NEW Coulour Mill oil based tropical food color review

this is a review of the brand new 
color mill oil based tropical set  
so fruity this is not a sponsored video just 
wanted to share my experience with this purchase  
hello i’m rox and welcome to my kitchen if 
you’re new here i love to share sweets tips  
intro animation because adults need sweet things 
too i’m signed up for color mills emails and saw  
what they were describing as their tropical series 
the marketing assets were so pretty i was sold  
i pre-ordered this on march 15th and this 
arrived with dhl shipping on march 18th  
shipped from australia here’s the packaging that 
the product was shipped in moment of truth did  
these survive included was a pigments versus dye’s 
leaflet i think i’ll leave a clip of it later
no explosions of food color the set costs 39.95  
but they’re 7.95 individually 
for the 20 milliliters
ah this set of six color mill tropical collection 
includes the colors violet fuchsia melon coral  
mango and kiwi here’s the 20 ml versus 100 
ml packaging to make the comparison as even  
as possible i use my super white swiss meringue 
buttercream and distribute two thirds a cup to  
each bowl their website mentions that the colors 
are best in buttercream swiss meringue chocolate  

cake batter ganache fondant and many more i don’t 
recommend oil-based colors for french macarons  
or pavlova i’m making observations like how well 
it mixes what does it look like at one drop three  
drops and five drops and what does it look like a 
day later the directions say take it easy colors  
will develop over time now let’s get started shake 
all of the colors so they equally incorporate
as you can see all of these are brand new 
and will be freshly opened for this project  
these are all flip tops it is really difficult 
to peel off all of the seal on this packaging  
all color mill products have a squeeze bottle 
and flip top cap if you’re familiar with the  
mirror color or chef master color they’re very 
similar formats for this project to keep it as  
consistent as possible for each color i will do 
a one drop three drop and five drop mix here is  
the violet color mill section here we go with 
the first drop this food color is very liquid  
sometimes i like to spread it to see if 
they’re incorporating immediately mix mix mix
and for me color mill is usually pretty extra 
messy but it’s going okay right now mix mix
when i’m mixing it’s easy to tell this 
is oil-based incorporates so easily
sometimes with color mill 
the mix matches the label  
it doesn’t in this case but it does look violent 
do you get ultraviolet pantone vibes from this
let’s do fuchsia colour mill if you’ve been 
here for my other videos you know i’ve mentioned  
these are very hard to squirt for my 
weak hands so sometimes i over squeeze
spreads easily
color mill’s website mentions unique 
blend loves fats and oils in your baking  
is this rich and vibrant
question mark and this fuchsia after some research 
the packaging is very similar to the 2001 pantone  
color of the year the pantone company provides 
a universal language of color that enables  
color critical direction through every stage 
of the workflow for brands marketing design  
and manufacturers i’m only familiar with 
pantone because i’ve had jobs that have  
included launching products in the past 
does this look fuchsia it does look fuchsia
let’s do color mill melon
color mill’s website mentions 
they die and disperse  
our coloring using these oils allowing 
you to achieve a rich and vibrant result  
this is in contrast to a lot of 
other brands that are water-based
i really liked doing this one drop three drop  
five drop side by side it’s time 
consuming but it’s interesting
does it look like melon to you it looks 
like pastel red to me but maybe it’ll deepen  
let’s do color milk coral
this mixes just as easily as the other colors  
thought i’d mentioned a call 
out from color mill’s site  
is that their products are allergen free and vegan
coral is interesting again i think to pantone’s 
2019 color of the year when i think of coral
there we go here’s mango color mill 
while we’re mixing and swatching here  
another call out from color mills website 
is that their products are halal suitable
do this is a pastel mango but let’s 
see if it gets darker with five drops
let’s do kiwi color mill  
last call out from colour mill’s site is 
that their products are also kosher certified
this is a pretty color green i 
think of kiwi as more vibrant
so i realized the one drop three dot five drop 
swatch was on a translucent piece of white paper  
so in this next section i am swatching 
but on parchment on white paper  
violet one drop three drop five drop
fuchsia one drop three drop five 
drop melon one drop three drop
five drop coral one drop
three drop five drop mango one drop 
three drop five drop kiwi one drop  
three drop five drop here are all of the 
five drops side by sides at about one hour
greens with color mill brand are a little 
different than the other colors in my experience  
i do another green color comparison video where 
i share greens from a bunch of different brands  
and here’s what everything looks like at one day 
i think this section is really relevant because a  
lot of the times a treat is not enjoyed until 
the very next day here’s side by side violet  
super smooth
here are side by sides of fuchsia 
again super smooth pretty vibrant
side by side of melon also 
super smooth and vibrant  
side by side of coral again you’ll hear 
this theme super smooth mango super smooth
kiwi super smooth kind of muted not 
bright just an observation not a criticism  
the site mentions that the 
colors will develop over time  
so you can see that here with the 
bowl side by side at that one day mark
and last but not least i wanted to swatch 
all of the colors side by side because it’s  
a lot easier to see the differences when they’re 
next to one another here is each swatch violet
then i like to see how each color compares to 
the labels on the packaging format like these
fuchsia melon
i wanted to be better informed about why 
violet would be part of a tropical series  
so i did a little bit of research here’s what i 
learned of all the tropical plants in the world  
orchid takes the lead for having the most numerous 
purple varieties and when it comes to tropical  
flowers however purple is somewhat a scarcity most 
tropical plants produce flowers in red pink yellow  
or even white but rarely in purple interesting 
so these two are definitely different colors but  
if i didn’t keep them labeled the entire 
time i would have probably confused them  
and i said it before but kiwi reminds me of 
avocado green woah.m.g tropical color review  
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so much fun bye bye thanks thanks for watching

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