*New* Kay Beauty HD liquid concealer- Demo, review, comparisons and wear test- Is it worth buying?

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today we are going to be talking about this really 
new launch by one of my favorite indian brands  
that is k-beauty so i love k-beauty as a brand 
because almost everything i’ve tried for them  
is like has been above my standard so i appreciate 
the brand so they launched like hd liquid  
concealers recently and i was waiting for them 
to launch a concealer because their foundation  
is so amazing so i think having concealer from 
them and using it for the foundation should make  
for a really good base so let’s get started i’ve 
already had my first impressions and i put it on  
on instagram but then i also thought let’s do 
a proper wet test let’s have some comparisons  
so i can put out a more thorough review here for 
you on

youtube so let’s get to the review now  
okay so i’ve done a light layer of foundation as i 
did not want my foundation to overpower my base i  
just wanted to use these concealers to see how it 
conceals my hyperpigmentation and my dark circles  
so coming to the shades i think i definitely have 
picked up the wrong shades uh i don’t know online  
shade speaking sometimes can be tricky and 
confusing so i picked up two shades one is  
140 by medium and one is 110 and i thought that 
the darker shade would conceal and conceal my  
under eyes and the lighter shade could help me 
brighten them but honestly the darker shade is a  
little yellow guys like i’m just going to show you 
the swatches of both these concealers on my hand  
these are the two shades this one is 145 and this 
is 110 so i i don’t know i think uh both of these  
none of the shades are right but i think for my 
hyper pigmentation i’m going to be mixing those  
shades and putting it on my face for on my under 
eyes on one side i’m going to be putting my color  
corrector and my brightening concealer and on one 
side i’m just going to be putting a darker shade  
for a little bit of color correction and then go 
in with a brighter shade so for my darker side  
i’m going to be just putting a little bit here 
here and here and i’m going to give it some time  
to dry it out so i can get the maximum coverage 
out of this and on the other side i’m going to  
be using my bobbi brown peach corrector i really 
love this corrector for my under eye dark circles
using stippling motions to 
get the maximum coverage
and i love the consistency the shade match 
isn’t the best but i don’t know i i think i  
still have to find my perfect color corrector 
slash concealer match because what matches my  
face is not very good for my eyes and vice versa 
anyway we are going to be blending this one out
it blends like butter like i would say i 
love the formula so much it’s very very  
lightweight i should have probably picked like 
a shade lighter like 130 why could be great
so it didn’t conceal well and hide 
like a lot of my discoloration  
but honestly it looks so yellow i can’t so we can 
fix this we’ll just go with a lighter shade and  
cover all of this up and i 
hope this gets covered up
and as this is not very high coverage i can 
put more of it in get away if this was like  
shape tape or l’oreal i would be like very 
careful with the amount of product i’m putting  
so about the consistency the consistency isn’t too 
thick or thin it’s very very blendable like even  
if i have this on for a minute or two this will 
blend out like butter like with concealers which  
are too drying like strip tape huda concealer 
those concealers you have to work with them very  
quickly this one you can take your sweet little 
time with build your coverage let the coverage  
build up on its own and it’s very it’s also very 
highly customizable which i like like and you can  
wear this with a skin tint and you will not look 
like you’re wearing any makeup and at the same  
time you can if you don’t have a lot of dark 
circles or pigmentation you can totally wear  
this to a party and your dark circles would you 
know look concealed and glammed up or clammed up  
like your dark circles would just look concealed 
and you have a flawless base but if you have a lot  
of pigmentation i would recommend putting a color 
corrector underneath and then use this to brighten  
up because it looks so smooth so natural so 
flawless under your eyes okay let’s blend this out
i’m just going to conceal my spots 
on the face the pigmentation i’m  
going to be mixing the two on the back of my hand
so i am going to be putting the brighter shade 
on the high points of my cheek just to highlight
i think now my face looks much more cohesive 
i am actually liking this formula like a lot  
i’m happy with the coverage i’m just 
going to set this one with a powder now
so by no means this is like full full coverage 
it is a good medium coverage so for anyone with  
lesser pigmentation or who just wants this for 
brightening purposes this is very smoothing and  
very amazing and it actually height does not feel 
very heavy under my eyes so i enjoy the formula  
but for people who have a lot of dark circles 
i think you you are better off with the more  
with the higher coverage concealer but i would 
love to wear this on my no makeup makeup days  
because sometimes when you’re wearing skin 
tints a heavy concealer might look too much  
under your eyes so i think this will be perfect 
for my no makeup makeup thing it hasn’t creased  
a lot like my under eye has some natural creases 
so a creaseless concealer guys it does not exist  
it’s just a marketing technique tactic every 
concealer crazes a little bit it’s just a matter  
of which trees is more or less because if you have 
creases under your eyes it’s going to settle into  
them a little bit so um i’m really liking how 
my face is looking honestly it has covered a lot  
like you know when a concealer is too heavy 
you cannot use it use it on your face because  
it would look too heavy or too cakey so i 
think a medium coverage concealer is a great  
way to conceal your acne scars over foundation 
so it does not look cakey it looks very skin like  
and it still covers so so much so i’m going 
to just finish up my base and be right back  
so i’m done with the rest of my base 
i just wanted to compare it to a few  
other concealer formulation or coverage reference 
i’m going to be speaking out about my final  
thoughts and the pros and cons of this concealer 
in the end after the wear test because that’s when  
i’ll have a better understanding of this concealer 
so stay tuned for that um formulation-wise i have  
have to compare i would say it is um not 
as high coverage as l’oreal or too faced  
it’s like if pat mcgrath and pac concealer 
and sugar concealer all of those had a baby  
so it gives a lot of it’s it’s medium coverage 
like pack concealer but it’s consistency in  
formula is very smoothing like pat mcgrath and 
i think it has the creaminess and hydration  
of the sugar concealer so i think it is 
a really good concealer formulation wise  
but but let’s talk about the final 
thoughts i have regarding this concealer  
by the end of the video right now it’s 2 p.m i’m 
going to wear it like around till 9 or 10 p.m  
and keep giving updates by the two hour mark or 
the four hour mark as much as i can but i think  
i’m going to be recording myself around 9 00 or 
10 p.m to truly test out the longevity of this  
concealer and tell you if this concealer is worth 
buying or not so it’s been around seven to eight  
hours since i put this concealer on for even if 
after wearing this concealer for seven to eight  
hours it does not look too bad i’m just going 
to show you how it looks and give you a close-up
so as you can see it does not look too bad 
the creasing you see this happens with almost  
every concealer i put and also because i need 
a little more more i needed a little bit more  
product than normally someone with like lesser 
pigmentation on their eyes do and i also have a  
few fine lines under my eyes so if you have those 
lines you can expect some greasing of course  
but on my face this looks really smooth like i 
cannot tell that i have put a lot of concealer on  
uh so i think it does look very good on the 
skin the lasting power i would say it’s not  
like the best best because it’s hydrating 
it has gotten some it has got some oils  
but it have my skin is really oily and 
it has lasted a good amount on my skin  
so and of course with concealers you can always 
touch up with powders and everything and i think  
um setting this for the loose powder would really 
help with the staying powered as well so what are  
my final thoughts about this concealer let’s talk 
about the goods and the bags let’s talk about the  
bad parts first so um i think that firstly the 
shade range i i think it can be highly improved it  
can be much better i love key beauty as a brand 
and we can expect more from them so the shade  
range is not that good if you find a good shade 
for yourself it’s great i would suggest go to the  
store see some swatches and then buy your shade 
secondly i feel like the pricing and the amount  
do not really match like i don’t mind paying 
700 around something for the concealer but it’s  
the quantity is too less i’m constantly scared 
that i will be out of it soon and then i would  
have to rebuy this again so not the best value for 
monies you can get such amazing concealers in that  
kind of a price point you can get l’oreal you can 
get sugar you can get elf you can get maybelline  
and so much more for a higher coverage 
and a better quantity and a better pricing  
so i think but even though it’s not like the best 
money it’s not the best value for money but it’s  
still like a really good concealer so let’s quit 
get to do what’s good about this so first of all  
the formulation and the texture how it looks on 
the skin how easy it is to blend it out like it  
literally blends like butter it’s so blendable 
i think i think i would definitely consider  
this for brightening and contouring also because 
it blends beautifully and looks very seamless  
very airbrushed and very smooth on the skin so 
the formulation is amazing secondly it has good  
lasting power it did not you know creased so much 
even if it’s like really hydrating and usually  
with hydrating concealer they tend to crease on 
me but this one i put up a good competition so i  
think the lasting power is decent does not crease 
too much so in the end in the final conclusion i  
would like to say even though it’s not the best 
concealer out there in the market market it’s a  
warm ass concealer like i if you have if you don’t 
have a lot of pigmentation to cover under your  
eyes then you would love this formula if you have 
a lot of pigmentation to cover then you could go  
for something more um you know full coverage 
so i think it all comes down to preference  
but don’t rush to buy it okay pick it up on a 
discount pick it up when you when there’s a sale  
going on when you’re out of out of a concealer 
my point is that you’re not missing out on some  
life-changing product but if you see it you would 
not regret picking it up so that’s all of my  
thoughts about this concealer in short i like it i 
really like it would i repurchase maybe on a sale  
so i hope you enjoyed today’s video and i’m 
trying to be more regular on youtube and i’m  
going to try to post at least twice a week so if 
you love makeup beauty skincare anything related  
to any of this i’m sure you’ll find something 
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highly appreciate it bye bye and see you next time

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