muji review

hi guys
today ill be reviewing muji.
let’s open the package
i bought a muji eraser
muji red pen 0.5mm
muji blue pen 0.5mm
muji mechanical pencil 0.5mm
so imma try the muji blue pen 0.5mm
it has a red dot of top so imma take it off
the pen is smooth.
its easy to write.
when i hold the pen it is light.
next is the muji red pen 0.5mm
its not focusingggggggg
i give up.
its easy to write. when i hold the pen it’s light
its smooth. this red pen and the blue pen are the same quality.
next imma try the muji mechanical pencil 0.5mm
it has an eraser
its smooth to write and it has a rubber grip. this pencil is light to hold.
this pencil is aesthetic because its clear.
last is muji eraser
lets open it
the eraser erase well
but you can find this kind of quality eraser in a cheaper price.
so that’s it for today’s video.
i hope u enjoy!
thanks for watching!

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