New Menu at Earl of Sandwich | Vegan & non-vegan food review | Disney Springs

hello everybody princess and the bear here 
we’re back at disney springs for a rare visit  
um you asked a few times and then a couple more 
times yes you did and then a couple more times  
so for that we’re heading around the sandwich yeah 
took my lazy butt off the couch and said well he  
said let’s go let’s go try this uh plant-based 
meatball sandwich and then see what else we can  
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confirmed vegan land shark  
now bear and i used to get lion shark all 
the time when we’d hang out with our friends  
that only wanted to drink budweiser this was 
like or but light actually this was like the  
compromise to bud light because it tastes similar 
so we can all agree and it’s not good life
tastes like a better version of 
bud light three out of five easties
oh land shark island style lager very 
drinkable uh i believe this is brewed  
somewhere in florida i forget yes um 
so i suppose the council’s local and  
francis is right i’m if i had to drink blood light 
i might as well just drink

water the lady truck  
it’s not the flavor profile from her correctly 
hasn’t changed it’s been a while i’ve been  
oh it has been a long time since i had a line 
shark probably like five years i would say and  
you probably see more actual sharks than i have 
in the times i’ve seen actual landshark beers
i like that profile it’s like a 
more flavorful lighter yingling
this is like when drinking beer is like actually 
a treat some beers that just don’t taste well  
yes i’m going to you ipa people but this nice 
drinkable i can have this with basically anything  
three and a half out of five plus 
pinky’s out for bear’s fancy froze  
because for some reason he’s got to get the 
frou-frou rose every time he loves these frozees
i think it’s just like part of his love 
for just slushy drinks because it just  
tastes like a straight-up slushie 
like maybe a grapefruit slushie
it’s nothing to write home about it’s two and a 
half out of five roses it’s just a rose a slush  
it’s whatever at least it’s not a magic 
kingdom mint julep that’s all i have to say  
see when we first started seeing places offer 
wine slushies and regular i thought it was the  
princess that was going to get addicted to them 
because she is the one kind of slower i’m just a  
heathen pretending um uh pretending to like wine i 
don’t know there’s someone i like a certain point  
especially when you get a pair of price point 
wines where i no longer care how it tastes it’s  
just too expensive once she’s just hit a certain 
thing for me and probably is due to my love  
of basically anything slushy if you 
can slush it i’ll probably drink it
the straw is um absolutely useless
it’s like a frozen it’s slightly carbonated i 
think it’s a bit weird but princess is right it’s  
not doing anything special it is technically 
a froze but um i feel like we’ve had better  
not enough of a wine kick for me too much slushie 
not enough wine two and a half out of five plus
vegan goodness the last time we came here was 
in like 2018 and we never had the desire to  
go back even though all of our friends told us 
this is such a great place to get a sandwich we  
just never believed it and now we have a real 
sandwich option instead of the modified veggie  
even though it says limited time offer
open this beautiful gift like it’s an envelope
oh so pretty
here we have the cannonball  
so i actually thought i was gonna knife and 
fork this but this is just so beautifully  
melted and gorgeous that i think i could just 
take a bite um i’m gonna go in from this side
it tastes like pizza
like the
the meatball it’s flavor but it’s not so flavor 
that i’m like this is meat it’s just like  
flavored textured food so it’s not giving you 
the same feels like a beyond or an impossible  
i think and the melted cheese is like it’s just 
melted beautifully so it’s like a hot pocket  
pizza pizza pockets um  
it’s giving me pizza vibes um it’s not as boring 
as like the traditional meatball sub because  
like usually all meatball subs taste the same 
this one has a little bit of pizzazz to it so
three and a half out of five meatballs it’s not 
you know italian italian but it works for like  
a vegan option and it is leaps and bounds better 
than anything that earl of a sandwich has offered  
to date so they get props for that i get 
the appeal of earl of sandwich it’s like a  
half step maybe two thirds of a step above 
like our normal sub place we have a variety  
of options in both hot and cold subs soups and 
salads and they’re i suppose allegedly a little  
bit a higher quality than you know a subway 
which is basically sugar bread like me on that  
but what i don’t like is coming here like yes this 
is a lemon thai like plant-based sandwich there’s  
no placards anywhere it’s not on the menu you have 
to go up and ask for it it’s a bit off-putting for  
most people it’s already somewhat embarrassing for 
some people to come up and try to ask something  
that’s not on the menu but like it’s like you have 
to be in some club to realize that hey yeah we’re  
offering you this sandwich if you’re gonna offer 
plant-based sandwich offer it but i digress i like  
how contained a meatball sub is most meatball 
subs i’ve ever encountered it’s like knife and  
fork required i would never pick any of those 
up because well it would be an absolute mess  
but it seems like they managed to get the 
plant-based meatballs to sort of like fit in here  
without feeling like you’re going to overflow 
when you bite into it let’s give this a shot
the meatball has a nice flavor to it i don’t 
think they went through the trouble of actually  
seasoning an actual meatball but the meatball base 
itself has a nice texture flavor to it chews like  
a meatball feels gonna be balling them out it’s 
nice and cheesy i was worried it wasn’t gonna be  
cheesy enough but it is even with the plant-based 
cheese it’s nice and melty feels complete  
it feels like a meatball sub and i’m not getting 
any like hints of like that like odd plant-based  
sort of like cardboard level taste it tastes like 
a meatball sub without any sort of complaints  
but if you had handed this to me and told me 
it was any ball sub and told me nothing else  
i would 100 believe you it 
definitely sells on that  
portion sizes for a subplace or adequate 
they’re not great i would suggest probably  
ordering like some sort of modified 
salad if you’re going to fill yourself up  
but for a nice lunch i really can’t complain about 
this this is a nice offering um i hope it stays  
honestly and that you put it on the actual menu 
for that i’m giving it three out of five claws
gotta love the dedication the theme was 
sort of like union jack wrapping the whole  
erlo sandwich stamp even though mine also says 
limited offer and it’s like on the regular menu  
so hopefully that just means nothing and 
every sticker is limited offer sticker  
but either way so i have the same 
sort of size sandwich but i got a  
grilled chipotle avocado chicken sandwich 
just a nice thick boy looks like you have  
a nice chunks here in the middle 
mine’s not as well sliced though
so here we have this uh chicken avocado  
let me just open this boy bad boy up so there’s 
chicken there’s some cheese in there looks like  
little beets of white chicken it almost looks 
pretty chopped a little bit of lettuce there  
is some bacon scrunched here on the bottom and 
a tiny bit of avocado there in the middle um
i suppose this looks not much better than 
i can get into like a wawa gas station
bacon has no crunch chicken is
nondescript grow not really seasoned
the lettuce is soft i was expecting a crunch since 
most of the middle of the sandwich is lettuce it’s  
also not very cheesy it’s supposed to be chipotle 
i don’t really get a little hint of really i see  
the sauce but it doesn’t really taste chipotle 
it’s basically just it feels like canned chicken  
tired bacon and lettuce with some 
nondescript government cheese  
i don’t think i like the princess’s 
sandwich better it’s like gas station  
food legit two out of five applause i don’t 
know why you guys like this place so much  
it seems there is chipotle sauce from one half 
of the sandwich so if you look around the back  
side of this one there’s the chipotle’s sauce 
there’s like no chipotle sauce in the other half  
so it could just be a training issue  
but you’re not really giving me a whole lot 
of reasons to come back and try it again
the sandwich of earl or the earl of 
sandwich earl o sandwich nice options
but barely better than like five houses i’m gonna 
say that i won this vegan versus non-vegan battle  
my sandwich was sad honestly i’ve literally had 
gas station subs better than that and my sandwich  
was leaps and bounds better than the last one 
that i had here so i guess that’s a win for me  
and a lose for you we’re gonna have to go find you 
snacks today instead of me yeah probably because i  
am still hungry but i want to say if you’re going 
to have it put on the menu i’ve said about a ton  
of other places ever visited if you’re going to 
have plant-based items or even other items they  
need to be on the menu or they don’t count to be 
fair it is a brand new item that they don’t even  
have on their website yet but they did announce on 
their socials so i feel like they’re not making it  
going there like they’re gonna get there they’re 
just not there yet but i wanna know what you guys  
think real sandwich is this an option you guys 
consider when you come to disney springs it’s  
a favorite if you think that i ordered the wrong 
thing and i should come back another time by all  
means let us know in the comments i know nerd 
on the whim would tell you that you should have  
gotten that holiday sandwich okay nerd on the whim 
i’m calling you out if you want me to come back  
i’ll think about it however there’s anywhere else 
let me see us go that’s also gonna be the place  
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well i don’t think bear is ever going to want 
to eat another sandwich again he’s just going  
to be in a silent sandwich protest of some sort 
for comments i’ll do that but you heard the girl

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