Mystery at Camp Survival / Kid Book Review / The Boxcar Children Mysteries / Gertrude Warner

Hi everybody,
It’s me Jenisha Stanley again. Today I’m
going to review the book
‘The boxcar children book # 154;
Mystery at Camp Survival’. This
book was created by Gertrude Chandler
and illustrated by Anthony VanArsdale.
This book has 108 pages.
The children went to a camp called ‘Camp
Then they went on a hike with their
and then suddenly in the middle of their
the guide acted strangely, and
gone somewhere else leaving the children
Now they were all alone in
a forest. Now the kids have no
guide, but they do have a map.
It was a… it is a’ topographic map’.
A topographic map shows where things are
usual maps, and uses cool features.
Curvy lines mark hills,
blue spots mark lakes
and streams, the X marked the destination,
and white marked flat
land, and the important thing they had to
all by themselves. Thanks to the four
classes they took.
Benny – nature appreciation, Violet –
basket weaving and nodding, Jesse –
river fording and navigating, and
Henry – foraging.
Thanks to the… those classes, they got to
the destination
safely from where they were… all the way
up to

where they needed to be. Four
children were walking in the forest,
when they needed to cross a river Jesse
knew how to cross a river,
Violet had the right
knot called the ‘bow line’. Jessie asked
the strongest one, and it was the bow
Violet taught Jessie, and then she threw
it to the other side and tied it up nice
and strong,
and then Jesse crossed and then
Benny. When Benny and Violet were on the
something terrible was floating nearby.
A giant tree trunk with sharp branches,
which could rip the rope apart.
So Henry got Benny and his backpack
to the shore. Well, Jessie got violet
and her pack to the shore. Then
the other danger was only for Henry, when
they were
trying to get down a very steep hill.
They had to walk
sideways and then suddenly Henry tripped
over a rock and started rolling fast and
hurt himself. Violet brought an extra
white to…
kind of clean the blood off Henry, and
Henry spoke very softly, he could still
walk, but very slowly. What would the
children do
if they were hungry?. They wouldn’t go to
a store, because there are definitely
no stores in a forest.
But forests always have their own nature
everywhere. They could pick fruits
from bushes or trees, but not all of them
are safe to eat. Thanks to Henry.
With his foraging class, he
identified which fruits are safe to eat
and which aren’t safe to eat
using his booklet.
Then they picked the fruits and put them
in the baskets made by Violet. Then in
the night time
it would be very very cold, without the
warm sunshine.
So the children worked together to make
a campfire.
Henry did it and
they ate the fruits and made some tea
added honey from beehives, drank it
and slept under the stars.
Then on the last day when they reached
the destination,
Henry was like this… Oh no, where
is everybody.
They got scared. This is where the
children were,
and suddenly they heard a noise coming
from the sky,
and they saw a tiny yellow dot flying
around the sky,
and they noticed it was the camp owner’s
airplane, and then…
after the the camp owner
hopped out of the airplane including
grandfather and their cute dog ‘Watch’.
Then they took a ride
back and they went home with happiness
and joy, and told their grandfather all
that had happened to them in the camp.
So if you and other people are stuck
with you
somewhere, and you don’t know the way out,
don’t freak out. Use what you’ve learned,
just like the Alden’s children.
All you children go and read this story
entertain you and have fun, and also
this book has a sneak peek of the next
‘Book # 155; The Mystery of the Forgotten
and this book is so fun that, when I read
it for the…
boxcar children for the first time, it
entertained me so much
that I want to read the entire series.
There are more than 150 books. So
you go read all of them, have fun!!!

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