordinary something
special that we didn’t see from anyone
else here not too simple to say why
didn’t you do anything with your hair
and not too sloppy to say what did you
even do with your hair this one is
unique the light reflection on the dress
is satisfying it perfectly fits her and
overall is a great choice
the next one is olivia rodriguez
selected a vintage dress from john paul
gold ts 1990 collection an iconic combra
corset black dress with a crisscross
halter top actually the combra corset
dress was announced by the designer
jean-paul gaultier in the fall winter
1984 for the first time and it became
his signature design ever after it
became popular among many stars and one
of them was madonna today also is going
to get trendy again and before olivia we
saw kylie jenner and julia fox showing
up with this combra style the bodice is
zippered and includes a ripped texture
on the front part there are some notable
handlers all over the dress which makes
some good design points it kinda seems
tight for her and it feels like she’s
not very comfortable in it she also did
a space sponge hairstyle which i
preferred if the hair was loose i’m
happy to see a vintage wrist glowing on
the red carpet and it’s satisfying to
see celebrities are paying much
attention to present with vintage looks
last but not least is jennifer lopez
attending the mtv of ours with a black
ensemble from mono she wore a sleeveless
plunging neckline gown with cutters and
covered the bodies with a four letter
vest from both the front and the side
parts there are zippers and took the
vest out of simplicity the asymmetric
hem lines made an eye-catching look
although the vest and the gown are kind
of mixed with each other at the upper
part it still doesn’t hurt the eyes and
the combination is digestible there is a
good back slit detail which made her
easy to walk and make a dramatic look
the accessories and jewelry couldn’t be
more than enough the fitting is great
the balance is properly kept the
ensemble perfectly goes on her i’m so
glad that jlo is one of those who never
well i guess that’s it i’d be so glad to
know what is your opinion did you like
these outfits please let me know in the
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