My First Amazon KDP Book Review – How to Write, Publish, and Market Your Book

all right guys what’s up what’s going on so 
in this video i ordered a book from a friend  
okay that’s doing amazon kdp what’s up guys my 
name is rj martinez and we are going to review  
a book do a book opening in this video okay um 
this is exactly how i got the book in the mail  
it is not opened at all okay so let’s get 
into opening the book and make sure you guys  
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hit that notification bell let’s get into it okay 
let’s make sure this book says at the bottom of  
the cut so i don’t cut the 
actual book boom cut here
i thought i was gonna be like upside down or 
so but there it is the story of easter wow
okay now you can see the front really awesome 
i like the feel of it it’s a matte finish  
look at the back look how he did that okay 
that is freaking amazing okay i looked  
everything like the detail the front of it 
the cover okay in the back it shows inside  
pictures of the book if you’re unaware if you do 

/> not show the the back on the back of the book if  
you don’t share you know like what’s going on 
on the inside like if you’re on mobile ordering  
a ordering a book on your on your phone and the 
customer cannot get the look inside feature unless  
they go on their desktop so first things first 
that is cool that’s amazing and then and it kind  
of gives the insight of his brand and what’s 
he what’s he’s what’s he’s like what what’s  
going on what he’s doing in the back end okay 
then he has his website down below too as well  
it’s cool okay this is cool this is a lot there’s 
a lot going on right here now this is a it’s a  
whole story book okay so there’s a lot of detail 
going into this book so you can tell that he took  
his time creating this book so hey drew props to 
you this is freaking awesome i love it good job  
on this man like this is it’s just amazing okay 
it’s freaking awesome i don’t know what else to  
say about it like there’s a lot that he took took 
a lot of time to create this book i’m gonna have  
his book down below in the description let’s 
go into the listing and check out the listing  
you know um go into all the details and everything 
that he did with the listing and all that stuff  
and i’m excited to check out the list let’s go one 
quick thing i wanted to point out too if you go  
to the very back page okay it will tell you where 
the book was printed made in u.s las vegas nevada  
and when it was printed 26 march 22 2. okay this 
book was shipped within it got to me in two days  
okay it was freaking fast some books you know they 
get to you in one day and then sometimes depending  
the time it can take anywhere between three to 
five business days but this book got to me in two  
days fast how powerful that is if you guys are 
unaware of that i just want to point that out  
to you guys so we’re right here on this listing 
okay the story of easter you can illustrate it  
christian faith-based story of easter for kids 
eight plus the look inside feature you can see  
it’s already enabled sometimes this takes a little 
bit for it to be live uh but you can actually you  
know if you come over here i’m gonna put this down 
below in the description if you come over here  
you’re gonna see you know all that information 
you can see exactly how he did everything which is  
freaking awesome okay price point he has 
it at uh 699 um for a paperback right  
roughly around like the normal price range 
right you’ll see people mess with the pricing  
okay it’s all a test at the end of the day 
it’s what works for you you can see his  
brand name right here if you click on that 
you’ll see all that information right there  
um still a newer book i’m not sure if he added it 
to his author page yet which i’m pretty sure he  
will do that you can see this is a cool thing okay 
so i know him so you can see that he’s driving  
he’s using the following that he has to drive 
traffic to his book which is really awesome  
okay because he’s built he’s built that up 
you know he’s an artist he works at this  
and that’s what he should do okay he’s talented 
like use that to his advantage okay in this you’re  
like okay but what if i don’t have that this is 
something that you have to figure out and work at  
okay if you figure this out and work at it either 
build your own audience okay if you don’t have  
nothing build your own audience you can create 
like a facebook fan page you create a facebook  
group you can create a tick tock pinterest tick 
tock is big right now very powerful platform to  
be on right now okay the organic reach is amazing 
okay um there’s there’s a ton of different ways  
that you can do this just figure it out what 
you’re gonna do create content for an audience  
put a year’s work worth into this okay if you put 
a year’s work uh work into building an audience  
okay it’s gonna grow okay and then you’re gonna 
learn you’re gonna learn a lot okay you don’t have  
to show your face if you don’t want to you don’t 
have to do that okay you just create content that  
they enjoy and that they want and just keep them 
coming back okay so there’s a there’s a there’s  
a ton of different ways that you can do that okay 
uh just don’t don’t don’t like hold yourself down  
because i don’t have an audience i don’t know how 
to do that you need to figure it figure that out  
okay first and foremost figure that out but you 
can see with the cells that he’s cranking in he’s  
ranking this book is ranking it’s starting to rank 
so when it starts to rank on amazon that means  
he’s gonna get traffic okay which is very powerful 
because once you start to rank on amazon it stays  
up there forever right as long as you know amazon 
is still doing its thing you come down here it’s a  
91 page book okay six by nine bsr is 300k right 
now but it’s fluctuating as you can see 67k  
um and then it goes up and then it drops down 
to 129. 170. it’s going up 170 then you can  
see right here right as of right now it’s 300k 
bsr on books that’s which is really good right  
you know if you know unaware books is the when 
it comes to you know categories it’s the biggest  
category on amazon okay um which is really awesome 
so it’s freaking awesome to see what he’s doing  
and uh you know he’s he’s pushing his own traffic 
the description you can see everything that he did  
in here right here um i think he did a 
really freaking awesome job at this good job  
keep up the work i think i’m just excited for his 
next book and him to keep pushing this because  
he tells me a lot when it comes to this and he 
shares a lot of good stuff with me and i really  
appreciate that drew keep going keep doing what 
you’re doing um keep pushing it right you already  
you know you you know you have you have everything 
that it takes to be successful with kdp and  
my insight and my input on this is you know put 
your workflow in place put your system in place  
and just start creating getting stuff out there 
that people want you that’s what you need to do  
okay you need to show people what’s your your 
talent okay and everything else will come  
everything else the the the money the sales 
all that stuff will come but you just got to  
keep working at it get more books up like exactly 
as an example this is a good book keep it going  
keep creating more books create 100 of 
these books and uh see where you’re at  
at the end of everything okay 100 bucks 
or put a goal whatever it is your goal is  
and then come back at this and see okay how’s 
everything doing how was from day one and when  
i started what i’m doing here and and so on and so 
forth so thank you for sharing this um if anyone  
wants me to review one of their books like this 
send me over a link okay i’ll make a purchase  
and i’ll do a review of another book and my goal 
behind this is just to help you guys the audience  
out and help you guys as a community make your 
first sale on kdp or and just give you an insight  
on how you’re going to keep growing okay so that’s 
my insight with this right here he already has you  
know he has everything he has everything he 
just has to create different types of books  
or whatever whatever whatever he’s going whatever 
way he’s going with this he has to do more of it  
and just get it out there okay because people 
will start purchasing as he did as he did on  
facebook when he shared it everyone’s like i’ll 
i’ll buy it i’ll buy it i’ll buy it i’m like hey  
let me uh let me make a purchase and make a 
youtube video out of this let’s get this going  
so if you guys want to learn how to publish 
books on kdp watch this video right here and  
if you guys enjoy this type of content make sure 
you guys give this video a thumbs up and peace

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