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We are not going to review a movie today, its ‘Navarasa’ series released in Netflix
First episode is ‘Ethiri’
I don’t have much to say in this episode
I like both Revathi and Vijay Sethupathi, so watched this episode
This episode is about a person taking an action without thinking and then feeling about it later
Vijay Sethupathi is performing an act without thinking
How he and his family is suffering
Also, he couldn’t stop thinking about the victim’s family
On the other side, showing the struggle of Revathi
They have handled the emotions very well
This is not a movie, it is a small episode
They have shown justice to the episode and covered as much emotions as possible
Second episode is ‘Summer of 92’
This episode will be good
If our society starts to belittle someone it keeps on doing the same until he achieves something
But focus is not that, comedy is the focus here
It’s not like laughing out loud but its good and entertaining
What I took out of this episode is, how our society has to look
Both society and school treats someone success only if he studies well
How about a person who doesn’t want to study is struggling in

this society?
This is what I perceived from this episode
Even though we have comedy as main focus, the perspective has to change
The student who couldn’t study, always a back bencher
Quits the school and achieves with his talent and it is the crux of this episode
Education is not important for someone to be successful
If he does anything which he is interested in, his interest & passion can make him successful
Third episode is ‘Project Agni’
In my opinion, it is ‘the best episode’
Even in n my opinion, it is ‘the best episode’
If you have habit of watching Hollywood movie, you will like this movie
It is like Hollywood movie; they will speak in English most of the time
If you don’t watch English movie often, watch this episode with subtitle
You will feel like watched a movie in half an hour
Some movies if we watch for the first time, we won’t be able to understand it
If we try to watch it second or third time, and try to understand it, we will include it in our favourite list
This episode is also similar to it
If you don’t understand it for the first time, try to watch it second time with subtitles, it is worth watching until you understand
If you like inception kind of movies, you will like this episode
Because you will be able to absorb the concept and visualize it
Even in this episode when Aravindswamy explains, it will not be presented in the screen
But if you start visualizing them, you will really like this episode, can literally enjoy it
Fourth episode is ‘Payasam’
We would have met at-least one jealous person in our life
There are lot of people who will feel that others should not live happily even if they are not happy
This episode is around similar character
There is a proverb ‘Keep yourself away from the evil’
In my opinion, a jealous person is the evilest person
It is good to keep yourself away from the jealous person which is good for both of them
This episode is about Jealousy
In my opinion, this episode is a success
At some point, viewers will might get angry or feel disgusting
We will think why they are doing like this or even get irritated
If you have such thoughts, then it’s a huge success for the actor Delhi Ganesh and for the director
Fifth episode is ‘Peace’
No comments
A person who lost or suffered doesn’t want someone to experience the same, what he does for that is this episode
I don’t know how to explain this without revealing the story, because one small act is the episode
Sixth episode is ‘Rowthiram’
It is a routine story
There is a character in this story, which has less brain given her age and experience
Does not think about situation or reason behind, not even think how a victim could have felt it, and not have maturity to think all of this
We will feel awful about the mom character in this episode
We will feel that if she didn’t give birth to her daughter her life would have been better
Whether they are showing anger in this episode or not
If we watch that, we will definitely get angry
Seventh episode is ‘Inmai’
At the beginning we won’t be able to understand what is happening
As it continues, it will be good
There is a proverb ‘He who sows the seed will reap the harvest’
Please watch for yourself and know what it means
In my opinion, it is my second ‘the best episode’
They have taken this episode differently, looks beautiful like a movie
Even if its shorter, its crisp like a movie
The episode travels in a supernatural way, nothing to be scared, watch and enjoy
Eighth episode is ‘Thunintha Pin’
No comments for this episode as well
A coward who gets scared at every stage
Does one act bravely and after that he is scared every second to do one job is this episode
Finally, did he bring the courage to do is job or not is this episode
Ninth episode is ‘Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru’
Actually, in a love story we will feel happy if the couple is united and will feel bad if they are separated
In my opinion, I felt the opposite in this episode
I couldn’t understand why they took it separately as an episode
It would have been suit better if they have attached this 10 minute in varanam ayiram movie
Not everyone will like this episode
I was not impressed with this episode, may be kids going to school or college might like it
I have no comments in this episode
In Navarasa, how I felt Agni as the best, this episode is quite opposite
The emotions in Navarasa series will be received differently by each person
We watched the emotions which we liked and enjoyed
Similarly, you watch the emotions you liked and enjoy this series

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