Naked Weapon (2002) | Movie Review | Hong Kong | Maggie Q, Daniel Wu, and sexy assassins

Young girls are kidnapped by an evil woman
who trains them to become sexy assassins.
But a CIA agent can destroy her organization
because he falls in love with the most dangerous
Will love set her free?
This is a silly and bad movie that is so bad
that it entertains with all the nonsense it
How about a very unsexy dance by Maggie Q?
She tries to perform a sexy dance with her
one and dead facial expression, and when she
takes off her panties, she has two yellow
stains on her nightgown that I’m certain
are urine stains!
You don’t have to have perfect eyesight
to see that!
What a dirty woman!
I would have demanded that she took a long
shower before she climbed into bed with me.
I can promise you that!
We get to see a comedic rape scene where the
woman who kidnapped the sexy assassins sedates
them and summons some men to rape them.
They no longer own their bodies, says their
cruel boss.
When the men who rape the sexy assassins are
done with their woman, they give each other
a high five and they have a delightful time
and continue to

rape the sexy assassins.
Seriously, what am I watching?
It oozes the early 2000s of Naked Weapon with
the slightly ugly cinematography and the messy
and confusing action scenes.
Especially the fight scenes are so bad and
silly that you sit and stare at all the ridiculous
ideas they thought of here.
I love the sequence where the sexy assassins
jump on the couch and start with dance moves
in the air.
It looks like a ballet show!
What the hell is this nonsense?
This is fucking shit!
The story is rubbish.
When they shot the movie, the script couldn’t
contain many pages.
The sexy assassins are sent out on some missions,
but the people they are going to kill have
zero personality.
Who are they?
What have they done wrong?
The movie doesn’t build up the missions
at all.
The assassins just show up, kill, leave, and
then they get a new mission.
The movie also serves us a terrible love story
from the deepest hell.
I like Daniel Wu, and you feel bad for the
man when he opens his mouth and says so many
silly things.
And he must pretend to be in love with a woman
without charisma, and who I think is clinically
dead and who has large urine stains on her
What a woman he has found!
And she can not dance either!
Maggie Q is a talentless actress.
She only has one facial expression, and it
seems like she took a Bruce Willis when he
lost his soul.
She has no charisma.
She is a lousy actress, and she is not attractive.
I don’t understand why she got a chance
in the movie industry.
And she walks around with a couple of urine
stains on her nightgown!
Woman, you disgust me!
This is a real garbage movie that I would
say has great entertainment value.
It’s disgustingly bad, but it caught my
interest and I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV screen.

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