My ENTIRE Makeup Collection | Makeup Inventory 2024 + Speed Reviews

today we are going through my entire makeup collection and I’m going to be counting my makeup and how much makeup I have in each category I did this video for the first time last year to kind of hold myself accountable for how much makeup I am holding on to Again YouTube and content creation is my full-time job but at the same time I only try to hold on to products that I know I will get use out of and products I actually enjoy I will also be comparing this year’s numbers to last year so let’s

Dive Right In I’m going to start with my face primers I currently have eight primers of my collection whereas last year I had nine primers I’m pretty happy to see one less primer and I genuinely use all of these primers which just makes me really excited first we have the glow recipe Plum pump hyaluronic serum that I just use when I’m feeling super dry and then I have the glow recipe BHA smoothing drops that are a really nice kind of smoothing primer I’ve seen really mixed reviews on this product but it does work for me

and this is the newest primer in my collection it’s the e.l. jelly pop it just came back in stock and I was seeing so many people Rave

about this so I really wanted to try it since I do love .’s primers and I’ve used this twice now and I do like it I got to say it seems really similar to the e.l. power grip where it still has that stickiness but this one feels a little bit more hydrating and has like a delicious watermelon scent and then we have the Smashbox primerizer which I’m currently trying

to finish I’m pretty low on this and I’ll definitely finish this within the next couple months and then I have the SE glowy super gel now this is kind of more like a liquid highlighter but I like use it as a really dewy primer underneath like a more mattifying skin tint then I have the e.l.f liquid poreless putty primer which is great for filling in my pores and I have the e.f power grip primer which I love when I want my makeup to last all day this is so longwearing and then I just have a

little mini of this Smashbox mattifying primer I think I got this as like a Sephora gift with purchase but I do like to use this in some of my oilier areas so those are all the primers in my collection currently I feel like eight is a really reasonable number for me and I have a different primer for different scenario arios you know next for foundations I currently have 13 in my collection whereas this time last year I had 12 so that’s only one more than last year which I feel like that’s okay with me now

the reason I have so many foundations is because I have foundations for when I’m pale and for when I have a faked Tan on so that’s how I kind of separated these so up top are my pale foundations the first one is the YSL all hours Foundation now this was kind of randomly sent me in PR last year and I have been loving this it’s a luminous matte found foundation and it just looks so beautiful and lightweight on my skin and has a really good coverage next I have the one siiz turn up the base

BBB cream I’m still getting used to this one I’ve only used it a handful of times but I have been liking the way it looks on my skin and then I have this glossier stretch Foundation that just came out last year now this shade is actually too fair for me pretty much I ended up buying this in store I thought it would match me it was too fair I tried to go exchange it and they didn’t have the shade I needed in stock so I just decided to keep this one and I’ve kind of been

using it as like a mixer when I need to lighten a foundation but I don’t it’s not really doing it for me honestly this might get decluttered sometime this year I’m just not obsessed with it and with the color being way too light it just doesn’t look good and then I have the Fenty Beauty EAS drop tint in two I love this skin tint and then I have three of the Nyx bear with me concealers now these are in the foundation category because I wear these as Foundation you can see I’m super low on this

one and the reason why I have two backups is because I ordered these from Ulta and like my order never shipped so they reshipped it and then the original order ended up showing up so I do have two backups of this and I usually recommend not to hang on to backups just because it’s hard to get through the product anyways but because this one is so low I’m keeping both of these backups for now and then for my more tan foundations I have The Hourglass Veil hydrating skin tint now this almost got decluttered in my

last declutter but I’m hanging on to it cuz I want to try it now in the winter when my skin is more dry in the summer I think it’s way too dewy but I got to try it out again soon and then I have The Hourglass ambient soft glow Foundation this is my go-to Foundation when I want like a full coverage full Glam look I need my makeup to last all day this is what I grab for and then I have the rare Beauty Foundation right here now I have really mixed feelings on this just

because I hate the doofa applicator and this Foundation feels kind of greasy on my skin but once it sets down it looks beautiful on the skin so I kind of have like a LoveHate relationship with this one and then I have the Fenty Beauty stick version of the eased drop I’ve been loving this one then I have another one of the EAS drop in my tan shade this one is five and I’m currently trying to pan this so This is actually really really low and then I have the Too Faced Born This Way healthy glow

skin tint I’m wearing this one today even though you can’t see my face but I really like this one as a skin tint I’ve just been loving skin tints and tinted moisturizers in general like my skin just loves that with the full coverage concealer on on my acne that’s like my go-to right now feel good about this number and I know this one’s really low this one’s really low I’ll probably declutter this one at some point but this doesn’t feel like too much for me next is my concealer so I currently have 11 concealers but

I’m also including this under ey brightener in this category and this time last year I had 10 concealers so I only have one more than last year which I’m okay with but can you tell which concealer is my favorite clearly it’s the Natasha denona High Glam I have four shades of this when this concealer launched last year I did receive a PR package of like all of the light shades so that’s why I have so many but my most use shade is rn3 that I use under my eyes and then if I’m fair I use

R2 under my eyes and then if I want to spot conceal with this I have N3 and N5 honestly ever since this concealer launched last year I have really not wanted to use anything else under my eyes it looks perfect under the eyes it it’s nice and lightweight it’s a serum concealer but it has a good medium to full coverage wears beautifully all day like I cannot say enough good things about this and even with some of the new concealers that have come out recently I’m just not tempted to buy them because I love this

one so much and then I have two shades of the tower 28 serum concealer I have the shade DTLA and CC now this formula is really similar to the Natasha denona one where it is a serum lightweight concealer and it is a little cheaper than natas denona but these are both really great concealers and then I have the Lys triple fix full coverage brightening concealer I think I almost decluttered this one as well in my declutter I post a few weeks ago I just I don’t know I don’t really think I like it should I

declutter it now like as I’m just talking about these concealers like why am I hanging on to this one but I really need to use it again under my eyes so maybe I’ll try it like tomorrow and really make a final decision then but Yep this one’s in my collection don’t really have much to say about it and then I have this colourpop pretty fresh concealer and I keep this one because it’s a really light shade Fair 20 n so I like to mix this if I need something even lighter under my eyes if I’m

like super fair that day and then I have two of my favorite concealer ever for spot concealing my acne spots I have custard for when I’m tan and vanilla for when I’m fair in case you didn’t watch my project pan Series last year I did finish both of these concealers last year and after I finished those two pots I was waiting a little bit to see if I really wanted to buy it again and I truly missed these from my collection so I bought these I want to say a month or two ago there’s already

some pretty good usage on these like I said it’s my go-to for spa concealing I love this concealer for my face then the one under eye brightener I have is this one from e.l.f I just like this one for a nice peachy brightener under my eyes it does a really great job and it’s nice and inexpensive so those are all the concealers in my collection but obviously my top two are the Nars and Natasha like I could live with just these and I’d be happy next category is my face sprays so I currently have five

of my collection whereas this time last year I had six I would count this rare Beauty one but it is literally empty like maybe one more use and it’s gone so this one this is an empty so first I have this Peach and ly glass skin Veil Mist now I like to use this one more is just like a hydrating Mist while I’m doing my makeup or if I’m just really dry before I start my makeup but I don’t like set my face with this one or anything and then I have a mini of the

Urban Decay all nighter I keep this one just for travel purposes I love the all nighter I actually just finished a full size of this one as well I do need to repurchase it cuz this one’s kind of low too but it’s great for travel and then I have a mini of the Nyx matte finish spray this one’s kind of low too huh I got this one as a gift with purchase with that Ulta order I was actually just talking to you about I do like this one for the days where I feel like my

base is just way too glowy which happens you know sometimes I overdo the glow and this kind of helps settle that down a bit so I like this one now my least favorite one I have is this CI Ray surf proof setting spray so I bought this one last year cuz I was hearing such great things about this but I just don’t really like it it’s a hydrating one so again I can’t really use it on the days where I’m too glowy and I also just don’t like the mister on it it’s too soft of

a Mist so actually what my plan was once I completely finished this rare Beauty bottle I was going to pour this into here to see if I like that Mis or better I don’t know we’ll see but I just don’t really feel like this one sets my makeup but like it feels good I guess but you know I bought it I spent my money on it so I’m going to keep it for now and then my favorite one in my collection is the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush Flawless setting spray now this is a brand new bottle

that I just opened the other day I finished a full size of this last year and before that I think I finished a mini as well so this is now my third bottle of this spray now the only thing I don’t like about this is the smell it doesn’t smell terrible but it doesn’t smell great but I love how it makes my skin look and I like to use this spray during my makeup I like to set my makeup with this like this does everything for me I love it I have been interested in trying

out some new setting sprays so if you have one that you really love I would love to know next is all my face powders so I currently have 12 powders and this time last year I had 14 powders so that is two less than last year I’m very happy with that but I also have to add that this powder is very very low like maybe I don’t know a week of usage out of this and it’s going to be empty so honestly I feel like we could say 11 powders at this point all right let’s

quickly go through these so first I have the Lys triple fix setting powder this one is translucent and this powder is okay for me it’s not my favorite but it’s the only translucent pressed powder that I own so if you have a translucent pressed powder that you would love I would love to know I’m definitely in the market for one this one just doesn’t really do it for me I did buy this one myself because I’ve been wanting to try more Lys products but so far like nothing has really blown me away from the brand

so also if you have a favorite from lys let me know then I have this Sigma powder this is the soft focus setting powder in vanilla bean it’s kind of been a minute since I’ve used this powder but I remember really really liking it a little bit more mattifying and blurring really beautiful next I have the rcma no color powder this used to be my favorite loose powder for under my eyes for years I think I’ve gone through probably three little jars of this and this one is below halfway full but honestly it’s been a

while since I’ve used this powder next I have the e.l.f Halo glow setting powder in light pink now this is the only kind of colored powder I have but honestly the pink really isn’t even that noticeable on the skin I did finish this powder in light last year and I love this powder it’s a great drugstore one for all over the face or for under the eyes and then I have the one siize ultimate setting powder in translucent honestly I haven’t gotten much use out of this one because I’ve been trying to pan and finish

this hourglass I was obsessed with this one for a minute so I’m still getting to know this powder so I I can’t really say much about it right now next is the lunar Beauty powder now I love this one I bought it myself last year and it is probably the most like finest mil silky smooth powder I have used I love the feeling of this on my skin then I have this one size turn up the base this is a foundation powder in the shade Fair three first of all I love this packaging it’s so

nice and I actually haven’t used this yet as a foundation powder I typically don’t really like Foundation powders but I’ve been using this to kind of brighten up my face in area since is kind of a lighter tone and I’ve kind of been liking it for that again I just showed you this one but this is The Hourglass Veil translucent powder this is a great powder for all over the face I’m so happy to be almost done with it next I have the kosas cloud set powder now I think when I did this video last

year I probably had two or three of these in my collection but right now I just have the shade Airy it’s honestly kind of been like a month or two since I’ve used this powder just because I’ve been using these ones so much but this is a beautiful pressed powder for all over the skin it does have some kind of like blurring qualities to it and I like it too because it doesn’t completely mattify my face so if you want to keep the glow to your skin this one is a great one then I have

this hourglass little Trio down here with the ambient lighting powders I had this in my collection for so long and I do use these two quite a bit honestly I kind of use them to like blend my concealer with my highlighter and that like spot under your eye and if I’ve learned anything about hourglass powders is that they literally last forever I have had this for so long and there is no pan in sight but I like to use this powder if my makeup is looking too matte and I want to add some kind of

glowi to it this is a great one for that and then I have two minis of the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush Flawless finish powder I have one in Fair and one in the shade two you can see I have a pan in the shade one and I feel like I’m really close to hitting pan in this second shade but this is a powder I will wear if I want my skin to look like perfect that day and if I want a longwearing makeup look this is what I go for so those are all the powders that

are currently in my collection next are my powder bronzers and I currently have eight in my collection and this time last year I had nine first I have the kosis sunow bronzer in the shade waves now this shade is pretty light on me so I can only use it when I’m fair but it’s a really beautiful glowy bronzer but it’s not too glowy actually someone told me to smell this cuz we all know that like kosas and like Tower 28 and those like clean beauty products can go bad pretty quickly and someone said that theirs

started smelling like stale McDonald’s from french fries that smells okay to me next is the makeup by Mario soft sculpt transforming skin perfector in light medium now this is one of these kind of gradient products where there is like a highlighter and kind of a midtone shade in there but I use this as a bronzer which is why it’s in this category I just kind of mix all the shades together and I really like the look that it gives me there’s actually a pretty good dent in the product right here I don’t want to work

on like hitting pan on that or something maybe I’ll focus on that soon but I love this for a glowy bronzer and then I have have two of the sigma matte bronzers I have the shade light and the shade medium and I like to keep this in my collection just for a solid matte bronzer because most of these ones are pretty glowy so it’s nice to have a matte option sometimes and then I have my beloved hourglass ambient bronzer in the shade nude bronze light this is the only bronzer I have pan on but that’s

a pretty decent little pan right there if you watch my channel you would know that I absolutely love this bronzer this is probably my favorite one in my collection and I can make it work for me every single day next I have the house Labs bronzer I have the shade light level two now this one I’m trying to get some more use out of I’m trying to get this H little embossing in there to go away and I feel like it’s slowly going away but this is a really different bronzer formula it feels really creamy

but it is a powder and this one is slightly cool tone so I like to use this when I’m fair and don’t want something that’s going to show up too orangey on my skin next I have this Patrick T little duo in the shade she statuesque now there is a cream and a powder in here so I think I’m going to count it in like both categories because you know this is a full powder bronzer right here and what’s really funny about this product is that I just bought this a couple months ago and I

bought it because I love the duo blushes that he has like I love the pigment of those like they’re very intense if you’ve ever tried them and so when I first use this product I expected it to be super pigmented but it’s actually not so whenever I go to use this I find that I have to use quite a bit of product to build it up and I do have to use this on my more fair days since I do believe this is a light a shade but I am still getting to know this bronzer

and then last I have the Pat McGrath bronzer in the shade naked desire this is another bronzer that I bought to use that are more fair probably the lightest shade of bronzer that I have in my collection but this is a pretty just like basic bronzer in my opinion there’s nothing amazing about it but you know I bought it myself going to use it so those are the eight powder bronzers in my collection the next category is my cream bronzers and I currently have six in my collection and this time last year I had seven

first I have the makeup by Mario soft sculp transforming skin enhancer in light medium if you can’t tell I love this product this gives such a beautiful kind of balmy bronzy look to the skin you can wear on like a no makeup day or I can wear on a full face of makeup day this product is just amazing and then like we just talked about the Patrick to little Duo so I’m counting this one right here as the cream again I don’t really have much to say about this product it’s pretty lightweight very buildable but

I am still getting to know it and then I have two of the rare Beauty bronzer sticks so this one was the very first one that I bought in power boost when I could first get my hands on it and I am actively trying to finish this product so this is how much product is left right now not a lot but I do really like this formula and then this is the other shade that I have that works better for me this is bright side I think they released like a shade extension right at some

point so this one is slightly more cool tone than power boost but like look at how much product I have left in this one compared to that one so my preferred shade is bright side but I am going to going to finish this power boost one formula is so creamy it’s just very easy to work with it’s just kind of like an effortless cream bronzer next I have the e.l.f Halo glow Contour wand I have the shade light medium now to be honest with you I haven’t really used this product a lot as I’m looking

at it it’s like definitely my least favorite out of these I honestly don’t really know if I’m going to keep it much longer but I’m going to try to get some more use out of it before I fully decide on that and then last I have the makeup Revolution cream bronzer in the the shade light now this is like a full coverage cream bronzer it is the opposite of the makeup by Mario one where like when you apply this like you’re going to be bronzed but if I want to do just like a full Glam

look with cream products this is the bronzer that I reach for because it has a lot of like pigment and coverage to it I will say that the shade is kind of dark again the shade is light but I would call this a medium I don’t even know if they make a fair of this but it’s a very pigmented bronzer but it’s a really nice one for the drugstore but this just makes me happy looking at my cream bronzer collection knowing that these two are very very loved next category is my powder highlighters and I

currently have eight in my collection and this time last year I had 13 in my collection I honestly can’t even remember which ones I’ve decluttered but I’m very happy with this number I’m going to start with my favorite highlighters it is the rare Beauty powder highlighters I have two shades this is Enlighten and Exhilarate see I’ve pan in both of these Shades which makes me so happy and this is just my favorite highlighter formula it looks so smooth on the skin it’s nice and glowy without being like a 2016 kind of highlighter it’s just perfect

next I have the Fenty Beauty diamond bomm and how many carrots now I don’t really use this one a lot I kind of use it more for like special occasions for example I use this when I went to the Taylor Swift concert because obviously I wanted some kind of glitter going on so that is why I hang on to this one and then I bought the new Anastasia glow Seeker highlighter when it came out late last year people were saying this is kind of a dupe for the am rezy highlighter which I did love when

that one came out I don’t know I kind of have mixed feelings on this highlighter it’s very gold which is not my preferred shade and I don’t know like it’s a nice highlighter but again I just prefer my rare Beauty ones but I got to say this packaging is gorgeous it’s compact it’s nice and heavy so I’m going to keep it and then I Have This Too Faced Moon Crush highlighter and shooting star this one came out last year I received it in PR and I ended up keeping it cuz I really did like how

it looked on my skin it’s a lot more softer of a highlight compared to like the rear Beauty on so if I want something that’s not super glowy I’ll grab for this one and then I have three of the sigma highlighters now I like to keep these three because they all have a slightly different undertone and shade to them so this first one is moon beam and this is the lightest one that I have so if I’m just like super fair and I need a really light highlight I grab for this one next I have

Sizzle which is probably my most used shade out of all of these Sigma ones it’s just a really pretty kind of more champagne color and then the last one I have is Twilight and this one has a pink undertone to it which sometimes I’m in the mood for like if I want to mix my blush and highlighter together I’ll grab for this one and that is my little powder highlighter collection so the next category is supposed to be cream highlighters and last year I had four of them and I ended up decluttering all four because

I just found that I never used cream highlighters I prefer a powder highlighter all the way so I’m happy that I have no cream highlighters to report okay the next category is my powder blush I don’t think you can see all of them on the screen there’s a couple kind of over here but there are 27 blushes in front of me and this time last year I had 21 blushes so I know that number just recently increased because here’s kind of what happened so last year I received these Essence pure nude baked blushes in PR

I love them they were one of my favorite formulas of last year and I kept some shades and I put the other Shades aside to put in a giveaway pile and the other week I was going through that pile and like I found this shade and this shade that I haven’t used so I was like ooh those look pretty I’m going to throw those into my collection I did the same thing with these krice matte blushes cuz I’ve heard so many good things about them and I really want to try to get these to work

for me so I hung on to those last year I also received these Bare Minerals highlighting blushes in PR I kept three of the shades so I know why there’s more blushes but this does feel pretty overwhelming to me and I know I said this in my declutter video but I do really want to try more brands of blushes cuz as you can see like you know I have Essence right here I got Bare Minerals Bare Minerals Too Faced like Sigma Sigma there’s not a lot of variety in the brand so I kind of feel

like I’d rather have more variety in the brands than having like a full collection of just one range of blushes you know what I mean I don’t really know if I want to go through and talk about like all of these but let’s just start somewhere so first I have three sigma blushes up here I ended up decluttering about three or four of them from my collection in that declutter so this this is sunset kiss kind of more of a matte peachy shade and I kept this one because it’s a matte and I don’t really

have a lot of matte blushes next is cord Rosa probably my favorite color from this line and then this is berry love again another matte formula and it’s a really pretty Berry color and then like I said I got three of the Bare Minerals highlighting blushes so for these three we have Rose glow this one is opal glow and then this one is pink glow I think pink glow is my most used and then I have this one kbd blush in Fox glow now I love this packaging how beautiful is this but this is just

a really nice kind of cool tone blush that I like to use if I want a more maybe like cool tone Mai look and then like I just said the essence pure nude baked blushes was one of my favorite blush launches of last year my most used shade is this one right here and this is cool coral I also use this one a lot too you can just tell by how much the name is rubbed off and this one is shimmering Rose I’m really excited to get some use out of this peachy one yeah pretty

Peach with Peach being like the panone color of the here and I have one matte Bare Minerals blush in the shade call my blush this was sent to me recently and I kept it again because it’s kind of a matte blush and then I have two of The Bare Minerals bloners which are so beautiful in the summer when you just want like that super bronzed sun-kissed look I have kiss of copper and kiss of pink kiss of pink is definitely my most used out of these two and then like I mentioned I have three of

the Catrice blushes these two are matte this one is glowy but I am still trying out this formula to get my thoughts on it this is the newest blush in my collection in it’s the mini my dream blush by Natasha denona I’ve been using this a lot I love mixing these two together I have two of the Too Faced Cloud Crush blushes this was another favorite blush formula of mine last year I use these a lot I have another kind of peachy blush this one’s by Flower Beauty the shade is peach Primrose now this blush

is pretty old in my collection it’s the e.l.f primer infused blush and always Punchy again it’s just another matte blush I like to keep it’s a really good just like everyday pink color for me and then down here here I have the sigma and Beauty and the Beast blush palette now there are two blushes in this and a highlighter but I’m just kind of counting this as one cuz it’s just like one compact I have been using this little Trio quite a bit I love this pinky color and this more peachy one is really pretty

too and then I have this makeup by Mario blush again another peachy shade this one is creamy Peach and then I have my hourglass blush quad that I tried so hard last year to hit pan on there’s a really good divot in this shade right here I actually am wearing this one today too I’m still determined to try to hit pan on this at some point and then I have this one single hourglass blush in the shade at night this is a really deep kind of reddish Berry color that I loved wearing in the winter

so that is my pretty large blush collection I can definitely see myself decluttering this even further and getting rid of some of these throughout the year then again I also want to try some more blushes so we’ll see what this looks like a year from now all right the next category is cream blushes and I currently have 19 and this time last year I had 15 so that’s only four more which isn’t terrible but a couple of these like these two are pretty new in my collection so maybe that’s why I don’t know up here

I have the sigma cream blushes I really like this formula so this one is Cy Rosa this next one is pashmina kind of more of like a brighter pink I love this one in the summer next I have nearly wild which is a little bit more of like a deeper kind of berry red and then I have a coral Dawn which is more of like a peachy Coral then I have this one kind of random tarte Cream Blush in the shade Peach sunset this was like from a tarte boxy charm that I did a sponsorship

on like 2 years ago but I really liked this Cream Blush I know it looks like I haven’t used it but I really have used it quite a bit and then I have a mini of the Charlotte Tilbury glow gasm little wand in the shade pink gasm now that I’m thinking about this this one is pretty old in my collection but it’s just a beautiful shade on the cheeks then I have two of the rare beauty cream blushes this one is nearly neutral you can see I had pan on that it’s another just like perfect

everyday color and then this one is nearly apricot and then I have a tower 28 blush this one is in the shade Powerhouse and then I have two of the mil Cosmetics Cream Blush lights so this one is Sandy Cheeks and this one is honey Thief this is probably the most pigmented Cream Blush formula I have but again these are great shades for the summer I just can’t wait to wear my cream blushes in the summer and then this one is the newest one in my collection I just did a video with the poop Valentine’s

Day collection and I ended up keeping this shade hearts content now this is called a lip and cheek balm so I expected this to be a little bit more sheer but it is a very pigmented Cream Blush but I used it so I’m going to keep it for now and then I have a little mini of the rare Beauty liquid blush in hope I am so glad that I bought this last year I used to have a full size of this in red that I ended up decluttering cuz I just don’t really wear red blush

but this is like a perfect shade for me I love that it’s a mini I just slather on my cheeks cheeks and I love it and then I have this one rose ink Cream Blush in the shade helot Trope now I bought this because I wanted to try some more cream blushes I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this shade and it’s a really good kind of more neutral shade it’s kind of a different formula where it does have like a thickness to it but it’s really really pretty and then I have the Natasha

denona my dream cheek Trio so again I’m just kind of counting this as one product I realize I didn’t count these in my highlighter section but honestly when I use this I use it more for the blush anyways and then I have the Patrick T little blush duo and she’s blushing like I said earlier this thing is so freaking pigmented but I love this it looks so good on the skin and then I have another Tower 28 blush this is in collaboration with the Kung Fu Panda 4 movie this one is newly added to my

collection as well and it’s a red but but it’s actually a very wearable color and then I have one makeup by Mario soft plop I always say that then I have one makeup by Mario soft pop Plumping oh my gosh then I have this one makeup by Mario Cream Blush in the shade barely blushing I have talked a lot about this particular shade where I kind of use it more as like a blending blush shade because it’s so light and balmy but I really do like this one then I have one Milani Cream Blush in

the shade nude kiss just a really good pink blush see I like looking at my Cream Blush collection cuz I do have a variety of brands in here compared to my powder blush collection so while this still is a lot I got to say blush is one of my favorite makeup categories right now so I’m pretty happy with this number next for brow products I’m just counting everything that I put on my brows so I currently have 13 products in my collection and this time last year I had 10 but I can tell that I

have two backups right here so if like we weren’t counting those it would be 11 but you got to count the backups because these are a part of my collection starting with the Nyx brow glue this is my favorite just like inexpensive brow glue this really holds my brows up in place all day I’ve gone through so many tubes of this so I have this one and a backup and then I have the new Anastasia brow freeze gel this is the newest one in my collection and this one’s just a mini I’m still getting to

know this product but so far I like it then I have the rare Beauty clear brow gel can you tell I just like a clear brow gel um this is just another like solid clear brow gel holds my brows up it doesn’t really give me the laminated look but for just an easy brow day this is what I’ll grab for and then I have two tinted brow gels this one is by Lawless and this is the soft set creamy brow wax I have the shade medium dark now I don’t use this product a lot but

if want something with the tint I’ll grab for this and I feel like it does have a little bit of those fibers in here but it’s not super fibery like some brow gels then I do have this one kosas air brow in the shade medium brown honestly don’t use this one very much I think I’m going to try to get some more use out of it before I make my final thought but I think this could be decluttered sometime soon then for my go-to brow pencil I’m currently using the Anastasia Brow Wiz and medium brown

I have two of the Nyx brow pens I have one in brunette and one in espresso the espresso one is really low right now but this is my favorite brow pen it’s so inexpensive so great at drawing in those brow leg strokes and then the other brow pencil I have is the laish shape up brow pencil I have the shade teddy bear and this one does have a thicker tip to it I do prefer a thin tip which is why I usually use the Brow Wiz but sometimes I want to switch it up so I’ll

grab for this then I have a mini of the Anastasia this is like the dip brow Pomade gel right there’s like no name or sticker on this but I’m pretty sure that’s what this product is called now I don’t really use this one a lot either like I said I’m just more likely to use a clear brow gel I still need to get some more use out of this one honestly and then I have a Anastasia clear brow gel this one’s a mini I got this as a little gift with purchase so I’m holding on

to it I have used this in the past but it’s been a while since I’ve tried her clear brow gel and then I just have one little Sigma brow Duo this is in the shade dark sometimes I need a little powder in my eyebrows so I’ll use this one so those are all my brow products but the ones I use daily are the Brow Wiz the Nyx brow pens and one of these clear brow gels next is eyeshadow primers and I currently have six in my collection and this time last year I had nine these

three are the ones I use the most first we have the essence Prime like a boss eyeshadow base I’m actually trying really hard to finish this one you can see I’m like squeezing it all out of the tube and this ey shadow primer is clear so there’s no tint to it next is the Anastasia eye primer this one is in a mini I think I got this one as a gift with purchase as well and I have such mixed feelings on this eyeshadow primer it’s kind of drying on my skin and the color it has

is really really light so like if you were any deeper than me this would look a little crazy on your eyelids very pigmented a little bit drying but like it does work with my eyes Shadow but as I’m talking about it I’m like do I even really like this I don’t know and then I have a good old Mac painterly paint pot if I just need something easy to use I’ll grab for this one and then I do have the ultra ego eyeshadow primer I’d say this formula is pretty similar to like the Urban Decay

primer potion which I did use a lot last year and then I have two of these Sigma eyeshadow bases now honestly I don’t use these a lot but I do keep them in case I do like any sponsored content with them where they would like me to use their eye bases I know that some people love these eye bases I just wish they were a little bit creamier but you know they do do the job I have been wanting to try a new eyeshadow primer I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of people talk

about the Milani one so I think I might pick that one up kind of soon maybe once I finish this Essence one so the next category is eyeliners and these are the ones that like I keep in my little jar on my table I just pulled them out and then these are ones that I keep in my drawer that I don’t use that often but these are like there’s some fun colors in here and stuff and I really don’t want to count all these out but I have to right for the video okay let me

do this so I have all of my eyeliners laid out there’s some over here that you cannot see but I counted and there are 57 eyeliners here and this time last year I had 28 eyeliners so I can tell you exactly what happened I believe it was early last year when Urban Decay launched these like 24/7 inks liner so I kept I think these are all of the shades but the reason why I still want to hang on to these cuz there’s some cool like colors in here there’s a green a yellow we got some

blues and a white and I don’t have any other eyeliners like this so that’s why I’m hanging on to these and they’re just really cool cuz they have the nice like what do you call it is it ergonomical but like the grip I’m not even right-handed but you know what I mean give Beauty sent me these eyeliners last year as well again as a YouTuber what if I want to do look with these give Beauty eyeliners and I love how like they’re kind of more jewel tones which I love here I have some wond skin

eyeliners I like these a lot because they are very longwearing and then over here I have my Urban Decay 24/7 liners again I love my jewal tones my little greens my purples I love these liners and then also last year I got the Juvia Place afro Galactic collection I did a sponsored post with them and I have these four glitter liners and I haven’t really used these a lot but like I don’t know eyeliners I just hang on to cuz I’m like well what if I want to do something one day that I need this

color you know what I mean I don’t know I’m not going to go through all these but I have some makeup by Mario two cat Von D couple house labs and other random ones um I sat here trying to declutter some of them but I just cannot get myself to do it and I also know that none of these are super old which is why I’m still hanging on to them because again these like three piles I just got last year so yes this is a very unrealistic and necessary amount of eyeliners but but I

just I can’t get myself to declutter this next category is mascara and I currently have eight in my collection these are all open and used and last year I also had eight mascaras in my collection so that’s kind of funny all right so let’s go through these mascaras first we have my favorite out of this pile it’s the tower 28 make waves mascara I just cannot stop using and raving about this product the wand just has a nice curve to it it’s more of a rubber bristle and these bristles just grab each and every one

of my lashes when I wear it so of course I have it in the black shade jet this one’s actually kind of drying out a little bit so I’m probably going to buy a new one soon and then I have the brown shade drift which I absolutely love as well like if I could only keep one mascara at this moment it would be this one these are rolling everywhere okay next I have the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascaras so I have this new naturally version and then I have the Brown version I don’t have

the original one because I honestly don’t like the original one but these ones are okay funny thing about this naturally better than sex when I got it I didn’t really like read the little pamphlet again I got this in PR and I thought it was supposed to be like the better than sex mascara but to give you a more natural look when actually it just has more natural ingredients in it which I’m like okay cool I guess but the one is exactly the same as the original but I do find this formula to be less

clumpy on my eyelashes than the original and I just like trying new mascaras so if I get one in PR I’m pretty likely to try it and then I do have the better than sex and brown so like I just said I don’t like the original formula but somehow this this one in brown is really nice and I find that this gives me a nice kind of fluffier lash whereas my tower 28 gives me a lifted and separated and just like a little bit of volume to my lashes next I have two of the essence

lash princess mascaras so these are new in my collection because I just got a PR box from them that had all of their mascaras which is really cool I will say though that that PR box was ridiculously oversized anyways these are the two I’ve used so far and open from that box so this is the Lash princess false lash effect now I was kind of overwhelmed by like all of the different mascaras that they offered and I was trying to remember like other people talking about this mascara and I feel like I’ve heard people say

that this green one is the like the bestselling one or the best one in their opinion so I kind of took a shot on this one and I tried it and I think it’s a good mascara but I don’t think it’s like amazing or anything and then I have the same mascara but in brown because as you guys can tell I’m loving a brown mascara right now so this one does have the same wand as that one and again it’s a it’s a good mascara but it doesn’t top my tower 28 o and then I

just bought this one it’s the e.l.f Lash extender I think this one came out maybe a month or so ago and I was waiting for it to go on Ulta’s website and it never did so I bought it from elf’s website and I literally just used it for the first time yesterday I bought it cuz everyone was saying it’s a tubing mascara and I love a tubing formula like the Thrive Cosmetics one is amazing for tubing and I wore this yesterday it wore really nicely but when I went to remove it it did not remove

like a two mascara so I just wanted to double check yeah lengthening mascara with tubing technology for instant drama I would not say this is a tubing mascara which is so disappointing I had such high hopes because I do love .’s mascaras and then last we have the e.l. Lash en roll this is a dupe for the benefit roller lash and I used to love that mascara but as you guys know I don’t really use benefit anymore and this is a perfect dupe for that again I love a curved little wand honestly the wand’s kind

of close to this one wait I think you can kind of tell there but but they have a really similar curved wand shape which is probably why I like both of these I just like that shape a lot cuz I really feel like it helps me grab all of those like inner Corner lashes and the ones on the outer corner so those are the eight mascaras of my collection the next category is my single eye products so I currently have six and last year I had 11 looking at my tiny collection of single eye products

I’m just thinking of like Lauren May beuty single Eye collection cuz I know that she loves singles and I just don’t I am a palette girly and I think I always will be but let’s go through these five all of these Jones Road ones were sent to me so these are the just a sec eyeshadows this one is topaz and this one is cool taupe I honestly haven’t gotten much use out of these again because I’m not a single eye girly I do really like the colors of these I’m still trying to figure out if

my finger works best for these or a brush so if you’ve tried these let me know your thoughts and how you like to use them and then I have two of the best eyeshadows now I have used this more brown one a lot this one is Penny and this one is so pretty I actually did a short with penny where I did like the easiest everyday eye look just using this one Shadow and that’s how I use the shadow I do use this one the most out of these four Jones Road products it’s just really

easy to apply all over the eye for an everyday look now this one I haven’t gotten a lot of use out of but it’s a really pretty color and the formula is just like it’s a really solid eyeshadow formula and I know I’m not really the market for Jones Road products but like that’s just beautiful and then I have these two singles this is the colourpop suers shck Shadow and Ritz and the Urban Decay Munda Shadow and Space Cowboy and I’m showing these together because they are a dupe for each other I’m sure you’ve seen

Space Cowboy all over the place it has gone viral so many times and then this Ritz one I actually just received in PR a colourpop sent over a cute little like New Year’s gift or something and this was in it and I thought it was gorgeous so I kept it but watch this so that is colourpop and Space Cowboy honestly I feel like the colourpop one looks a little bit better than the Urban Decay one but they’re both just like that sheer shadow that has a lot of Sparkle in it it is so pretty I’ve

been wearing these kind of Shades all the time recently maybe I am turning into a single eye girly I don’t know but these two so good okay we are finally on to the lip category so these are all the lip liners of my collection I have 10 lip liners and this time last year I had 19 so I tried really hard to de clutter a lot of my lip liners and I’m so glad that I did this still feels like a lot because I know that like these colors are pretty much the same but I

like a pinky nude lip liner Sumi so I have a makeup by Mario Smokey pink which is the one that I’m trying to actively pan right now I have this Lawless one in the shade nude honey I have Natasha denona Natasha that came out with the my dream collection I have Natasha denona .5 and then this one is the shade 2.5 and then I have two of the makeup forever ones these are like the really two popular colors this one is wherever Walnut and this is anywhere caffeine I hear people talk about these colors so

much I got these in PR so I decided to keep them and I just love how these ones smell like a classic wood pencil and then I have three from about face these ones are really creamy but they’re matte this one is cradle this one is smoking room and then my one red lip liner is forever flame and those are my 10 lip liners and I think this is a great number to have but I definitely could narrow it down a little bit more probably next is going to be all of my bullet lipsticks I

currently have 22 and last year I had 24 I’m not going to open and show you all of these but these ones right here are the ones that I’m like really using right now that I keep on my desk kind of like my everyday lip colors I’m planning on doing a short pretty soon of like my go-to nude lips where you will see all of these in action so I have all the sigma Infinity Point lipsticks I have these Lawless ones that I received in a PR package last year and I did a lip swatching

video which is why I hung on to so many of them but I did donate the other ones I have Urban Decay e.l.f and then my like newest one that I’ve really been liking is this makeup by Mario one in South Shore this is his new like satin lip formula and you guys saw my lip liners they’re all the same color so all of these lipsticks right here are pretty much the same color as well so those are all of my bullet lipsticks okay next is liquid lipsticks and I only own two liquid lipsticks and

last year I had 15 so I’m so proud of myself for decluttering that many because honestly liquid lipstick is probably my least favorite lip formula but I do love to have a good red in my collection and this Makeup Forever one is really nice for that this one is 402 and then I have this more burnt color that I actually wore quite a few times in the fall and I think liquid lipsticks I think fall and this one is a shade 320 next category is lip glosses so I currently have seven and last year I

had 24 but the issue I’m having right now is that I feel like the last couple years we’ve seen a lot of lip glosses SL oils like the products are kind of in between both of those categories but I would call these all lip glosses but I would say that lip glosses have more pigment to them where lip oils are meant to just be kind of a more hydrating shine so I have four of the Lawless lip Plumping line smoothing glosses from the fet the filler line and I really like these as you can tell

I have four of them and I have finished one of them from this color before cuz this looks so good on the lips just by itself then I have one Sigma lip gloss I have this one Wet n Wild Mega slicks and a Natasha denona gloss so a pretty small lip gloss collection but I like all of these next is lip oils and I currently have six in last year I had five I’m kind of surprised that this category hasn’t grown much because again I feel like lip oils have become so popular but I do

try to be picky about the products that I receive in PR and not just impulse buying the next new lip oil so I’m very proud of this little lip oil collection so I have two from Tower 28 and I was deciding on whether or not to put these in the lip oil or lip gloss category and the name is called the shine on lip jellies so it’s like right in between an oil and a gloss but I think it’s more on the oil side and then I have one of the SE glossy bounces in the

shade dip this is the Merit lip oil and all natural honestly this one’s kind of old I should probably declutter this one soon this one came out years ago look how tiny this doofa is compared to some of these other ones and then I have one of the new Too Faced kissing jelly glosses but see it says oil gloss hybrid that’s exactly what this is but I really have been loving this product they sent all of the shades in PR but I only kept this one in raspberry just because it seemed like the one I’d

be most likely to wear and these all smell amazing and they all smell different too but this raspberry one so good I’m putting it on right now and then I did just buy one of the e.l.f lip oils this one is in Honey talks and this has a mintiness to it which is different than what like these other ones have but I kind of like that and then one product I’m really struggling to categorize is my makeup by Mario lip Plumping serum cuz it’s it’s like a stick of a lip gloss plus a lip oil

so I don’t know where to put this one but if you watch my videos you know I love this lip product but then I also have one of the tarte marusa juicy lip cream so like this is kind of its own category in itself too so oh don’t know these two stick products together as I opened this one I got like a big waft of a smell and I don’t know if it’s supposed to smell like that uhoh I don’t know if that smell is normal or not I don’t I’m not sure guys and then

I have two of these lip balms I have the summer Fridays one and then the road one out of these two I definitely prefer the summer Fridays so are those like lip balms I think so I have one lip mask it’s just the sigma lip mask in the shade tint last year I had two lip masks and I know it was the clear version of the sigma lip mask oh I just realized I missed some lip oils whoops I forgot these three sigma lip oils so that makes lip oils nine not six and these lip

products are kind of their own cat category as well these are the sigma lip creams now they’re not a lip gloss because they’re super pigmented I would say they’re most similar to a liquid lipstick but like a creamy version of a liquid lipstick if that makes sense and I have seven shades of those all right and that was my entire makeup inventory and makeup collection so I hope you guys enjoy this video thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to like And subscribe

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