Muppets Haunted Mansion Disney Plus Movie Review | The Muppets Are BACK!

i feel like people say this all the time 
when the muppets release a new movie but  
the muppets are back hey what’s up guys it’s 
me anthony and we are continuing the 31 days  
of halloween and this time we got a muppets 
movie guys we got the muppets haunted mansion  
like i said at the top of this video the muppets 
are back guys and i’m really excited that they’re  
back and i hope they’re here to stay i hope 
this becomes a kind of a tradition that they  
do some kind of special every year on disney plus 
whether that be something for christmas halloween  
thanksgiving i don’t know i just need more 
muppets more stuff like this on halloween night  
gonzo and his friend pepe are challenged to spend 
one night in the haunted mansion where they must  
confront their greatest fears and hope that they 
survive the night now i’m a big fan of disneyland  
and if you’ve been to disneyland haunted mansion 
is one of the best things in that park right now  
it’s all decorated in nightmare before christmas 
theme and you can go into the haunted mansion and  
everything’s all nightmare before christmas and 
that’s cool and all and you know they do that  

year for like a long time now but i i’ve 
been always the kind of person that they they  
should change it up at least every year or every 
other year they should change it up do a new theme  
because disney has so many different halloween 
properties that they could decorate the haunted  
mansion in and now after watching the muppets 
haunt the mansion i want the haunted mansion  
in disneyland to be decorated in muppet style i 
mean just make it happen but if you’ve grown up  
loving the muppets like i have i’ve seen pretty 
much every movie except for muppets in manhattan  
which a lot of people say is one of the best 
ones i haven’t seen that one i don’t know what  
is taking me so long i have disney plus i should 
just watch it now this movie isn’t perfect of  
course there is some kind of story details and 
story progression kind of situations that don’t  
really you know flow a little bit well especially 
when they’re talking about like confronting their  
fears but for me it’s like if you have 54 minutes 
you know it’s not gonna be that long maybe don’t  
really you know try to put something that needs to 
me a little bit more explanation and try to fit it  
into that kind of time frame it just didn’t really 
flow with me but it’s not something that totally  
like disrupts the movie at all it’s just a minor 
thing that i was like hmm i could have been done a  
little bit better i just love all the cameos that 
they have in this film and i love that the muppets  
have always been like breaking the fourth wall 
they’re kind of like the originators of breaking  
the fourth wall in their movies and tv series 
and they do that in this film all the muppet  
jokes are here you have freaking fozzie the bear 
doing some of the most dad jokes of dad jokes  
that i’ve ever seen and i’m just cracking up i 
don’t know if it’s just because i’m getting older  
or i just miss the muppets i don’t know and i 
just love the set design in here everything’s  
really really cool um like i said disneyland you 
need to get on this you need to make the muppets  
haunted mansion like now but it also makes me 
think did they actually film some scenes in  
the actual haunted mansion because there’s certain 
places in certain locations that i could totally  
see i was like oh that’s definitely like in the 
haunted mansion ride i wonder if they did do that  
if they film certain parts there but the story 
that they do have in here is kind of confronting  
your fears and facing your fears like i said they 
don’t really execute it at least in the terms of  
gonzo uh that very well in my opinion but i think 
that the overall like the moral and the story that  
they are trying to present it’s a good one i like 
that story it’s something that we’ve seen before  
but it’s just a nice story to be told especially 
during this time you know the halloween time  
it’s always nice to have a good solid moral of the 
story but i think the best stuff about this movie  
is just like the little cameos that each different 
character has there’s something with miss piggy  
and kermit of course and how they’re like i don’t 
want to spoil it because it’s really really funny  
and i just love it because the whole time i was 
watching it i was like they’re just that couple  
everybody knows that couple everybody has a friend 
or friends that are those couples you know they’re  
just like you look at them and you’re like yeah 
they would do that they would do that taraz p  
henson is in this film and her character is 
really hilarious i love that they uh you know  
her and pepe have like a little thing going 
on and um it’s weird it’s weird it’s always  
weird when muppets and like humans like have 
some kind of like attraction to each other  
just kind of especially with pepe you know no no 
nothing against pepe you know i love the guy but  
this is kind of weird overall guys i thought that 
a muppet haunted mansion was a really good time  
it’s really fun you know i’m definitely going 
to be adding this to my halloween watch list  
i’m kind of guy that doesn’t really you know 
i’m not a whole bunch of like slashers and like  
you know gore horde to watching halloween i 
like family stuff you know i like casper the  
adams family beetlejuice like stuff that to me is 
like halloween stuff you know that’s it’s scary  
but not too scary and i’m up with haunted mansion 
totally fits in that mold for me and i think it’s  
a really good time if you’re a fan of the muppets 
definitely go check this out but guys let me know  
what you think of muppets haunted mansion in the 
comments down below did you like it did you hate  
it do you think that like i do that disneyland 
needs to step up their game change the nightmare  
before christmas theme on haunted mansion and now 
we need to have the muppets or like hocus pocus or  
like frankenweenie or like anything else but die 
before christmas i love that before christmas but  
we need to change it up also guys don’t forget to 
check out my twitter so you stay up to date with  
my channel don’t forget to like subscribe do all 
this stuff and remember guys keep watching movies

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