My Favorite Fake Watch Ultra – H11 ULTRA UPGRADE review

Hi everybody, The next watch is the “Hello Watch H11 Ultra Upgraded”. The first version of the H11 has not 1GB memory and a headset connection. Other fake “Watch Ultra” models can not do that. If you like listening to music this is the best fake Watch Ultra for you. You can’t tell the difference from the original Apple Watch Ultra when you take it in your hand. This model is the closest to the real one’s color tone. The holes in the exterior design and the screen brightness are better than others. But the screen is smaller than “Vwar

Watch Ultra and H11 Ultra Plus but it’s okay. Vwar Watch Ultra and H11 Ultra Plus have small bezels. I like its smartphone app; it is very functional. Its name is “QiFit” you can download it and check it. Also, you can check my Top 5 Fake Watch Ultra List in in the video description. This watch is my favorite fake watch ultra, but it has some cons. For example, I wouldn’t say I like its vibration. It is too short and not intense. The menu transition animations are not as elegant as HK8 Pro. Other fake watch Ultra models

have PayPal, but this watch hasn’t any payment tool. Uploading music to the watch is extremely slow. Just 2MB one track uploading takes about 10 minutes. But for me,

it has a lot of pros. I couldn’t find a calendar in the other watches which I reviewed, but this one has a calendar. I wish days were clickable on the calendar. The screen touch works fine. This is a compass-working Watch Ultra. QiFit is one of the best Smartphone app for these type of watches. The Battery Capacity: 450mAh. There are other alternatives on the market with a 450mAh battery,

but I think this watch has more battery life because the Bluetooth 5.2 and the chip consume less battery. I like its wallpaper tool. Let me show you. You can add your photo or take a picture. You can choose digital or pointer. Picture brightness. You can change other information on the screen and color then save. Let’s take a look at the menu first and then check the items works. Short cuts Notifications on the below. Left button for sport modes. Swipe right and you can see this screen. Now I’ll test some of the menu items sport mode

Sport record heart rate, blood oxygen, step okay, compass works okay. Call record with contact names: okay. contact, calendar: Calendar is a basic calendar. Weather: The weather is okay. camera, camera work with just its app. Music is okay but uploading music is very slow. Voice assistant: ok . Hi Siri open the watch! The position works. Alarms okay. Stop watches work. I don’t know this item. Calculator works. App center. You can play games in there. timer, “Raise to wake” works. find phone works when the Qifit app opens. Bright screen time. Temperature works. Business cards. On the settings,

I will show you the languages. If you like this watch, the link in the video the description. You can get one of them for yourself. Thank you for watching. See you in the next video

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