what is up guys welcome back to my channel in 
today’s video i’m going to be reviewing the new  
natasha denona circoloco palette and this 
one has been a very very highly anticipated  
spring launch this year and i’m so excited to 
be able to try on in front of you guys i’m going  
to be doing a full zoomed in try on of the eye 
look that i created today i’m going to be doing  
swatches at the very end of the video so make 
sure you stick around for that and of course  
you will be getting my first impressions on the 
circoloco palette but before we get started in  
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get to it alright so to start the review i want to  
point out just how beautiful this packaging is 
i love the theme i like the whole circus idea  
and i don’t know i think this is just really fun 
and exciting packaging i think it’s very natasha  
denona definitely one of the funner packaging that 
they’ve had on these kinds of palettes it’s really  
cute well let’s go ahead and get to the good stuff 

/> shall we gonna open her up to reveal a beautiful  
assortment of brightly colored shadows and 
in this palette they included of course their  
creamy creamy foils that they’re really really 
well known for they’re magnificent they included  
some mattes in here this orange right here is 
a matte purple up here as a matte the bright  
pink is a matte which i’m very excited about and 
the cotton pink as well as the aquamarine blue  
are mattes and all the other ones are foils or 
they’re satin finish eyeshadows i don’t know if  
you can really tell but i had so much uh fallout 
when i was trying to work with this aqua blue  
shadow that i try to apply kind of in the inner 
corners it was a mess it was so messy and um  
i’m gonna get into that a little bit later but 
right now just by the look of it like you can tell  
spring is coming spring is here actually by the 
look of this palette i don’t know i think it’s  
really exciting so let’s get into some swatches 
let’s swatch the bright aqua blue and like  
i don’t know the pigmentation on my finger it 
looks good but i feel like we have to see how  
it blends because the fallout on this color 
is serious i really want to swatch the matte  
orange that one’s giving me like full full 
full pigmentation i’m definitely going to  
swatch the blue totally i want to swatch 
that gold this gold would be a very pretty  
kind of inner corner shade but check this out 
i’m getting really good color payoff right here  
on my fingertips but we’re going to have to 
swatch it and see how it goes test it out
i just applied hand lotion so i don’t know if that 
messed with my swatches but i mean still you can  
see that the aqua blue is like not showing up like 
whatsoever in comparison to what it looks like on  
the palette here see a little bit of that gold 
is definitely coming through which is honestly  
to me no surprise because natasha denona foil 
shadows are the best natasha denona is known  
for her foil shadows on her palettes orange 
is okay didn’t really blend in that nicely  
blue is popping i love the blue that looks like 
pory and lastly i got a little bit more of that  
gold right there foils are amazing but i think 
it’s the matte shadows that might be a problem  
in the palette so i will have live swatches 
at the very end of the video um and i will be  
using the nars radiant creamy concealer as the 
base for my swatches so if you’re interested in  
seeing how each and every one of these colors 
blends then that’s going to be at the very very  
tippy end of the video what’s funny is that i 
did find a review on the sephora website the  
person that reviewed this gave the circoloco 
palette four stars what she wrote was that it  
was gorgeous this palette is a beauty pen sizes 
are huge the matte and shimmer shade formulas  
don’t feel consistent that’s my only complaint 
some are a bit chalky i really need to be layered  
to get the right intensity yes girl i agree 
otherwise it’s beautiful and i can’t wait  
to play around with it yeah and like person i 
wrote that review i feel exactly the same the  
mattes are not very consistent i wish that they 
would have made the matte shades on here the same  
formula because i don’t know as you will 
be seeing here shortly i had difficulties  
with the application of some of these shadows so 
without further ado let’s go ahead and jump into  
our application and based on that you can make 
your own decision about the circoloco palette  
let’s go so to start off the look i’m going to 
be using the shade fun tomime and i’m going to  
be using the flat end of my anastasia beverly 
hills brush and we’re just going to start packing  
i do have to say i’m getting a lot of fallout 
from some tomime it’s not a lot of fun it’s  
one of the prettiest shades in the palette 
because it’s so bright but man this fallout is
serious it’s a pretty color i 
just wish it was more like oof
so this is my second layer of fun tamim and i do 
have to say i’m having quite a bit of difficulty  
trying to get this color to show up as brightly 
as i did on this side this took like i don’t know  
four or five layers i don’t know 
what to tell you i wasn’t counting
so i’m just gonna leave it like this for now 
and next up i’m going to be picking up the shade  
flip using my fingertips gonna dig in there lots 
of pigmentation we love that oh it feels so creamy  
that’s the thing about natasha denona foils 
is that they’re so like creamy and pigmented  
and if you swatch them like 
check this out yes honey bright  
i’m going to fall out shoot hold on 
i need to hurry and pack this down
okay i think i want to add maybe another 
layer i want to get a nice and bright
i’m going to go back to my stila brush and without 
picking up any more product i’m just going gonna  
try to diffuse this blend the two colors together 
which i’m finding to be pretty difficult not gonna  
lie okay so that worked a little bit i’m just 
gonna pick up a little bit more and do like  
a dab i’m gonna go back to 
my brush use the flat side
okay we’re gonna leave it for now i’m 
gonna pause and just so you guys can see  
just how much of a mess this shade is doing it’s 
like not really fun but anyways next i’m going to  
pick up the shade act hiccup quite a bit and 
i’m going to start really low on my eyelid  
like way down here it’s really starting to pack 
that intensity down here at the bottom first
so i’m going to fix it and blend it out in just a 
moment but without picking up any more product i’m  
just going to try to smudge it into the color 
flip just wiggle back and forth so the shade  
act here this dark purple is showing up really 
nicely but i am having a little bit of difficulty  
trying to get flipped to be like a very luscious 
foil i feel like that might have been because i  
applied too much of this satin shade fun to me 
and it’s sitting under flip which is kind of  
you know not letting flip which is the 
middle foil be like its greatest self so  
man this aquamarine color is like 
making my life so miserable right now  
okay so that’s a little bit better i kind of want 
this middle shade to be like the dominant shade  
i’m gonna go back to my y22 just blend those edges 
out i’m gonna do my best to brighten fun tomime
i’m going to go into a tinier smudging brush
i’m going to pack on a little bit more of the 
purple i want it to be like purple purple kind  
of how it’s showing up on this side all right so 
for the bottom i’m going to pick up a very very  
teeny teeny tiny little brush and i’m going to 
pick up on tommy using this brush i’m going to  
use the blue also kind of like my inner corner 
highlight this fun tamim shade is so difficult  
to work with to blend funtamim into 
joker i’m going to be using the shade  
cotton candy oh wow she’s pigmented i 
don’t think cotton candy is the same  
formula as fun fun i mean definitely 
not because it’s going on way easier  
and now i’m just gonna be using a smudging 
brush and i’ll be picking up the shade joker
i’m gonna pick up the smudging brush and 
i’m gonna blend cotton candy into joker  
now i’m gonna go back to my small smudging 
brush i’m gonna pick up act that’s gonna go  
right here i’m gonna pack her down
backpack and go back to the smudging brush because 
i want to make sure that the pink doesn’t get lost
i’m just going to pick up a fluffy morphe 
brush that’s still a little bit flat
diffuse the bottom just like that for 
my waterline i’m going to be using  
my nyx cosmetics retractable 
eyeliner in the shade white
next up for my liquid eyeliner i’m going to 
be using the nyx cosmetics matte liquid liner
for mascara i’m going to be doing 
a light coat using my pat mcgrath  
fetish ice mascara and to top it all off 
i’m going to be using ardell demi wispies  
all right guys so check it out this is 
my final result using the natasha denona  
circoloco eyeshadow palette and as you saw 
i had some difficulty with some colors but  
overall i feel like this is a beautiful concept i 
adore all of the colors in this palette they’re so  
fun and vibrant and you can really step outside of 
your comfort zone and create something beautiful  
something fun like this but just something that 
i wanted to show you guys that you could do with  
this palette i would say this palette is good for 
someone whose artistry skills are more advanced  
just because of how difficult it was to blend some 
colors together and to really get them to um be  
their most vibrant selves just like the aqua blue 
color right here that took i don’t know maybe like  
five layers to get it to look like this it was 
a challenge but like i said i just feel so so  
so happy that i was able to achieve my vision but 
um it was hard but we made it to the finish line  
yes we did and that does it for this video 
my friends thank you so much for watching  
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