NEW iPhone 14 Pro – Unboxing & First Impressions!

Hey friends, Andrew here – hope you’re well! It is a big day today…because we have not just one but two iPhone Pros to unbox on launch day and there is an island of new features to explore see what i did there uh one in space black and another in a deep purple i actually have three over here but that was an ordering mistake from my end i’m really excited to show you how these uh both react in daylight and other lighting sources and by the way these were both uh pre-ordered on my own coin so

no pr review unit here or any sort of bias so in today’s video let’s have some fun and unbox these together i’ll share my very first impressions and hopefully help those who are considering a new iphone and don’t forget to subscribe to be the first to watch my honest review in a couple weeks time from now but yeah let’s get into it all right here we go these are the two the deep purple and the space black i’m really excited about these uh there’s a lot of new features with the iphone 14 pro specifically let’s

start with the space black here this is the one that i’m most likely going to use um but i like them both i’m also going to compare them with the

iphone 12 pro i am actually a serial generation skipper i have the iphone 12 here so i’m excited to start using it i’m using these iphone 14s on the daily and see just how much of a leap this will be so spec wise i have them both in 512 gigabytes and an important heads-up worth mentioning i think 4k pro res video recording is available only on

the 256 gigabyte and up i think it’s pretty clear that this year the pro lineup is where it’s at so let’s get stuck right into the unboxing of the space black first and by the way the pre-orders were a nightmare on the website this year i had friends miss out because of the website issues so pro tip highly highly recommend using the apple store app for future pre-orders so let’s go ahead and get this open ripping off the tabs here oh yeah let’s not forget about the bottom tab of course let’s rip that open and

moment of truth flip it around let’s open it up together and that’s that’s pretty nice i mean the wow the camera lenses are big they’re a big change from the iphone 12. i think it’s one step closer in the right direction in my personal opinion um especially with the camera lenses here it’s a jet black almost let’s bring the iphone 12 and compare it i actually think it’s quite similar to the iphone 12 graphite so if you have an iphone 12 you’ll probably get a good idea of what the new space black looks like it’s

not particularly you know a black it’s not a matte black it’s not a jet black the camera cuts out though is a nice dark black but yeah at this point i’m really craving that ultra mineral blackout look jet black or a matte black aesthetic to make a full return but yeah one can hope okay screen peel incoming and you know from a design perspective the iphone 14 and 14 pro virtually identical to the 13. um there are some new colors slightly tweaked dimensions and that’s about it and considering the iphone 13 already looked a lot

like the 12 i think the current iphone design is in need of a complete refresh soon but you know apple’s probably airing on the side of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it taking a quick look at the side now um it’s quite nice it’s in a glossy black as you can see here yeah it’s nice let’s take a look also at the lightning port by the way because apple’s commitment to its lightning port is as strong as ever which by the way just turned 10 this month and they’re likely probably going to change it

for the iphone 15 though so just something to be wary of before we turn the phone on let’s take a look inside the rest of the minimal box here there’s some interesting things about the charging this year but yeah looking through the usual manuals we’ve got of course the sim card ejector tool and then the rest of the manuals and i believe the stickers are in here somewhere somewhere in here um anyway it should be there yeah there we go so the stickers as well um everything’s pretty as standard um and then of course you

have the usb c2 lightning cable so yeah no changes no usb c to usbc yet hopefully that’s coming real real soon though but i do want to mention something about you know the charging and um the cables so you know the iphone 14 doesn’t include a charger in the box um this has been the case since the iphone 12 and apple claims that this decision is to reduce e-waste and minimize packaging size it should be a non-issue when we have a usb-c iphone potentially next generation since there’s a good chance you have usb-c cables around

anyway but yeah for now we still have the lightning port oh yeah and initial reports do say that there’s slightly less battery life than expected especially with the always on display but honestly anything will be an improvement over this uh iphone 12 battery which was pretty poor in the first place but um yeah i will see you charge mine most of the time anyway so totally recommend investing into a magsafe charger also a heads up that the iphone 14s really aren’t the phone to get if you really really value fast charging speeds we’re still maxed

out at 20 watts when it comes to wired charging which is a tough pill to swallow considering many android phones are equipped with 45 watt fast charging like the samsung s2022 2022-22 and the oneplus 10t even goes up to an insane 150 watts wire charging anyway let’s put this aside and bring in the deep purple which i am slightly more interested in and so you can already see that the box has this purple-ish sheen to it and that’s quite a nice touch so let’s open this bad boy up let’s see how we go let’s open

these tabs up again these tabs never get old honestly they’re so satisfying if you guys are getting the deep purple or the space black let me know down in the comments so curious about this one let’s open it up and that’s that’s nice this looks this honestly reminds me of the midnight color this is super slick this reminds me of the midnight color in the macbook airs super clean super sleek i like it it’s not that much different honestly than the space black it’s this really nice sort of clean ish colored hue it’s it’s not

too unless i hit that certain angle it’s not that all that much purplish in these lighting conditions anyway i really really like this it has a lot of character i think it has way more character than the space black in my personal opinion but yeah let’s let’s open this up and give it a more you know unbiased look at so peeling it open again looks identical you can sort of see the dynamic island which i will get to in a moment um the sides have this purplish tinge it’s not as jet black looking as the

space black real nice though real nice this is possibly my preference i think at initial glance anyway these are my complete first impressions side to side as you can see there is that hue it’s a purplish almost bluish midnight color the space black is more of a graphite type looking color but yeah you can see the massive bulges in this lenses there and they’re pretty hefty by the way uh they’re more hefty than the iphone 12 that’s for sure but overall side by side i don’t know what do you guys think let me know down

in the comments below i’m excited here but uh i can’t make a decision between these two oh and by the way let’s take a look at the sim tray which has had some changes this year so let’s get the ejector tool and let’s open this up if you’re in the us you’re not even gonna see this sim tray uh if you’re in canada europe australia anywhere outside the us essentially you’re going to get the sim tray and in my opinion i just want to open up here in my opinion i prefer it with a sim

tray because if you go traveling it’s going to be such a hassle at the moment not to have a sim tray particularly if you go to developing countries where they might not you know they might not have the e sim um supported just yet so this sim tray right here still pretty useful for my own needs so i kind of like it okay so now we’ve got both of them unboxed let’s take a look at them and i’m going to flick this open and let’s take a look at the screen initially everything looks nice color

reproduction looks nice right off the bat brightness looks great if i can open up the notification center okay never mind then um that’s not working let’s just scroll through this i want to try to play around with dynamic island i think if i turn this on there we go nice that is that is pretty cool i like it um i’ve seen a lot about it using this in person i can see how this would be quite useful um but yeah i can’t wait to actually get in depth with all of this let’s turn on the

screen turn up the screen brightness actually apparently it’s two that’s bright 2000 nits of brightness which is insane apparently the most the most bright display on the market at the moment and i can’t see the camera it’s probably overexposed at the moment but i don’t know if you can tell this is a really really bright display it’s nice and i apologize if the camera truly is overexposed right now because the white truly is white um the bar is quite bright in itself so yeah while i’m scrolling around uh the other features that are worth pointing

out is that we have the new satellite connectivity the new camera is finally bumped up to a much larger sense sensor and it’s bumped up to 48 megapixels when shooting in pro raw um and also we have 4k cinematic mode yeah there’s a lot to play around with here and so i just wanted to give you my quick first impressions but first impressions is it’s it’s really really nice everything’s snappy everything’s crisp sharp display looks better than ever it truly does in this back guys that’s that’s that’s nice honestly oh yeah and there’s something i

want to show you especially if you’re coming from the iphone 12 to the camera bombs here they when you sit them flat the camera bombs on the iphone 14 are so prominent that if you were to move it if you were to push it down you’ll see here you can see it lift up literally lift up by centimeters whereas the iphone 12 nope nothing there it’s completely flat the camera bumps are really intense guys and i think that’s something to be wary of when you place it down on a desk or anywhere on table let’s

not forget about the always-on display let’s give this a go i’m going to first change my wallpaper because i want to use my own custom wallpaper link to it down below by the way if you’re interested in this wallpaper if you like it i’m going to set up the new custom fonts and colors as part of the new ios 16 changes and i’m going to play around with the colors uh i think actually in the clear looks better so let’s stick with that and then let’s also add some widgets in i’m going to add the

weather widget i’m going to add the clock widget and i’m going to add something else but yeah this is looking nice so let’s try out the always on display set up for both the wallpaper looks real clean by the way with the deep purple color so let’s switch this off that’s oh that is really cool that’s brighter than i than i thought it would be that’s for sure so when i tap it full brightness when i switch it off uh the always on display is right there it’s definitely brighter than i thought it would be

now i don’t know how practical this would be for battery purposes but i’ll be sure to test out thoroughly for you guys in my full review so be sure to keep an eye out for that guys if you made it to the end of the video drop the codeword comment iphone 15 to confuse viewers who might have not watched till the end just for fun i’ll give the comments a like as you guys know i genuinely use all the tech that i review so you always get an honest real life opinion so feel free to

subscribe if you want to be the first to see my full iphone 14 review as soon as it drops i also managed to nab the airpods pro 2 launching next week so i’ll share my first impressions and unboxing then too but as with the apple watch 8 it’s basically the same watch with an added temperature sensor so unfortunately it’s a pass for me this year and then of course we have the apple watch ultra really cool watch and interesting capabilities but 49 millimeters is gigantic and the giant watch aesthetic definitely isn’t for me so i’m

giving it a hard pass too if there’s ever like an apple watch ultra mini i’m definitely going to be jumping on board and i feel like they’d sell like hot cakes i also drop a video here where i go over the 14 must change settings when you get the iphone 14 or update to ios 16 there’s a lot of important changes to change uh changes to change important settings to change as part of one of the biggest ios system updates so check out the video where i cover it all as always thanks for watching and

i’ll see you in the next video

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