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Hi bookworms! welcome to the cozy library
my name’s Sherry and I’m an Indonesian
booktuber and this time my dad
challenged me to make an English video
so here I am so I’m sorry if my english
is not perfect but I’ll try to be the
best as possible and in this video I
want to talk about three books that you
should read at least once in your life
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okay now let’s go
First thing first I
won’t recommend you any Harry Potter
books because I know that’s so famous
and it’s so common so I won’t talk about
any Harry Potter books yes that’s a
great book but it’s being recommended
everywhere else in the world so I won’t
talk about it
instead I will talk about the books that
I either like very much and I read over
and over again the first one is a
it’s Sherlock Holmes if you haven’t read
Sherlock Holmes this is such a great book
I like Sherlock Holmes because Sherlock
Holmes the

character is a character that
I can’t find anywhere else Sherlock is
so unique I can’t find any other
detective that’s using Sherlock’s method
in investigating the case
Sherlock’s method is so unique I like to
read about him and I can’t find the
method in any other detective books like
Agatha Christie’s Poirot or Shinichi
Kudo in Detective Conan I can’t find it
anywhere else also the stories are short
stories about
Sherlock Holmes so you can read it from
this book it’s the first book a study in
scarlet and when I finish it I feel like
I want to read more Sherlock stories but
I know that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle won’t
create any other Sherlock stories
because you know what but I really
enjoy reading this over and over again
the cases are just unpredictable and I
like it that much
the second one is Always and Forever
Lara Jean this is a contemporary romance book and it’s kind of the sweet
romance book the thing that I liked
first about this series is that this
font that they choose it’s like really
natural one I like it very much it’s
also a reason that I bought the series
in the first time because the cover is
so cute I first saw the series in a
bookstore and I just felt like oh that’s
so cute and I look at the blurbs and
it’s a cute story too so I bought this
series and I don’t regret it
it’s still one of my comfort book up to
this time I always read it over and over
when I miss the story so this book is
about Lara Jean Song Covey um an introvert girl that likes to stay at home
she don’t like parties
but one day her love letters that she
kept in her hatbox got sent she didn’t
know who’s sent it but the boys that
received the love letters came to her
and asked her like what is this and one
of the boy that came to her was Peter Kavinsky so this Peter Kavinsky is a
cool guy popular the popular guy type
and he came to Lara Jean to ask about the
letter and because Peter had just broken
up with his ex Genevieve and Lara Jean
had to hide from Josh so they decided
that they will start dating but just in
pretend so from that moment it changed
Lara Jean’s life I know it seems like a
story but the story is just so cute it
has this sense that makes you want to
read it over and over again I feel like
it has the sense of home I love Lara Jean’s family not just her love story
but her family is also so cute I like it
if you like a soft and cute romance
story you have to try reading this
one the first book of the series is to
all the boys I’ve loved before the
movie is on Netflix and this is the last
one always and forever Lara Jean so
you have to start from the first one to
all the boys I’ve loved before okay and
moving on to the last one this is a
fantasy book that I’ve been obsessing
for months it’s called the Renegades
series by Marisa Meyer I have the third
book because the first book is borrowed
this is the third book supernova and
this is the second book archenemies so
this is like two different editions the
thing that I like about Marissa Meyer’s
books is that she built a great world in
her books and her characters are just so
so great it’s like after reading the
books you understand her characters’
feelings even if they’re not the main
character I just miss them very much and
this Renegades one is about you know
the cliche story heroes versus
villains but overall the plotline the
characters are so so great that I love
this book so much
I just love every bit of it so much if
you haven’t read any Marissa Meyer’s
books you have to try reading it at least
once in your life the romance is just a
tiny tiny bit but it’s just enough and
it’s so cute that’s also why I bought
this hardcover edition that’s kinda
expensive because I love this book so so
much I love you if you are a fantasy
I assure that you will love this one’s
very much please try reading this
all right that’s three of my books
that’s not Harry Potter and you should
try reading them at least once in your
life because they are so cute
they have great characters great plotline they’re so sweet
yes I love them okay that’s it I’m sorry
for my bad english I hope you understand
what I’m saying
also if you have read those three books
please comment below and we can discuss
it further okay thank you for watching
happy reading and bye-bye! 🙂

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