NEW! Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer/Foundation (Honest Review & Demo)

hey guys welcome back it’s kate so today i 
am very excited to talk to you about the new  
skin twin creamy concealer from beauty counter 
it just released a couple days ago and it is safe  
to say that i’m obsessed with it so i have been 
using beauty counter for the past two months or so  
and have really loved everything that i’ve tried 
truly but the skin twin line is without a doubt  
my favorite thing so the skin twin foundation is i 
think fairly new like i said i’ve only been using  
it for a few months so i’m not sure but i’m pretty 
sure it’s just been released within the past six  
months or so and so they used to have the touch-up 
concealer pen which i loved but this has a lot  
more coverage and it’s a lot more long wearing 
which is great it also has an extended shade range  
which is always amazing because we gotta make 
sure that everybody can have the goodness right  
so i thought i’ll go ahead and do my face with 
it let me see what it looks like and give you  
some of my thoughts okay so to prep my skin 
i’m gonna use the adaptive moisture lotion  
which i’ve been loving

lately to kind of use as my 
primer and my moisturizer which is nice because it  
saves me a step you know but i’ve just noticed 
that when i wear this moisturizer as opposed to  
you know i’ve got a couple different ones that 
i will rotate but the makeup plays really really  
well on top of this moisturizer in particular 
and i think that’s because you’ll notice when you  
put it on it’s a little bit tacky to the 
touch which i like because it gives the  
makeup something to really grip onto um so i’m 
a big fan of that and i just noticed that the  
makeup lasts longer and it just stays you know 
really on the skin better than if i don’t use it  
okay so the foundation first thing i like to 
do before i even apply the foundation and this  
is just me being kind of extra and weird but i 
like to take the hollywood flawless filter from  
charlotte tilbury and i’m just gonna apply 
a little bit high up on my cheekbones i like  
doing this with any foundation but just because 
it kind of gives your skin a little bit of a glow  
underneath the foundation it keeps your skin from 
looking too dry or too sort of flat you know it  
just gives it a little bit of a glow underneath 
without looking greasy or shiny or anything like  
that so i’m just gonna tap that high up on the 
cheekbones and then whatever’s left on my fingers  
i will take down the center of my face okay now 
let’s actually put the foundation on okay so this  
is skin twin feather weight foundation right here 
what i do with my brush there she is okay so i’m  
obsessed with this foundation and i’ll tell you 
why i’m gonna apply it on the back of my hand just  
like i apply any foundation it is full coverage 
like it definitely gives you full coverage but it  
feels so lightweight hence the name featherweight 
skin twin it’s supposed to feel like a second skin  
and it really does i’m not a fan of foundations 
where it feels very very heavy on the skin  
um i just i don’t want to feel like i’m wearing 
a you know cakey layer of makeup it just doesn’t  
feel good um and so i love the fact that this 
is giving me all the coverage i want and need  
without that heavy feeling that for me is the 
biggest selling point okay so what i’ve been doing  
lately when i apply my foundation is i kind of 
get it on there blend it out a little bit and then  
i’m gonna grab my setting spray this one is by 
morphe you can use any setting spray and i’m gonna
spray the heck out of my face and now i will 
continue blending the reason i do that i got  
that little trick off of um where did i get it oh 
i’m blanking it’s like a really famous youtuber  
i’m blanking okay i’ll put it in the description 
somewhere but anyhow um if you spray the setting  
spray onto your foundation before blending it 
and then blend it with the setting spray it works  
even better because apparently setting sprays are 
meant to be used in conjunction with products and  
not just on top of them so who knew another thing 
that i will do if i really need my makeup to stay  
in place all day long is keep the foundation on 
spray spray spray and then i will even spray a  
little bit onto my foundation brush while i’m 
blending and it like it is going to lock that  
foundation on your skin and this is especially 
important right now since we are all wearing the  
mask and there’s nothing grosser than taking 
off that mask and it’s like covered with just  
foundation and makeup it’s just not cute so 
give that little trick a try because it is like  
magic okay so this foundation blends like a 
dream it blends out so nicely um i’m gonna try  
to get it close so you can see it gives the skin 
a really pretty natural finish so it dries down  
matte but i do like to top it off with a little 
bit of a mattifying powder that’s just kind of  
my preference you don’t have to um but i really 
like to i feel like it adds to the longevity of it  
and i just it gets rid of a little bit of the 
shine that i naturally have because i’ve got  
oily skin so such a pretty finish 
on it does not clog the pores and  
you don’t have to worry that you’re putting 
harmful ingredients all over your skin you know  
i don’t have to freak out if my daughter you know 
plays in this makeup or gets it all over herself  
you know i might freak out for other reasons but 
i don’t have to freak out and worry that she’s  
putting harmful you know ingredients all over her 
okay such a gorgeous foundation now let’s get into  
the concealer so i got two different shades of 
the concealer there’s the other one there it is  
i got fair two which is the second to lightest 
and then i got dark one and i got this one to  
do a little bit of contouring with because i 
love to contour with concealer so let’s just hop  
into it i’m going to apply it just like i do any 
concealer which is i do it on the side of the nose  
and then high up here the reason i do it this way 
i put some of my eyelids is because i don’t like  
to put concealer directly underneath the eye area 
right there because as we all know that skin right  
there is so paper thin it will start to crease 
and settle into all of those little fine lines  
so by placing it up here and on the side of 
the nose where the skin’s a little bit thicker  
you’re not going to get that um you’re not going 
to have that issue so that’s why i do it that  
way i’m first going to start off by taking a flat 
synthetic concealer brush and do a little bit of  
pre-blending which i know you’re probably 
rolling your eyes because what the heck  
is pre-blending but it’s really just warming 
the concealer up on your skin before going in  
in like heavy duty blending it it actually 
saves you a little bit of time because you’re  
not spending as much time blending it i’m just 
it’s just warming it up basically it’s nothing  
it’s nothing crazy okay so can you see how 
well this is covered up the under eye area it  
is a hundred percent more coverage than the 
touch-up concealer pen which i still loved  
um but this is like it’s giving you all the 
coverage that you need definitely covers those  
dark circles discoloration up in a 
heartbeat it would be great if you have got  
any type of discoloration on the skin a breakout 
this is going to be what you want to reach for  
because it is going to cover cover the other 
thing that i find amazing about it is i used it  
yesterday i put it on at about 9am and then 
i completely forgot to set the under eye area  
which is normally like a fatal mistake 
i mean if i do that it’s going to be  
it’s not going to be cute and when i looked in the 
mirror at i don’t know like 4 p.m it still looked  
fresh as a freaking daisy like 4 p.m it still 
looked fresh as a freaking daisy so to me that is  
a game changer um it just the fact that it kind of 
is self-setting is incredible okay with that said  
i am going to do a little bit of setting powder 
because that’s just my way that’s what i like  
to do so i’m going to take the mattifying powder 
and just a very small amount you don’t need a lot  
i think sometimes especially you know when we’re 
over the age of like 35 it’s probably better just  
to use less powder than more powder can be really 
aging on the skin and it definitely doesn’t do our  
skin any favors so just go light handed you don’t 
need to apply it with a sponge you don’t need to  
you know bake it all over your face just gently 
tap it and just those areas where you feel like  
you tend to get oily so i’m not putting the powder 
all over my face i’m just doing underneath the eye  
area and then in the t-zone so just those areas 
where i tend to get oily if you have drier skin  
then maybe all you need to do is set the under 
eye area um if you have super oily skin maybe  
you need to set you know your whole face just 
it you know sort of base it off of your skin
okay so this is i’ve now got everything on the 
foundation concealer all of that good stuff  
and obviously i haven’t done bronzer or blush or 
my eyes or anything but i just wanted you to see  
just what this looks like and what a gorgeous 
finish it gives on the skin it looks skin like  
but just like your skin is flawless basically it 
gives you a really gorgeous lip from within glow  
that is not code for greasy or shiny 
though it really just does make your skin  
glow i can’t think of a better word for it it 
is i just i love it so much i really really do  
my only complaint about it is i wish there was 
a wider shade range you know i really think  
makeup companies need to be inclusive because you 
know just having 12 13 shades just isn’t enough  
um so that would be my biggest complaint on it is 
that they just they need to be more inclusive with  
shades so other than that i am a huge 
huge fan love it so i’m gonna pop off  
do some bronzer do a little bit of blush and 
then i’ll jump back on so you can see kind of the
hey guys okay so i jumped off i did a 
little bit of bronzer a little blush and  
highlight some eye and this is the finished 
look just a quick side note because i am  
now obsessed with this but the eyeshadow the 
blush the highlight is all from the new golden  
hour palette which is part of the limited 
like holiday releases from beauty counter and  
this and this together well and separate but 
especially together incredible like maybe my most  
favorite blush highlighter combo that i’ve ever 
tried and that is saying something so recommend  
definitely recommend but okay anyhow back to the 
point so love love love the new skin twin creamy  
concealer and it plays so well with the skin 
twin foundation which obviously should they’re  
meant to go together but sometimes foundations and 
concealers don’t always play well together um and  
these two definitely do so i cannot recommend 
them enough they are incredible i love the  
finished look they give if you need any help with 
color matching or have questions just leave them  
down below i’m happy to help and i hope that this 
video was helpful i’ll see you guys the next one

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