My Name Episode 3 Reaction & Commentary Review! First Time Watching 마이 네임

hey everyone welcome back to the channel we’re dos cavazos and today we are watching the third episode of my name so jiwoo is now in the narcotics department here and the chief of the narcotics department is also the guy that she saw outside the door that one time all those years ago yeah which i guess she assumes that that’s the killer we don’t think that it’s the killer it’s too obvious to me yeah and it feels like um you know the guy who’s in charge of narcotics is has his eyes set on like the gang

leader i believe his name was choi if i’m not mistaken uh so his eyes are set on him and it kind of makes me wonder where they set on him from like years ago and maybe that’s why he approached her door because he was like watching this incident unfold um so i feel like he might actually know the person who pulled the trigger for me though it’s a matter of time before ji woo gets a little bit more information and i feel like if she’s able to get like her code and be able to access

some of the files for the narcotics department she can get some of those answers because it seems like it’s pretty tight-knit here they don’t really expose

like you know like the stings that they’re gonna do to the other departments possibly to avoid leaks all right well if you haven’t already don’t forget to like and subscribe and check out our patreon if you want to see our full-length reaction to this series we also do have a second channel doesn’t irl where we do vlogs and other non-reaction content and if you want to check that out the

links down below all right let’s jump into this episode you have a difference of opinion about her now someone they’ve had like dealings with in the past it’s gotta be yeah that wasn’t very convincing goji woo what is that the little pills that they were talking about that’s like that looked like weird pills i said the little black ones guess i’m not very familiar with drugs they look like little peppercorns you gonna give her props she deserves it she did it all single-handedly oh my gosh you dude in a passive aggressive way i don’t know

as he was giving like backhanded compliments buy someone who’ll kill him just the same whoa fuzzy he actually has wings sales pitch it’s like sounds kind of expensive the cheapest drug there is oh i was thinking that i was like is this all right so this is the one who’s doing this so he’s coming for him i think you know to be the the number one guy jungle you got her credentials yet yeah let’s see what she has access to what you’re gonna see oh dad mm-hmm kerdi-cat footage link it wasn’t like it just doesn’t

make sense yeah like if especially if he was hunting down like you know the leader like why would you just kill one of his guys you’re trying to like you know work your way to the top i feel like she’s going to find something though that’s yeah kind of like makes like her idea unravel like a piece of evidence somewhere this is a drug uh their drug right made by this man called heisenberg oh that’s heisenberg level because remember the other one was like meth is out yeah it’s all about this whatever whatever black black

rock i don’t know is that like the exact same gun that he gave her all those years back does she use it as like her everyday gun could that be kind of interesting charlie well on that first place where they had the sting they said they were working on that thing for months i feel like they’d be like one of the hardest departments to work in narcotics like to have to sit and wait well also sometimes you have to like you know go undercover like how he did too be put in a situation where you

could freaking die i mean i know a lot of cops do that too but like i know it’s interesting because you have to like infiltrate you know infiltrate the dealer find the supplier i don’t even trust everyone here yeah where he had like jack nicholson had his guy under cover feeding back information to him what did they get their phones back don’t be too obvious well she had two right like she had her like normal phone and like the one she communicated with him with so maybe she’ll have she like has it somewhere else i

don’t know it feels like they’re going right now there’s no way you gotta be careful text them real quick just let them know oh my gosh like there’s gonna have to be another way you’re gonna have to get work turn the brightness down i feel like there’s no way you can do it here in this car hey back in the day when like we had flip phones and stuff i know those are making a comeback right now but like uh i had mastered like t9 so i remembered like the numbers i would like keep it

in my pocket and just like text like that without having to look at it oh my gosh this is crazy it’s like right here and then she can’t say anything i wonder if she’ll have to like secretly get him a message like well they get him arrested like that freaking dude with the slash on his face he’s gonna like you know assume position like this position of power in my opinion so like this could go either way i wonder if he’s gonna think she like turned on him you know but in reality she just like

had no opportunity to i don’t know with her he takes me as a type of person who would like listen you know or like understand the situation but like that’s why i think like there’s a possibility they capture him i like how they transition between like you know the body cams it’s interesting and like since she has the camera on it’s like you can’t really even like yeah you know you can’t give yourself away it’s like knock it off and make it look like you freaking got locked up in a fight i don’t know anything

about the meth lab just like straight meth jesus she sees oh a him situation what are you gonna do i feel like this is the part where like shooting’s gonna break out too gonna evidence at all costs oh i thought she was gonna like turn off the electricity or something you can still see through it though yeah i’m here i can’t really tell who i’m rooting for fully yeah i’m like we’re sad kind of wants like i don’t know her to be in the police like full-on leave the life the gangsters yeah but like i

feel like she’s gonna stay loyal because this is kind of like how she was like raised you know like there was only a purpose like the police only served a purpose to get to her father’s killer so right now i still think you know her allegiances to like choi like way outweigh the police right now she’s gonna help him like troy like she might knock him out like no proof of it yeah and he never turned his head yeah don’t make eye contact oh she did it no oh okay i was like is she gonna

shoot him she had it on him though yeah like she i mean obviously she didn’t okay you know i was saying earlier that he might not be pissed but like he might be pissed now like at her well because she she didn’t give any warning or anything yeah oh that’s a health thing it’s like they literally gave us like the lowdown like in five minutes they took all our phones and then we were just here on this boat maybe i’ll need like a pager system you have extra bullets to put in your gun she’s like

perfect look at me oh what do you see because if they check everyone’s guns like she would have two blank rounds or not blank rounds but used up around doesn’t she have two guns did she bring the other one like what did she shoot at uh the shots is that the gun i mean it has to be she had ditched it was that the original gun though because the new one was like silver okay so that one was well i think they would know like her police yeah and she obviously is leading him to it

so yeah i think this was just to get it off her oh she’s trying to see if he recognizes it the serial number scratched out do you need to rip your shirt off i don’t trust him anymore yeah i don’t either like i feel like he’s working with freaking slash dude yeah i feel like maybe it’s him i feel like he’s right on this girl she’s yeah i mean i mean that’s a good question well if if he’s working with the other one like let’s just say that was the case so like he might probably

probably be trying to establish himself in like the new leaders like crew and making ji wu because ji wu and the slash face obviously they have a friggin beef against one each or each other i feel like i’m so skeptical of everyone right here we go i feel like i would have driven away it’s going to be very telling to see like where the trajectory of the story is going to go like how he responds to her if he even takes the call in the first place it’s like i didn’t see oh oh my gosh

yeah they’re gonna stop it’s like i want my lawyer i think regardless he recognized yeah you know that gun okay bullets okay she’s smart enough though yeah oh he didn’t even like trying check hers don’t be suspicious oh let’s see yeah i was like there’s no way she would make a mistake like that like i wonder if they get like a certain amount of bullets like given to them like at a time well it looks like they have to check them in and check them out yeah i know how the firearm laws work here oh

she’s gonna see like now we’re finally getting to that you’ve been trying to take him down for a long time which would kind of go with what i was thinking earlier yeah but they wouldn’t have taken him down the cops wouldn’t have taken him down they were trying to work their way up to him i mean it was a good plan that choi had a person on the inside or someone he worked with friend or yeah partner i said a rookie but then again it would have been like 20 something years ago or 18 years

ago or she’s getting a call like it helped you and then helps her he knows where that gun probably came from if he’s responsible for the death i’m gonna find out more information about that rookie i mean there’s obviously a connection with him that’s why he made it like he’s so obsessed with taking him out well why do you have this picture i mean was there a big a different meaning for were you part of it i mean other than just detective stuff you know if he puts together you know about the daughter that’d be

freaking crazy he’s like looking um yeah that’s where it is little hole drilled in right there did you all just see him do that so they obviously have someone in the inside to have been able to to do that in his hotel it’s got to be the guy who was driving her dad’s car that was always with him everything’s falling apart there is something else more than just like you’re trying to catch you know this guy like yeah it’s personal it feels personal it’s some connection to the rookie like whether he was like friends with

him he worked under him or whatever the case may be um he feels some responsibility for taking him out that’s why he’s obsessed with it you know kind of going back to what i thought if it was the driver who killed her dad under the order of troy he could have been there seen it and maybe he’s using that as evidence over him you know to have like his own little like mole in oh is this the drug yeah that’s what it does what the heck is that normal wow okay what are they doing he

looks so different now not just the scar obviously like it’s crazy is that them well it could also be g woo because didn’t she like use a motorcycle i don’t know who’s following somebody’s following but who’s he gonna be like in communication with he’s gonna find she’s gonna find the mole or the rat oh back over here it’s been a while oh dang oh here at this place place where it all happened started so that makes me think that he left like this gang shortly it’s interesting he was so like eager to like prove himself

to and like really losing the g woo like really him up obviously all the stuff that he did after the fact wow could he be working with the captain hmm no part of me doesn’t feel like it but yeah i feel like he’s just a separate like party involved in all this oh yeah it’d be somebody who’s more like you know kept in a lot of information about like you know choices it’s the guy that’s with him the guy who drove freaking g was then i think so bad oh my gosh mean i feel like

he’s dead anyway i feel like they’re all dead oh wow honestly you’re getting oh you’re getting a slash was like not that bad in the grand scheme of things it could have been worse power science reveals the truth were those like the pictures that he was holding in there oh what’s going on who are you gonna follow you’re gonna follow him i’m pretty sure he’s getting like information about like this attack that just happened on choi’s like you know recruitment place or whatever the hell you call it let’s see what is it about like the

gun is that the bullet what is this called ballistics yeah can i recover it like restore it that’s the guy who got his arm cut off uh it’s like memories i’m so in this episode i feel like we’re getting closer to piecing things together obviously uh the murder weapon for jiwoo’s father came back into play here she like explained to choi like what she was doing and how it’s gonna come back into like the equation and they mentioned that the murder weapon for her father was never found now we still think that it was choi

who at least gave the order uh to have him killed my thing though is i feel like the driver of like her father’s driver the one who’s always around with troy he probably is the one who pulled the trigger he’s probably the one who ditched the gun or gave it back and say like oh you know the the job’s done i finished the job but i also kind of feel like he might be the mole and maybe you know the captain saw him as he was leaving and maybe there was like that connection and how

that was set up because obviously there’s uh it’s not just ji wu who’s like infiltrating i feel like here there’s somebody else that’s obviously feeding information uh to the captain and it’s gotta be someone that’s close to him i threw out the possibility it might be slash dude but obviously that’s a little unrealistic yeah i don’t think it would be him he’s first of all he’s too like crazy and outlawed he’s doing his own thing and he’s like drawing too much attention like it wouldn’t be somebody who does and also goes in and just kills

a bunch of people like yeah he’s out for revenge i think the show is very underrated it’s really good it’s really like you know just the the whole piecing things together the character of g woo honestly there’s a lot of really really good characters uh in this just the way like the cinematography like you know i just think it’s so good um and more people should watch it alright well thank you so much for watching and if you haven’t already please don’t forget to subscribe hit the bell so you can stay notified for our future

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