Netflix Love Hard Reaction & Review | TVD stan watches Nina Dobrev's Christmas movie

it’s a movie about people falling in love based on 
how they look ah hey what is up my name is Kathryn  
and welcome to my channel today we are going to 
be watching nina dobrev’s new movie on netflix  
it’s called love hard it’s a christmas rom-com i 
believe and we’re gonna give it the full your girl  
kath treatment which means doing my silly little 
edits making my silly little comments and giving  
you my full thoughts at the end of the video 
i’m not like a huge christmas or holiday person  
but i am a huge nina dobrev person so getting 
in the holiday spirit and if you’re new here i’d  
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it’s been said that according to greek mythology  
humans were originally created with four arms four 
legs and a head with two faces that bathroom is  
so cute they’re fearing their power she’s so 
pretty like what the heck but if that’s true  
then zeus is an [ __ ] period for years i’ve been 
chronicling my disaster dates under the pseudonym  
always a bridesmaid it wasn’t that the like how 
to lose a guy in 10 days plot i’m kind of a sucker  
for this plot you’re only

looking local i mean 
i had to import mark from ohio for guidance it’s  
always ohio when movies want a random place 
gas is so expensive it’s cheaper just to do  
a bunch of cocaine and then run everywhere yeah 
but no kiwi because i know you’re allergic no  
kiwi she’s gonna have an allergy attack in this 
that’s making me miserable everyone’s miserable  
you’ll find me at home in lake placid new york 
planning my name ray’s hometown wow looking for  
a woman who’s spontaneous and drama-free if 
someone says that it’s an instant swipe left  
love actually worst christmas movie ever 
it’s a movie about people falling in love  
based on how they look ah i like to think 
it’s a story about the triumph of love over  
reality i can work with that what’s your favorite 
christmas movie that’s easy hands down die hard  
um i f with that i’ve definitely watched die hard 
with my dad on at least a couple of christmases
uh elena and stefan dance to the song 
together in season one of the vampire  
diaries during the decade dance 
may i have this dance just saying  
really there’s only one con what you’ve never 
seen him are you satisfied oh yeah she’s satisfied
when i first saw your profile 
i thought you’d just be
i am looking respectfully i had no idea that 
this movie was so homoerotic that’s how i felt  
the first time i watched talladega nights 
i was like no one told me this was an lgbt  
movie i would have watched this 10 years ago josh 
stayed on the phone all night oh i guess i really  
should have done the verizon unlimited plan does 
anyone not have unlimited calling anymore like  
isn’t that just like baseline remember when 
unlimited texting like wasn’t the standard  
sally my office now your dating life is a 
disaster but you should be thankful because  
it’s why you have a job does this company not 
have an hr team you got to leave the serious  
stuff to the real journalists like steve screw 
steve i did hashtag don’t tell hr okay so they  
do have hr this is going to be the most epic love 
story i can think of a few more epic love stories  
excuse me i have bags to pack does 
like classic even have an airport
of course they lost her luggage i could not get 
used to seeing people not wearing masks in public  
you’re here this office is open it’s literally 
hours don’t be a karen baby like did she really  
wear that on a six-hour flight i refuse to believe 
that is this a joke oh the game economy is not  
a joke i’m the only uber in town fine i’ll 
get a lift he’s the only lyft driver in town  
you want some papaya kiwi no kiwi i would swell 
up like a blowfish okay they’ve mentioned it again  
yeah she’s totally gonna have an allergic reaction 
and the person catfishing her is gonna save her  
life okay can you please just turn the radio 
off hey that’s a great song and a classic yeah  
it’s been putting the hip in rohypnol since 1944. 
she literally has the prettiest eyes in the whole  
world hey can you do me a favor can you give this 
to josh okay snoop hi yeah i’m uh natalie bauer  
i’m here to see josh lynn is he home 
i’m barb i’m josh’s mom i’m a barb too  
is that the mormons again for the last time we’re 
not converting it’s not the mormons bob this is  
josh’s dad and this is his grandmother june i 
want grandma’s patagonia am i crazy a little  
uh yeah maybe a little josh someone’s here to 
see you surprise natalie um forgot my luggage  
so i’m gonna i love that we’re pretending that 
he’s not handsome i’m pretty good at photoshop  
no seriously that’s so insanely easy to do not 
the baby jesus no no no no no no no no psychopath  
creates a fake profile and then starts to fake 
relationship online oh kind of psycho flies across  
the country just shows up at somebody’s front 
lawn that’s a really good point diane thank you  
so much for bringing that up how does she have 
his address i never want to see you again okay  
you don’t even know where you’re going 
i’ll let baby jesus take the wheel  
grab me another one of these green apple 
thingies i got you what’s that baby girl  
so he’s real his personality is going to suck
no i won’t do that how can she not feel that  
be respectful okay so so far his 
personality doesn’t totally suck
my mouth
yeah where is it where is my hippie ben
she’s totally gonna have an allergic 
reaction and the person catfishing her  
is gonna save her life i’m psychic
you took me to a vet well the real human hospital 
is 30 minutes away and i didn’t want to risk it  
it’s very giving shit’s creek so you met the 
real tag tonight if you want him to notice you  
you got to do something different oh he noticed 
me tonight i can help you so he’s gonna help her  
actually get with him but she’s gonna actually 
fall in love with josh i’ll tell you what sherlock  
holmes maybe he can do something for me in return 
pretend to be his girlfriend at christmas pretend  
to be my girlfriend until christmas it’s 
almost like netflix rom-coms are predictable  
we should probably address the uh catfish in the 
room you do realize that at some point you were  
gonna have to meet me that’s a really good point 
diane thank you so much for bringing that up i  
had my profile up for a year and you guess how 
many matches i got three so just as an experiment  
i thought i could use a picture of a standard 
hot guy and see what happened i got 85 matches  
in five minutes so apparently there’s plenty of 
girls out there they just didn’t want to date me
honestly i want that shirt the next morning we 
went to mcgregor’s for karaoke mm-hmm how was  
that oh it was a swell right natalie the pen is 
mightier than the penis come on let’s we have  
company so okay the first thing you need to know 
about tag is he likes outdoorsy adventurous women  
not instagram models who count carbs i don’t count 
carbs i monitor them walden are you kidding me  
thoreau is an [ __ ] well pretend you like it 
because that’s tech’s favorite book tag i want  
you to meet my cousin natalie and now yeah calling 
her your cousin no way this is going to blow up  
in your face for my stepmom’s side so that would 
technically make us step cousins oh a distinction  
that only really matters if you’re from alabama 
what the [ __ ] that’s my favorite book i reread  
it every year really yeah i remember symptoms 
of someone like so quickly and so hard like that  
well i i actually teach a survival course 
in yosemite every summer savage you climb  
me do i climb i’ll climb anything yeah no way this 
slide’s gonna get her in a bad situation i’m an  
aggro you know a few of us are actually climbing 
at rock adventures tomorrow too when i join  
hell yeah let’s do it great i once broke my toe 
climbing out of bed how am i gonna call him a  
wall a clumsy female protagonist of a rom-com 
what a completely unique and never done before  
character type i’m kind of an [ __ ] first of 
all this is totally me i’m so freaking scared  
of heights it’s not even funny second of all 
she could like play this off and say that she  
started getting into climbing to try to overcome 
her fear of heights but that she still is really  
scared of heights i love coming up with lies for 
people who are bad at lying in movies and tv shows  
it’s like my favorite thing yeah well if it wasn’t 
for invisalign and accutane you would not have  
swiped on me well if it wasn’t the text photos 
you wouldn’t have swiped on me is this how you  
does he make candles careful careful careful 
that’s a really cute handle making it’s  
very expensive i created my own line of masculine 
candles ah i love gendered capitalism you have  
a brother the prodigal son has returned oh 
this is natalie oh is she grandma’s new nurse  
no ah she must be in a mom’s new 
book club at this point she has  
to actually fall in love with him first of 
all the way his family treats him not okay
he was eight you know i’m actually super grateful 
for my awkward teenage years they helped me  
develop resilience empathy if it wasn’t for that 
i’d be i don’t know insensitive attention-seeking  
jerk i love her for that the next time he 
tries to steal the spotlight steal it back  
she looks really cute look at that little scarf 
i’m serious steal it back put these in what why  
they’ll help you relax and it’s your favorite song 
like the friendship is really cute so far honestly
is this anyone’s favorite song like for 
real i thought you guys said this was hard  
not bad i fear i may have girlboss a bit too close 
to the sun is josh can i come get her thank you
maybe it’s cold outside natalie and i got this one 
dad dead lifeless body bestie told him to upstage  
his brother still spotlight doesn’t sound so uh 
rapey this evening has been totally consensual
like did he write a parody of this song 
forever ago because he also hates it or  
did he just improv like how did he 
have that ready to go we’re pregnant  
may i may i have everyone’s attention please 
this is such a mess oh and chelsea i just  
want to say congratulations i’m really happy 
for you i’m let you finish will you marry me  
the next time he tries to steal the spotlight 
steal it back i can’t blame anyone else anymore  
this bit is worse than him using someone 
else’s picture to catfish her so much worse  
you are dating the real tag and you’re engaged 
to the fake tag correct my god honey you were  
going to make a therapist very wealthy one day 
honestly where did she get all of the clothes  
did her suitcase come back 
and i wasn’t paying attention  
you ever been bobsledding before actually i 
think i have something even better oh baby  
honestly that looks really fun oh i’ve never 
felt more alive i’ve never felt more alive  
and some cultures height and facial symmetry are 
repulsive hey guys the movie’s about to start  
what movie the greatest christmas movie of 
all time if it’s polar express i’m gonna  
have a really hard time okay he’s from game 
of thrones is he no he’s from that zombie show  
walking dead ew i hated that documentary 
hello mine of a mastermind what’s that  
your engagement announcement it’s 
going to be in the gazette tomorrow  
you’re coming home with me i’m pretty sure that 
paperboy’s going to get fired over this i’m  
gonna lose a pretty decent photo of you though 
look at that do you still have your original  
profile photos let’s recap for a second you’re 
holding a wrench and axe and some rope were you  
actually trying to find a girlfriend and you’re a 
vegetarian but tag’s a real mean and potatoes type  
of guy and he likes the squirrels the same way 
okay so i’ll eat a potato i’ve definitely uh eaten  
meat because of a man before that’s 
what she said i have sinned that hard  
every conversation we had every text we exchanged 
every laugh we shared it was me you liked me  
and you liked me so much you flew across the 
country to surprise me for christmas that’s  
a really good point diane thank you so much for 
bringing that up like i can’t tell who said i’m  
really on in terms of like the lie because he 
literally was only lying about the appearance
what did she order you don’t celebrate christmas 
no just okay like what if he’s just jewish  
mood mood mood many of you have expressed interest 
in online dating well i’ve brought you two experts  
what if i spruce it up just a little bit 
instead of has parkinson’s i go with uh  
always on the moon i want to avoid 
mentioning that i’m in a wheelchair  
just change it say i enjoy rolling with my homies
these [ __ ] are very funny 
for staying in over going out
now why is he just in the common area like that 
there’s someone else on the other side of that lie  
falling in love with a version of you that 
doesn’t exist and the only way it ends for you  
is heartbreak realizing things i’m so busy being 
mad at you that i i never stopped to think about  
why you actually did it even though he told you 
why he did it there’s a surprise engagement marty  
here where’s the ride to be anyway i 
haven’t met her yet she’s doing the rounds  
and again thinking of lies she could tell in 
this situation so tag and lee you’re here lee  
are you dating two guys now no boss okay hey 
[ __ ] i want to introduce you to my parents  
i’m out she is a writer for disaster date column 
and you are not her fiance you are her subject  
don’t wait what net what is he talking about 
like they talked for two weeks and she didn’t  
once say what she does for work so let’s all 
raise a glass to future mr and mrs lynn johnson
four weeks ago i met a guy online here’s the 
big dramatic speech she swipes right on his real  
profile one year in the future they’re getting 
married on christmas what about the rel i hate him  
so you got mad at josh for catfishing you and yeah  
exact same thing to me that’s a really good point 
diane thank you so much for bringing that up  
okay did she leave a candle burning unattended 
that’s such an issue i don’t know how you did it  
this smells exactly like grandpa are you saying 
that you don’t want to work at the store anymore  
no i i don’t thank god okay they could also 
totally sell those candles at the family store  
josh is imperfect but yet you decided 
to stay it doesn’t really matter honey  
it’s the only thing that matters that’s a 
really good point diane thank you so much
who is it what is she doing
wait that’s really cute sorry 
coffee love actually is like
cute why do i get emotional so easily
not me evil
like still though she’s only known him for like a 
month still not enough time to know that someone’s  
perfect for you honestly that was cute and listen 
first of all i’m biased because i love nina dobrev  
i could actually watch her just paint a wall for 
eight hours on end and i also like my expectations  
for netflix movies and netflix shows get like 
lower and lower every year it was definitely like  
a predictable movie and i think that most movies 
are nowadays i’m not gonna say predictable but i  
will say formulaic because streaming services are 
trying to get out as many movies as they possibly  
can it definitely felt like really similar 
to i don’t know if y’all watched holiday  
it’s like that there’s this couple and their whole 
relationship is based on a lie obviously like very  
different type of live eyes but they’re just like 
running around lying to the family the whole time  
and then it’s gonna end up blowing up in their 
face or whatever um i don’t go into a netflix  
movie and i’m like oh this is gonna be directed 
by like no i go into netflix movie and i know  
what i’m gonna be watching i’ll be watching 
a netflix movie and it was definitely better  
than what i have come to expect for netflix movies 
there wasn’t like genuinely cute moments in it and  
like there was like the two main like the die hard 
versus love actually i love that she did that at  
the end and then he wrote that at the end like 
that’s really cute guys i literally i i got up  
with standing up walking around my room taking my 
lipstick off cause i’m about to go eat dinner now  
and i finally realized i finally realized that 
this is called love hard because it’s a play  
on words of die hard i tell you what sherlock 
holmes you are unbelievable i prefer christmas  
movies like that versus like movies where like 
the whole plot is about it being christmas  
like we’re just like it happens to be 
christmas while this is taking place  
and it’s like a little bit christmassy but it’s 
not like too much holiday stress me out so yeah  
thank you for hanging out with me i hope you 
had fun hanging out with me and i hope i will  
see you in my next video bye y’all you

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