Mumbai Saga 2021 Movie Review HD

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good day to all of you
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today I brought you another Hindi movie
The name of this movie is ‘Mumbai Saga’
The film was released on 2021
This movie belongs to the genre of action /thriller/romantic
this film runs two hours and fifteen minutes
The film received an IMDB rating of 6.3 and 82/ of google user rating
This super movie is directed by Sanjaya Gupta
The cost of the film is 500 million
So there are many more special things to say about this movie
Starring John abraham, Kajal Agrawal and Sunil Seth in the lead roles.
This is the first time Kajal has acted in a film with John abraham
So let’s talk a little bit about the story
John is a man who makes a living by trading
and The biggest thug in this town is gaithonde
His disciples go from shop to shop to collect tax
So one day on the way,
amarthaya’s younger brother is in the shop
The younger brother says that he cannot pay that day,
So they beat that brother hard

the amarthaya finds about it,
the hand of the person who attacked his brother is cut off
after that the life of amarthaya is completely changes
So you have to download and watch this great movie to know about it
So the whole family can watch this great movie about a revolution in Mumbai
Also, this is a great movie that you can watch without getting bored
let’s meet again with another interesting movie review episode

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