Nebraska vs. Oklahoma | Postgame Press Conference

I think they’re going to be okay, because they don’t They don’t have to. They don’t have to hold on to this. This this loss. This is on me, and I told him that I told him that is my job to get them better. And we got to, we will get them better. What can you do? And what will you do over the by weak? How can you do real work? More more. Drill work. More bump combo more 907. More turnover drills, More drill work, more drill work, less teamwork. Because the team is not going to

the teamwork don’t matter if the individual work is no good. How do you feel right out internal for the first time in Felt good until we told them to the game starter. According to plan started fast. We’ve got to be more consistent, though. I got to get them to be more consistent. The opening drive. Well like I said, we gotta. We gotta look at some more players. We gotta look at the roster and see who can help us and we got to work and we got to work. Some fundamentals. We gotta clean up some fundamentals.

Consider any changes above the player level. No no, I can’t see that right now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to see that tomorrow, but I can’t see that right now.

Good mention earlier this week. The integrity is the biggest issue with the run defense. After today’s game Like you feel the same way or there are other aspects of the run defense that will be hard to change or have to change to be in our gap, and we got to tackle Simple to be in your gap. You gotta tackle and it wasn’t there today.

You You mentioned giving them confidence, injecting that into them. I just You know it only the momentum that you had only lasted a couple of series that as a result of What? You worked on them with them on during the week leading up to this, they started out fast, and I got to get him to be consistent with it and come back and do it again. Take one more coat. Hmm Was this for you go through the game. Decisions and all that always gave me different. How is different? You know it’s different from being a

receiver coach to running the whole show. You know, Like I said, this is on me, and I got to get better as a head coach. Thank you. Thank you. To bring a couple of players in here shortly. We’ll just be in here. Today. It’s just a broad question. What’s this week? Been like for you? You didn’t get to play in last week’s game you did. And this week there was this whole week been like Yeah. I mean, it’s definitely been a challenging week. I mean, all of a lot of players that were here of Coach

Frost sat in our living room and recruited us. So we believed in him and you know, and now we really believe in coach Joseph and what he’s doing so Yeah, but it’s been a tough week, but I’m Thank you guys did a good job of sticking together. Played Oklahoma 23 16 last year. How much different is that team from from from when you last played them And how much different are you guys? Yeah I mean, we gotta We gotta watch film and see. I mean, obviously it was It was tough out there today, but we

got to use the spy weekend. Get better and work on things that coach Joseph is preaching and Continue to buy it and believe Think about Oklahoma that impressive. What are you trying to do Anything about Oklahoma that jumped out of you. I mean, they’ve They do a good job, getting their skill players the ball in space, and they have really good athletes. What has been like this week with Um, I think Coach Joseph did incredible job all week. Really? Uh, You know players were the ones playing the game on Saturday, so we gotta buy into

what he says, and continue to Continue to work and believe in him, and I know this team believes in him. Yeah cause I just kept saying it’s time. And the losses on the head coach. How does that strike you as a captain? And what is your message to your I mean, I say that we’re the ones out there were playing. You know what I mean? Coaches can only do so much and whatever whatever they say we’re going to buy it and believe which we need to continue to do as a team, But I mean, we’re

the ones playing. Was his message. Buying believe what he says and he’s going to get it right. And we all believe that he will. You played in one game, then got to watch two and then play it again today. What do you think is wrong with the run? I mean, I don’t know. I don’t want to point fingers, but it’s on all of us. At this point. I’m a I’m a captain Garrett’s captains on us to You know, fix it, frankly so We’re going to keep working on it. Is it? Is it more one thing

then another is it gap integrity and tackling one of those more important you think than the other. I think they’re both very important. Getting hats for the rock. It was just so weak. You were pointed toward coming back all along. What was kind of the timetable there once after this happened, those this was pretty much always the timetable and my goal. Probably really so I could have came back, so I’m glad I could come back this week. Be out there with my brothers. No, that’s cool. Let’s go. Correlation if any , do you see between

losing your coach emotions that come with that? Yeah I mean , like I said it was. It was a tough week for everyone. You know what I mean? Lot of changes and But I mean, we like said we earlier we believe in coach Joseph and we believe in this team, so we’re going to keep working week be well timed for you guys just emotionally. Yeah. I mean, I think it’s a It’s a good just where you know work on what we need to work on as a team and Obviously emotionally and That continue to Like

believing Coach Joseph which we all do. One of the guys menu. That’s what are you seeing to your eyes? Never quit. Don’t quit. You know what I mean? I mean, frankly, if Yeah. I know there’s no quitters on that side of the ball. We’re going to keep working to get it right. Thank you. Questions from our. Miles I think you’re gathered pretty confident at the end of fall camp. What’s not clicking right now? So far for this, DJ? Um I want to say anything is not clicking. It’s just People doing their assignments. We gotta do

our jobs. That’s all. It’s a couple players I should have made Dean. He’s gotta keep doing our jobs. Next play next play mentality this week like What was this week? Like for you, As you all know, this week was pretty tough, but I mean, we can We had a good week of practice. We just just got to go out on the field and perform on the weekend, you know? We have a great weekend practice because we was good. You guys feel at the start coming out before the game and maybe through the first couple of

possessions when you want to. Um It felt it felt like it was going that way. I would say that it felt like it was going out with it felt like it was going away and halftime. We just You gotta keep playing man Ain’t nothing I can really tell you, but other than that’s keep playing like you’re gonna ask me all these questions. I really don’t want to answer. But at the end of the day, y’all not in here with us, not at practice with us, So it’s just we gotta keep playing football, Basically. What What

do you What would you like to see fixed about the run defense right away. Um, we gotta make the tackle. That’s it. We just gotta make a taco. I’m not gonna tell y’all what we gotta do in house for real. But at the end of the day we got a taco. Like that guy better this week. I mean, cultures have said you guys tackled war We did. We had more. One on one periods. Ones on ones. We have much live periods. It’s not gonna happen overnight. You know? We’ve been tagging off for four years. In

there. With y’all. What do you want to say to People who. In there . Don’t see what you see. What is your message to them? Right now? There is no message. You’re not in here with us. What I wanna know for You’re gonna see what happens on Saturday. We just got to come to work. That’s all. Mickey bring to the table as a head coach. He came in here and kind of put it all on himself. Mm hmm. What? What What is he brought to the locker room is taken over. Uh, Energy. Energy He’s very

enthusiastic. He keeps us upbeat. You might be down. Coachman is going to come. He’s gonna say something here and It’s gonna be like it never happened. Whatever you did wrong. It’s gonna be like it never happened. You know so cosmic. He brings very upbeat moods and stuff like that, you know, so. It’s never. It’s never a down moment with coach Mick and that’s that’s what I love about him. Did you guys react to him saying Coffee said it in there, But he said that here and there This was this was on him. It was his

his responsibility today. I mean, That’s where he’s supposed to say. As a team. We all know it’s not on him. He’s not on the field playing, you know, so It wasn’t on coach meat. I know he wanted to say that and That’s what he wanted to give the message to. He wanted to give you all that message. But as a team we know it’s on us. What can you guys do over a bye week to get better, and you look at the measurement correct. The number of practice. Got to practice fundamentals. We’re gonna start from

ground zero. We’re gonna practice. You guys together ? I mean, you gotta games left. You guys were down. How do you keep I mean, At the end of the day, if you if you’re going down at this point, you ain’t meant to play football. Football is football dog. You win some, you lose song. You gotta keep playing. You gotta keep your head up, and that’s what we showed today. We gotta keep our head up. Keep playing. More miles. Don’t play at full speed on defense during practice. Does that make it harder to figure the angles

on stopping up running back coming? Um Justin. That’s That’s where every defense you know we have scout periods. The scouts can’t get the same looks at the real offensive playing again. It’s gonna look That’s why the scouts, you know is up to you to play full speed and practice and they’re gonna play full speed in the game. We’ll talk to figure the angles on up. What’s that? That’s that’s football. That’s football, sir. Everybody runs different. Everybody moves different. You might have to do it. That’s very elusive. You may have to do it that’s trying to

run through your mouth. You gotta make the taco. That’s what coming playing DVDs coming playing defense. Thank you. Thank you. Questions. It’s the moon and wire right now. Um. Obviously you know, we’re upset with the results. You know, you guys are excited because we know we can prove every day we can improve each week. Got a bye week coming up. Um, you know, we’re gonna practice hotels off. We’re gonna work to get better each day. And you know, we’re gonna We’re gonna pound the details of technique with everything we do, You know, just to just

make this team you know about the team each day, so guys You guys are obviously upset with, you know the results of the game. But guys are excited to, um you know, we’ve We’ve got a lot of opportunity in front of us. Um I know this team. You know, we’re going to stay together. Um you know, guys love each other guys love playing here, so we’re really excited. But what may be Did Oklahoma do the data to confuse you guys? Or maybe overwhelmed me A few? Yeah You know Oklahoma’s great football team. Um I think

we all know that. Um you know, they’ve got great athletes Big, You know, big dudes. Great defensive backs . Um, guys, guys, you know, they’re looping on defense. They’re doing all different coverages. You know? Um so I don’t I don’t think we’re you know, crazy, confused, but obviously, you know, it’s a great defense. You know, Coach Venables. Clemson You know, we watched so much film on them and just their defense is, you know it’s a different every play, so that can be tough. But, you know, you know, Oklahoma is a great football team. I give

all credit to him. Did you manage just the emotions of the weekend that your dad is on the coaching staff, your relationship with everything that’s happening? Yeah You know it was a mix a mix of emotions, You know, obviously we all love Coach trust. You know, he did a great job here. I love him. He was a father figure for me, but you know , it’s a business and, you know, personally, I know that with my dad being a coach, um you know, we moved multiple times and you know , firings happen and stuff. It’s

a business so You know, we obviously were upset, but we got to move on. Um you know, Coach Mickey is a great coach. Great Dude. I love him to death. I’m glad he’s in our football team. And, you know, I just can’t wait for the future of football program. How did you react? They’re not possible. Yeah, um. You know it. It’s an all him were the players. Um, that’s that’s kind of how how we look at it. Um you know, we don’t point fingers in the locker room, you know, on the field and stuff. Um

so you know, he can say that he’s a coach. He’s supposed to say that, but we all know you know where the players were the ones out there making plays. Um you know, we’re the ones out there, you know, playing each down, so it so it’s on us, and we’ll take responsibility for that. Okay Primary Captain. Captain of the offense. What would you like to see the unit? Just the whole unit get better at this week after that game, um, you know, like I said before technique, you know, working drills really hammering down on footwork.

Um, you know, just running drills to help us, you know, on Saturdays. Um you know, I think we moved. We moved the ball. Well, I really do. And I think we can continue to move the ball. Well, um you know, we just got to put the thing and put the but put them together. And um, you know, I’m super excited for the opportunities we have in the future, and we’re any better of this. Bye week. We’re gonna We’re gonna pounded hard in practice, and we’re gonna get better each day when you’re behind the chains on

the first play of the drive to make that up a number of situations where you lost four. What’s next or whatever. How hard is it? To recoup that against the defense like that. Yeah You know, it’s tough. You know, Oklahoma is a great defense. Like I said before, but, you know Um, we in the sense of a way where, you know, we practice being in those situations, Um, you know, multiple times, so we’re ready for it when it happens, Um And, uh, you know, it is what it is. You know, if we start behind the

chains and each drive, we’re just kinda as an offense have to work our way out of it. How hard was it for you after the opener and getting hurt? Just see it the last two games and watch things go the way they did. Yeah It was not fun. Um you know, being hurt sucks. Um you know, especially with this being my last year, you know, I want to take every chance I get to be on the field, um, to go out there and play my heart out and be around these guys, I love this team.

I love this group of guys. You know this relationships I have with these guys is unbelievable. Um you know, it’s it sucks, but, you know, I’m back. You know, I’m healthy. Um and I’m ready to work over by. We can get back out there. There was talk, You know, Let’s travel and making this week about Clean slate. Fresh start and, you know, a new voice was said. Do you feel like this team needed that? Um, you know Yeah, You know, Coach Mickey, you know, said we started zero and zero with him being the coach. Um

and I think that’s good for us. You know, we took away the Blackshirts. We did new stuff like that Coach make you change the schedule up a little bit, and I think that’s good for us. Guys are adapting well, and guys are you know we’re just Today’s stunk. Obviously we’re just super excited for this by we can to get back out there and just Have another opportunity to be out there with the guys. That’s something that I’m looking forward to. So Everything else. Big challenge played his first action. You know, our quarterbacks are awesome .

Great dudes. Super happy for Cioaba, You know, great , great, dude. And, uh, you know, I was happy. He played well. Mobility is interesting. So how does that maybe change what you guys are thinking about his blockers and his receivers can kind of do what he does . You know, he likes to run. You know, He’s a fast, dude. Um so you know, he’s athletic, um, can run outside the pocket and stuff like that. So you know, just when we’re blocking, you know, we need to make sure that we’re staying on blocks longer. I think

it’s you know, it’s the same for any quarterback we have. We just got to stay on blocks longer finished blocks and Just continue to do that while they’re playing. All right. Thank you, Travis. That will be it for today. So appreciate.

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