Natasha Denona Retro Glam Review and swatches

hey guys so I’m so excited today’s video is a huge video it is finally the review of the Natasha denona retro Glam every time I say it I want to just say retro because I feel like this was retro right this was what retro should have been but it’s the Retro Glam this is her brand new palette you guys know that I’ve been waiting for this to come out I think we’ve been waiting for this to come out for three years and I’m very excited to have finally got it in the mail I’ve been waiting

for this package very patiently and it’s finally here so I’m gonna go ahead and Swatch this for you guys do this eye look give you guys a quick first impression of my thoughts on the palette of course you guys know I will be doing a five day challenge where I’ll be using this for five days straight to give it to you guys straight I will get that to you as soon as possible because I know that this is on many of you guys’s wish list for Christmas so let’s go ahead let’s not waste too much

time let’s jump into the video and let’s get into it alright guys so first thing let’s show you the palette so this is what it looks like this is a beautiful palette

I really wish that you guys can see like you can’t you can’t appreciate it you cannot appreciate this this is absolutely stunning this is like a very light pink and then it goes into a sage green these are my favorite colors in the world like I could display this in my bookshelf and I would be in love with it because it’s like my colors

I love it I think it’s beautiful the inside looks just like this and the colors are also spectacular I also think I actually think that in person this looks a lot more green and a little bit more impressive than it does on camera so I would recommend if you’re questioning it see it in Sephora first before you make your final decision because I do think that it has a prettier looking person then I can probably even show you on camera has the nice mirror this is the midi size so it runs you 65 US dollars

I believe that’s how much it is and yeah that’s what it is this is the second part to her original retro it kind of came out like a burgundy palette a lot of people were like what is is going on here that’s not Retro Retro should be green she listened to her audience and she said okay we’re gonna do part two this is part two and it’s green and it’s everything I think we dreamed about at least I did so I’m gonna go ahead and Swatch this I already tried it on my eyes I already

have thoughts for you but I know a lot of you guys love to see the swatches because you want to see what this looks like and I will talk about the colors go ahead and get a napkin ready to take it off my hand all right so the first one is right up here and it’s called marlin and then we’ll go to Evergreen and then we’ll go to Oscar so these are the three first shades so Marlin is a beautiful very pretty it’s like a sage metallic than Evergreen is actually a truer green it is

a little bit deeper than I thought I thought it was going to be a little bit more like green green I’m happy that it’s not as green as I thought and then this one that’s like a little bit like a champagne brownish little hint of like taupe in it that is I mean the first three colors guys are like I love the first three colors I think they’re gorgeous and even in the pan I don’t think you can appreciate how beautiful those three colors are okay so let’s move on next one is Jazzy there’s Flair

and a really cool color called Fey so these are the next three I don’t know that reminds me of Christmas I don’t know it looks like Christmas on my fingers so the first one here look at that that is like a very typical brownish metallic but what I like about this one is it’s not so shiny that I do feel like you could use it in the crease and it won’t be like exaggerated then there’s this one so this was a kind of wild card it’s a metallicky pink but it’s not like it’s like a

metallicky pink I guess shade I kind of like it because it’s not like a real pink then we have this one so this is really cool so this is where we get into like the transition Shades that are taupe but they have like this greenish undertone I am so happy that they’re more like this than a real taupe I was kind of scared that they were going to be like a real taupe and they were going to be missing that green that I think is needed in a green palette you know so I’m very happy

I actually think that it’s a very pretty color this color here it’s a beautiful transitional shade and I do use it in today’s video then we have Fringe this color right here so the these are like a little bit more the brighter colors are in the center if you guys can see like these three I believe to be like the brightest like metallics so Fringe is a sage green it does look like a true sage green this is the color that I am wearing on my dress today and it’s a color that I love on

my eyes I don’t love it as much as I like it like in clothing and stuff but I do think mixed correctly it could be really really pretty then we have this baby pink this one is kind of like a Dusty Rose um a little bit more on the pinky side I wish it was more Peach I thought there was a chance it was going to go a little bit on the pink side and it did so then there’s this one that actually has a little bit of like a bluish undertone to it so this

is another transitional shade I’ll be honest these three that I just swatched right now are my least favorite Shades in the palette I do think that they made the palette look aesthetically pleasing but I could have gone with a little bit of more boring Shades to be honest that I think would have complemented like a green palette a little bit more then we have mac see we have Oz it’s really cool and then we have Belle so these are the next three I actually do like the next three I think they’re very pretty this one

is a really cool shade I don’t think that it’s like so different from the shade above it is different it’s just not so different then we’ve got Oz which is really really pretty it’s a little bit of a more subtle metallic than some of the other ones this one that is called Bell now I like this one because it has a Rosier tone than this one this one has more of like that dusty rose color than this one this one went a little bit more baby pink so I like this color better I like that

color better so the last three that I just watched I like better than the three before it then we’ve got the final three colors which are also so pretty okay in the pan you can appreciate these so this one here is called palette Palladium or something like that it’s a really cool like accent shade has like this greenish undertone it’s just it’s really pretty then this one this one shocked me so this one you guys will see it’s called Lucy when I used it I didn’t expect for it to show up so much on my

skin tone you can’t even really see it there but it does this beautiful like accent to the eye I really loved it it has a really soft green hint to it and then this one is incredibly gorgeous it reminds me of the Patrick tall like topper Glitters that they kind of just like fall everywhere we saw a similar one in I think it was mini retro I love this I also think it’s a little bit of a more improved formula those Glitters like really really stand out so this rounds out the palette I think it’s

gorgeous I do think it looks similar to what I thought it was going to look like only I thought it was going to lean a little Peacher and it did end up leaning a little bit more pink but on a pretty pink scale because they’re a little bit more Dusty pinks and they’re not like real pink pinks which I can’t stand so I do like the pinks in here do I wish they were a little bit more peachy-ass I do I will tell you Natasha denona’s like crazy metallic like formula that kind of like melts

in your fingers I didn’t see any in here if you guys notice that let me know if you thought the same I feel like it was more of like the standard metallics maybe the first one is the closest I can see to it um the rest of the metallics are more like a satiny metallic especially like these two here this is the creamiest one and this this one you know like there’s like three but like that real like Circle Loco um cream metallic that just like Glides for 10 100 years I don’t think it was

really in this palette but that’s okay because I do think the formulas are beautiful and I like the eye look like I really think it came out really really gorgeous so let me Zoom you guys in let’s create this eye look I’ll give you guys final thoughts in one second all right it is time yes yes look who’s here retro Glam I know I’m kind of late to the party I think a lot of people probably already have their reviews and everything up but guess what I just sliders get to back I just got the

palette right now so this just came in the mail from Sephora it ran late you know we had um a hurricane come by Florida super late in the season and yeah now it’s here so anyways so let’s do a look I’m very excited you guys know I’ll be doing a five day challenge with this very very soon but today we’re just gonna play with a few of the colors and get an idea of the quality let’s do oh my God and somebody’s cut and they’re cutting the grass they’re cutting the grass Lucy let’s put that

in the crease let’s see if this does anything this might be the same color as my skin does it show up actually it does and it kind of has a really cool greenish undertone to it okay so I have only put on one shade in this palette and I think I already love it okay so I’m gonna grab the color fade which is right next door and I’m gonna also put that on okay I think I’m gonna grab a little bit of Evergreen and I’m just gonna deepen out but I love these two colors together

but I’m going to tell you the truth right now I want to just put Oscar right here and put a wing and be done with it and I think it’d be like beautiful but I’m gonna keep on going just to dramaticize this a little bit because today purpose is to try a bunch of colors so I’m gonna do a little deepening with Evergreen see what this color looks like it is a real Evergreen color I’m so sorry if you guys hear the lawn but if I don’t film this right now I won’t get it done

I’m just gonna run some Evergreen under the lower lash line I think what I’ll do is I’ll grab a little bit of this color called Oz I kind of want to see what this one looks like and put it here it’s a little dull one’s a little bit more dull than I wanted let’s grab Marlin see how that one looks what’s the difference okay so Marlin’s just a little bit dark lighter and this one oz is just a little darker okay so I’m gonna grab flutter because I’m dying to put my finger in this one

that’s so freaking pretty oh I love this one oh I love that oh God I love that I mean like that is just gorgeous like that’s so pretty the lawnmower just turned off sounds great oh wow okay loving I think we’re done I would finish the look just like this but let’s play with some more colors I want to grab into Holly or holy Holly and like put that in the inner corner see what color this comes out to be okay so it is a little bit more pink than it was Peach I wish it

was more peachy but that’s okay let’s grab this color called Paladin pallidian I don’t know what it says let’s put that in the inner that’s pretty oh I like it let me tightline my whole bottom with Jazzy and that is what it looks like oh my goodness let me put some liner mascara I and here we go here is the finished eye look what do you think what are your thoughts I kind of think this looks pretty I’m really liking this right now so for my lips I’m using Christian audet’s company card with um Natasha

denona’s new lip gloss and Natasha I like the color combination and I love the eye look okay let’s get into some final thoughts okay so you guys saw the look and I just want to jump into the final thoughts of what I think of this palette like I really like it okay so I know I said in the beginning that there wasn’t that that like really creamy crazy metallic formula from Natasha I really like that formula but I’ll be honest it’s not the most easy to use like it kind of like transfers a lot so

these in my opinion are more Universal easy to use metallics I also love the color combinations I will tell you today’s look it’s a little bit more dramatic right I didn’t go too crazy but it’s a little bit more dramatic I do feel like this palette is gonna give you those like easy everyday looks so in my five day challenge I will be including some of those just to make sure that we can do easy every day we can do dramatic let’s see how far we can take this palette we’re gonna take it as far

as we can in the five day challenge but just like based off of color story and what I’m looking at right here I do think that there is going to be some variation here I like that I could stick into like more of like the darker green I mean that not like going into the hunters but I could stay in like this area and maybe even add like these colors here and I’m not going into this brighter green area which I know that some people don’t like to go on the bright green side they like

to go more on like the hunters and the Dusky sides I feel like I could stay I think I could stay a little Dusky with this I’m gonna practice and I’m gonna play with that but I do think where this really takes you a lot is into the more green greens you know like you’re gonna get brighter green Lids um I personally like the Dusky side of Green a little bit more than I like the brighter side I still think it’s really pretty I think that these metallic pinks are really really nice I I do

like the selection of mattes I do think however that there was a few little mats that I could have I could have done without like I didn’t need this bright pink I could have just had this one alone and maybe this could have been a different different maybe Dusky or green you know when the same thing goes for these two metallics right here that are very similar in tone like they’re just they’re not that different in color that when I put them on the lid I know they’re going to look very very close so there

was some colors in here that I do feel like are a little bit repetitive at least two of them in my opinion and I also think that this green Evergreen it’s beautiful I just wish it was a little bit duskier I wish it was a little bit deeper richer so it’s a beautiful palette I do really like it I think I’m going to use it a lot I do think a lot of people are going to be happy and I do think that this is good for retro glam but I’m going to put a Twist

on this and say I think that we should have a more dramatic version of retro Glam I think that this palette right here is like the light side but I want them on the Dusky side I want the hunter greens I think that that would be a really cool compliment to this palette like this could be like the lighter one and then I want to see the dark one like I want to see the old school Bobby Brown greens with the Browns I think that would be beautiful even in even incorporating some Golds and and

Champagnes I think I think would be gorgeous but anyways sticking to this palette it’s gorgeous it’s beautiful I do think a lot of people are gonna love it I think we’re gonna get some really pretty eye looks I actually think this is even going to be a better spring palette than it is for holiday but it’s better to release it in the holiday but I do think that this is going to be used a lot by a lot of us going into the spring into the summer and yeah you could do some holiday looks with

it as well especially some of these glittery shades are absolutely stunning so I like it a lot I think it’s very very pretty and I do think that it was worth the wait so I want to know from you guys right now do you love this palette have you tried it at home what are your complaints obviously this was a very anticipated palette so I’m expecting that there’s going to be some people out there that are going to have complaints anytime something so highly waited for there’s always going to be something that everybody feels like

it’s left out from it but I think she did an overall good job so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the video look out for the five day challenge where I’ll be really diving deep into this palette and really finding its imperfections or its strengths so I’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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