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– Hello, my lovelies and welcome back. Today we’re playing with a new mascara with best reviews. Honestly, these reviews, I’m kind of shook because it’s a new mascara from Benefit. This is their Fan Fest Fanning & Volumizing Mascara and it’s almost a five star rated mascara already. So what is this? Well, first of all, this is a $25 mascara. Is it just me or mascaras are getting very expensive? So this is the newest mascara from Benefit. This is supposed to be a 24 hour full fan effect, smudge proof, water resistant, supposed to fan out your

lashes side to side, amplify volume, and multiply the look of lashes. And we’re going to obviously do a full day wear test, see how it works. It also has a full flex fiber brush. Okay, so that’s like a typical soft boar bristle type of a brush. It has a little bit of a curvature right here. So let’s go for it, let’s apply this. (no audio) Okay, we have the one coat and I think it looks good. It’s separating my lashes, it’s fanning them out. It’s a black enough formula. I think it looks good for one

coat. It looks natural enough but it’s not really lifting my lashes too much. It’s just extending, it’s lengthening them, but it doesn’t have that much curl or lift in

my opinion. I’m gonna let this mascara dry right here ’cause I got it a little bit on my eyelid and my lower lash line. And we’re gonna build it up to see if we can get that volume that they claim. These bristles have a good grip to your lashes so I can see the fanning effect that they’re claiming. All right, let’s build it up a little bit

more. I’m gonna use the curved side now. I’m gonna twist and kind of just hold towards the root to see if we can lift the lashes. (no audio) Okay, that’s a second coat. It’s a drastic difference, but you can see right away where it’s getting a little bit clumpy and those little, it’s like little balls of mascara getting stuck on some of those lashes. But I think that’s where it’s helping to get that volume. It’s kinda weighing some of these lashes down. I have stubborn lashes so, and that I’m gonna wait to dry and then

we will take it off. But I think with two coats, I’m happy with the length, I’m happy with the pigment and I’m happy with the volume. And you can see the lashes are lifted a lot more than with the first coat. Honestly, it’s just kind of acting like a tubing formula, the way it’s coming off my skin. It just balls up and it comes off, like it doesn’t leave any kind of smudging behind. Do you see that, how easy that was? But I don’t think it is a tubing formula just because they say to remove

this with an oil-based cleanser, not just water. With a tubing formula, you can just use water to remove and it comes off very easy. But this says remove with an oil-based cleanser. So I think there will be some longevity to that. But there we go. It’s clean and it looks great. I like this mascara so far. Yeah, I’ll say the first coat, it’s not very exciting. It’s a good mascara, right? The second coat is where it starts really shining with this formula. So I mean, just look at that difference. One coat, two coats. I think

the one coat is good for like every day. If you just want a little bit of pigment on your lashes and then the second coat is where you want a little bit more of that volume, a little ba-boom for those lashes. Mascara is on and I will say one thing, like I said, it’s a little clumpy when you layer and it’s given me almost a waterproof slash tubing formula. Once you layer, I think there’s a limit of how much you can layer and how fast you can layer. With a tubing formula, the way it coats

or encapsulates each lash, like the mascara, it’s hard to layer with a tubing formula, a lot of the tubing formulas. Same goes to a water waterproof formula. So this is like a hybrid type of a formula which I’m very intrigued about because with the second coat it really makes a difference with how this mascara performs in comparison to the first layer. Personally, I like the way my lashes are looking right now and I have really high hopes with the way this Fan Fest mascara by Benefit is going to wear. I’m really hoping it’s not gonna

be flaking all over my eyes and my face, but I’m excited. I like this mascara so far. I like the first impression, pretty easy to work with, even though it can get clumpy, you can separate those clumps. Now let’s wear it out and see how well this mascara performs. So I’m doing just the one update for this mascara from Benefit, 14 hours in and this is what the lashes are looking like. I think they’re still looking pretty good, honestly, pretty decent. Throughout the day, I was trying to see what kind of wear I would get

from this mascara. And like I said, when I was putting this on, I was thinking I was gonna get a little bit of flaking and that’s exactly what I’m getting. Hopefully you guys can see there’s a bit of flaking, kind of like around like the under-eye area. I was trying to be cautious ’cause I’m also testing some concealers. I don’t wanna like wipe a lot, but not as much smudging, like transfer like under eyes or around right here on the eyelids. But I kind of feel like my lashes have dropped a little bit, especially this

side for some reason we did go swimming. I didn’t go like underwater but I was getting splashed from the kids. So some residual splashing maybe caused the lashes to kind of fall down a tad, but I think this eye right here, the right eye, it still looks so good. The lashes still look very pigmented, very rich, very full. So I do like this mascara overall, it’s just the flaking and there’s a tiny, tiny bit of transfer on the lower lash line. But again, it depends on your skin type, what you’re wearing underneath, what kind of

concealer, if you’ve set your concealer, but overall, very impressed with this mascara and I’m excited to keep wearing it. And I like that it’s like the first layer I was saying, the first coat, it’s not anything wow. It’s not like, whoa, this is a very different type mascara. No it’s not. It’s the second coat that really matters. And yes, it can clump, but you can fan out your lashes with a little bit of time left. So it’s not like a really fast formula where it sets. But you do have a little bit of extra playing

time before the formula does set. And I think the more you layer, the more flaking you will get. Just because the formula, it is clumpier formula. So I think it just depends if you are into this type of mascara and if you have experience with this type of mascara, I think you’ll really enjoy it. But if you’re looking more for that every day, not clumpy, just kind of that lengthened mascara, I don’t think you’re gonna enjoy this one as much. But overall, I like it. Thank you guys so much for watching, spending time with me

and I’ll see the next one very soon. Bye.

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