New Makeup 2023 Drugstore Finds | Review and Wear Test

– Hello, my lovelies, and welcome back. Today, it’s all about new makeup 2023 All drugstore finds. Let’s jump in to the eyebrows. A new release from e.l.f. This is their new Soap Brow. It’s supposed to have a matte finish with firm hold, and you pretty much have to activate it using water I’m just gonna use my Jones Road Eyebrow Brush. I’m going to saturate it, not super saturate it, with some Fix+. And then you basically just go in, and you kind of rub the spoolie into the brow soap, or Soap Brow. – I think that’s

pretty good. – It’s not crusty, so that’s good. The only thing with brow soaps, you do have to start off very slow with very thin layers because then you have all these like little crusties from the soap in your brows. But this one, it’s actually nice. There’s no crusties. But that was very easy. I do have one other brow product to try, a new product by Milani. And this is a brow wax. So I typically like to use brow waxes before I apply my base makeup or fill in my brows to create the shape as

well. And I wanna see if this is good. E.l.f, $6. Milani, it is 10.99. So this is their Stay Put Liquid Brow Wax. And it’s supposed to fluff,

feather, lift, and lock for up to 16 hours. I think I like them both so far. The true test is how they’re going to last throughout the day. But now I’m gonna go in and just very quickly fill in using my NYX Micro Brow Pencil in shade Cool Ash brown. And then let’s move on to the eyes ’cause I have a new eyeshadow palette. That filled in really

nice. I’m curious which one’s gonna last longer. I’m gonna put my bet on the Milani. I’m just priming my eyelids using P.Louise base in shade Rumour 01. And I’m going to use my Morphe, I don’t even know what brush this is, but it’s an angled, fluffy, very dense type of a brush. So I have a new makeup eyeshadow palette by Milani. It’s their Mini Gilded palettes. And I have shade 110 Whiskey Business. This is their all-matte palette. These are $9.99. I’m gonna take this lighter shade. It looks like it’s gonna be a good transition shade

for me. It is picking up quite a bit, but not that bad. And I’m gonna take it on my Rose and Ben E29 brush. Okay, it’s very soft. It’s buttery. It’s pigmented enough, but it’s very, very user-friendly. It’s not patchy, so that’s good. Do the same thing on this side. I’m just gonna build it up a little bit more using the same color. I’m gonna take a smaller blending brush by MAKEUP BY MARIO, their E3 brush. I think I’m gonna mix this matte brown, like, espresso shade with this warmer brown tone. I’m gonna take the

lightest shade. I’m gonna use MAKEUP, no, actually, Natasha Denona number 11 brush. I’m gonna focus that all over the lid, up to the crease. I’m gonna do an eyeliner. I’m gonna use my Bobbi Brown, the fine liner brush, the ultra fine liner brush. The shadows are pretty easy to work with. They’re not extremely pigmented, but they are buttery soft. They’re very blendable, and they’re buildable, so I think that’s good. The only thing is they’re very, they have a lot of kickback, but that’s totally fine. Just kind of tap it off or work it into your

brush. That way, you don’t have too much fallout. I already cleaned underneath the lower lash line. I do have a new eyelash curler from Revlon they sent over in PR, and I’m really intrigued by it because it has these little steps on the lower portion of the rubber. So I’m excited to see if that’s going to make a difference. But let’s curl. We’ll see, one to one. I can’t really get close to my roots. Oh, it’s not bad, but I feel like I kind of pinched my eyelid. It’s not really curling as much. Okay, that’s

a little better. You can kind of see a difference. It’s lifted. It’s more curled. So the new mascara is from e.l.f., and this is their Lash N’ Roll, $6. It’s a mega-curling mascara with a unique double-sided and curved silicone brush to lift and separate lashes for an eye-opening effect. It’s also supposed to be a long-lasting formula, smudge and flake-resistant to lock curl in place and keep lashes up, up, up. Wow. I thought there was gonna be a lot more product. Doesn’t get deposited right away. That’s a very, very soft, soft, very fluttery. Especially for a

new mascara, I’m kind of shocked. The bristles are actually really nice. They’re not too prickly. It’s not extremely bendy of a brush, so you do have a little bit more control. I do like all the little bristles on there. That way, you can catch the tiniest little lashes and get really close to your root. Look at that. That was actually very easy to apply. It’s a very wispy type of a formula. Are we seeing this? Whoa. Oh my. That’s pretty. For a third coat, that’s very natural. It’s not extremely clumpy. I can still comb through

the lashes. Wow. As you can see, I have some stubborn lashes on my left eye right here. They’re kind of going straight. But I would say most of the lashes, they’re pretty lifted and curled, and they’re staying lifted and curled, which is great. Let’s move on to a new primer, also by e.l.f. I’m excited for this primer. This, right here, is their Power Grip Primer with 4% niacinamide. It is $10. It’s supposed to smooth skin and brighten the look of dullness. Interesting. I like this. Perfect for wintertime. I’m going to apply the new makeup primer

on the left side only. But you can see, look at that. You can even hear it. We have a new foundation to play with from Revlon. They actually sent this to me over. Thank you, Revlon in PR. This is their, Illuminance Skin-Caring Foundation. $17.99. I think we’re seeing a pattern here. A lot of new launches, lately, have been, especially for bases, for skin, makeup bases, they’re including a lot of skincare in there, packed with benefits. That way, when you wear this foundation over and over again, your face is going to be loving it. It’s gonna

get better over time, so I’m excited for this. So this new makeup foundation is supposed to have a natural radiant finish with medium coverage. So you can apply this with a brush, a sponge, or your fingertips. It has a really nice texture. Very silky almost. I’m gonna use a brush first and see if I maybe wanna use my fingertips. We’ll see. Honest Foundation Brush. One of my favorite finds of 2022. It’s very fluffy. It’s like a nice dupe for my Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush. I’m gonna work it on this side now with the

primer. Yeah look at that difference. Freshly swatched, And this is like a good minute. Still blends really well. It’s not drying down really fast. So workability time is there. Very natural. It’s more radiant on the gripping side with the primer. It’s a very light, very, very dewy, very supple type of a foundation. But it’s actually very beautiful on the skin. Primer side, you can see it’s a little bit more dewy. It looks a little bit more wet, and it’s definitely more tacky. Without the primer, it’s not as tacky, and it’s definitely more of a natural,

radiant finish, I’m excited for this. This is a new liquid contour from Milani. I have high hopes for this. I’m so excited. I picked up shade 01 Honey. And this is very similar to, I would say, Charlotte Tilbury liquid concealer. Liquid contour, sorry. Okay, I’m just gonna place it in areas where I’m going to contour my face. I’m gonna use my MAKEUP BY MARIO, the F1 brush. Ooh, okay. It’s actually pretty pigmented. Oh, okay. It’s blending out really nice. The color is really nice too. And this is the lightest shade. It’s not extremely cool-toned I’m

just impressed at how easy that was to blend. Wow! New makeup concealer by Makeup Revolution. This is their IRL Filter Finish Soft Matte Concealer. $7. $7. This is a soft focus, instant coverage to filter out blemishes, dark circles, and fine lines, in real life. You know? IRL? It’s supposed to have ultra-buildable full coverage with a breathable soft matte finish. They’re saying oil-free, crease-proof, sweat-proof, waterproof for up to 16 hours of wear. That’s pretty incredible, in my opinion. And they say you can use a brush, your fingertips, or a sponge to blend this out. Like I

said, it’s a full-coverage, soft matte finish. It feels very lightweight. Whoa. Okay. What just happened? That is stunning. I actually like this applicator. I like that it’s flat. Kind of conforms to your under eye area. Wow. It’s a very lightweight formula. Also, very silky. With the amount that I’m applying, I’m getting a really beautiful medium coverage. It’s not full-coverage because I’m not layering it heavy, but I’m really happy with the amount of coverage this is providing me. Very impressed with this new concealer by Makeup Revolution. I wanna finish the lower lash line. I’m just gonna

be very simple with it. I’m taking Rose and Ben, the E27 brush. I’m just gonna take, like I said, that darkest shade, that brown shade, and work it under here. Mascara on the lower lash line. For blush, keeping it simple. I’m gonna take the e.l.f. Putty Blush, but this is in the luminous version. I’m obsessed with these. I think I like these more than the matte, but I still love them both. This is in shade Maui. Ugh, I love the finish of these. They’re glowy. They’re dewy. But when you look up close, you don’t see

any kind of chunks of glitter or sparkle. It’s just the most beautiful blushes. I would say they’re not extremely pigmented, so they are buildable, very user-friendly. But you do have to kind of spend some time building the blushes up. I’m gonna take a little bit of Bermuda. It’s a little bit more of like a corally shade. I’m gonna add a little bit of more of that contour, just because the foundation’s a tad bit too light. I was debating if I wanted to use the new Milani setting powder. This is their Conceal And Perfect Blur Out

Powder, And I think I do. I like how I’m looking, but I feel like it’s just gonna go all over the place. The base feels a little bit tacky, so I think I’m gonna set just a little bit. This, right here, it is a universally flattering, finely milled finishing powder, designed to create a flawless veil on the skin to blur imperfections. Ooh, that’s really pretty. Very soft. It’s not intense. My makeup doesn’t look dry. So we have new lip makeup. First one is a new lip liner by Makeup Revolution. And this is their same line,

IRL, in Filter Finish Lip Definer. These are each $5. I picked up several shades. First one is Espresso. This is Espresso. It’s very pink. I thought it was gonna be a little bit more neutral. Then we have Frappuccino. Ooh, that’s my kind of color. Then we have Caramel. Caramel’s in between Espresso and Frappuccino. So for lipsticks, this is a newer formula from L’Oreal. This is their Color Riche Intense Volume Matte Lipstick. $13.99 each. Up to 16 hours of wear. Okay! They’re infused with hyaluronic acid. It’s supposed to make your lips feel comfortable and look fuller

all day long. This is in shade 133, Le Wood Nonchalant. Ooh, it’s actually darker than all of them, but Frappuccino is gonna work best. And then let’s swatch 113. Oh, it’s more mauve-y. I think I’m gonna have to go with 113. These are extremely creamy. I’m just shocked at the pigment and the blendability and how creamy they are. I’m taking 113 from L’Oreal, the new lipstick. I wiped off the 113 color. I wanna go with 133, and I’m not gonna swipe it on. I’m just gonna gently tap ’cause these are really pigmented. And I’m gonna

take that lighter shade and put it just in the center. We did a complete 180 on the lip color. I just did not like any of them. So it’s the same formulas. I just have different colors. For the lip liner, I have it in Burnt Cinnamon, and it literally smells like Big Red gum. And then for lipstick, it’s the same new L’Oreal Color Riche in shade 193 Determination. Now that everything’s together, it looks good. But I just think I envisioned it differently. With the lipsticks, I thought the color was gonna be a little bit more

like a warm brown, pinkish type of a vibe, but went like an orange red. I like it. I like everything. I think this has been one of the most successful first impressions. I’m impressed with, I think, every single new makeup product that I have tried today. Everything has applied beautifully. Very blendable, very creamy, very buildable where it needs to be. I am just blown away. I’m excited to see how everything is going to wear because, as of right now, I really am liking how the base makeup is looking. My face looks very natural, very soft,

blurred, a little bit glowy where it needs to be glowy. But I am really happy with how everything came together, and especially for the price point, I’m very impressed and so excited to keep playing with most everything. Let’s do a wear test and see how this new drugstore makeup wears. – We have made it to 10 hours. I’m very happy we got 10 hours out of this makeup right here. For the most part, I’m very happy with the way my face is looking. The oils on my forehead have broken the foundation and the foundation is

pretty much gone. It’s very oily. On my cheeks and my chin, there is still quite a bit of foundation. And I’m very happy to report that I am liking the foundation so far. It reminds me of the Makeup by Mario. The Surreal foundation that he recently did. I’ve been playing with that one for more than a week already and I’ve worn it, I think four or five times. Think I like the Revlon more than the Makeup by Mario. Both are very light to medium coverage, at most medium. But I think they wear pretty even, in

terms of wear time and how they break down, because Makeup by Mario also broke down very quick on my forehead. But I’m really liking how the Revlon is wearing. Moving on to the primer. I actually think on this side where the primer is, the makeup is looking a little bit better. I think with the primer side, everything still looks a little bit more glowy but in all the right ways. It doesn’t look oily. We’re not talking about the forehead. We’re talking about this right here. Moving on to contour. Milani has done it again. Chef’s kiss

to that contour. I’m so excited to keep playing with it. I am impressed that I still see it on my face. It’s not cool-toned and it’s not too warm. Right in the middle where you can get depth or dimension and then you get a little bit of warmth brought back into your cheeks. So I really, really like it. Moving on to eyebrows. So we did soap brow versus Milani. Both are very easy to use. For the soap brow, you do have to have a separate spoolie, along with some type of water or liquid agent to

activate your soap brow. So you need two extra things. Milani, I would say it was a little bit easier to use because you just kind of run it through your brows and you’re good to go. And plus it looks a little bit, I personally think it looks softer. And I think it has a little bit more staying power. Moving on to eyeshadow. I do like the eyeshadow, but I’m actually pretty sad that I lost quite a bit of pigment right here around my lash line. I wasn’t even touching my lashes or my lash line, so

I’m pretty shocked that the P. Louise base is not wearing or vibing well with this eyeshadow, because P. Louise base, it never budges on me. Mascara, I’m happy to report. I like the mascara a lot and I’m excited to wear it again. So excited. There is a little bit of transfer right here. Very, very minimal. I did not touch it or clean up whatsoever all day long. So I’m really impressed with how it wore. The only thing, it did flake on me a little bit, but the flakes are very, very minimal. And they’re pretty easy

to clean up. Moving on to the concealer, I like the concealer. I like it a lot. The formula is very lightweight. You can go heavy-handed with it or you can go lighter. And I do like that it sets to a very soft matte finish. It’s beautiful. You don’t need a powder. I did powder and I don’t think I like the powder as much as I thought I did. I still love my e.l.f Halo Glow powder. I love my Maybelline Fit Me loose powder, my Essence Banana powder. This one I think it’s good, but it’s not

extremely long-lasting like the other ones, Okay, so the lip liner. It’s not a long-lasting lip liner. It’s a very creamy, very pigmented type of a lip liner. And it’s a very comfortable lip liner, but it’s not long wearing. So take that as you will. I do like the price point. But the colors are very different to what you see online, Now, moving on to lipsticks. I think lipsticks are nice, but they are drying. So if you have drier lips like myself, and if you wear a matte lipstick and you don’t have like a lip balm

underneath, or on top, or like a lip gloss, you’re not going to enjoy this formula. It’s pretty drying and it does not feel comfortable. I mean, look at my lips. Like that’s the red stain on my lips and it looks like my lips have been peeling when they’re not. It’s just the lipstick is like stuck in those areas. Just a quick little mention, I forgot to talk about the blushes. I’ve been playing with those blushes for quite some time and I love those blushes. They’re very user-friendly. You can’t really go too heavy-handed with them, even

if you tried. I would set them either with a powder blush on top. e.l.f has really beautiful primer-infused blushes that are really, really extremely long-wearing and they’re beautiful. I like to pair ’em with those. I like to pair it with the Milani. Blushes, any formula, honestly, the powder formulas, I like to pair ’em with my Pat McGrath blushes, my Gucci blushes. I mean there’s so many phenomenal blushes that you can pair them with. But that’s what I wanted to mention about the e.l.f luminous putty blushes. They’re sheer, and they’re not as long-wearing, if you don’t

set them either with a loose translucent powder or a powder blush on top. So I’m gonna leave it here. I am very happy to report that I enjoyed most of the makeup and I can’t wait to play with a lot of it. Thank you for watching and spending time with me. And I’ll see you in the next one. Bye.

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