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hi beauties and welcome back to my
channel so there’s a new brand in town
and it’s called rare beauty i’ve picked
up a few new products from the brand new
rare beauty so if you’d like to find out
my first impressions
of this brand then just keep watching
rare beauty is a brand by selena gomez
there were
quite a few products with this initial
launch but i didn’t want
everything that i saw in store i saw a
primer i saw
blotting powder i also saw a liquid
lipstick and i didn’t pick
that up there’s a foundation concealer
lip balm there’s a liquid illuminizer as
and liquid blushes and a brow product so
lots of products i’m sure there’s going
to be more to come
but i just picked up the products that i
really wanted to try
so this is what i picked up to try out i
have the
liquid touch Fond De Teint
oh it’s another one of these products
with a name i can’t hardly say
i have the liquid foundation i have the
i have the blush the liquid blush
i also picked up a couple of
lip balm colors and i
picked up the brow product i’m not a big
fan of liquid lipstick
i will wear it from time to time because
i know some people who watch me might
like liquid lipstick
but that’s not really my jam so because
i picked up so
many other products and my bill was
large i decided to pass on the liquid
lipstick and the illuminizer i just
wasn’t in love with those it was already
a stretch for me to be trying the liquid
blush this is my first time trying that
so i just decided to stop here and
not explore any further during this
shopping trip
so this is the mission of rare beauty we
are on a mission to help everyone
celebrate their individuality
by redefining what beautiful means we
want to promote self-acceptance
and give people the tools they need to
feel less alone in the world
our vision is to create a safe welcoming
space in beauty
and beyond that supports mental
well-being across
age gender identity sexual orientation
race cultural background physical or
mental ability
and perspective the other thing that i
want to share with you all that i
thought was really sweet i like the rare
impact fund the goal of the rare impact
fund is to raise 100 million dollars
over the next 10 years to help address
gaps in mental health services
for underserved communities one percent
of all sales as well as
funds raised from partners will be
dedicated to the rare impact
fund that aims to increase access to
mental health
resources and of course she shares more
about that so that’s
really nice here’s the foundation i
picked up the shade
370N i’m not sure
if it’s going to really work or not
because i couldn’t really test it in
because of COVID and everything so i
could only test it on my arm
but usually i can make it work even if
doesn’t work let me shake it up here
i think it says on the box for me to
shake it up and there’s a little
shaker in there and this is like a
serum type foundation okay
and there’s a doe foot applicator
and i think this is this is a little
light but
um we’ll see
it’s neutral so it’s the right undertone
i’m gonna do one half of my face
and then we’ll take a look at it
so i’ll do one half with the beauty
blender and then we’ll try it with the
so here we go and it is light
but i’m gonna work my magic
i can already tell it’s a little light
but good undertone though
i like how it’s blending with the beauty
blender here
um i didn’t see any instructions on the
that told me how to blend the product so
i’m just gonna do what i typically do
all i said was shake well that’s all it
definitely light for my summer self
so that’s one layer
quite light i know i know don’t worry
it has a little bit of a radiance to it
i think
so let’s just go ahead and do the other
and i have a few like dark marks from
blemishes so i’m interested to see
how well it covers because it is a very
thin uh foundation
very thin the consistency reminds me of
dermablend the drops
it’s sort of the consistency of
dermablend but without that
super full coverage though
this is the it cosmetics um heavenly
skin brush i believe that’s what’s
i like my tarte brush but i left it
at my other home my work home
so this is what we’re using
this is um
moving around let me see if i can show
you guys
with the brush it’s not like
adhering becoming one with the skin as
easily to me
it’s moving around and i think she does
have a brush
that she’s selling as well that i didn’t
it doesn’t set down really quickly to me
so i think i like the sponge application
a little bit better
so let’s go back over it with the sponge
and she also has a sponge but i saw
someone else’s review of the sponge and
they didn’t love the sponge all that
much so
i wasn’t getting that and i i have
plenty of sponges
i know it’s light i know it’s light if
if i would have been able to really
try this on i probably would have gone a
couple shades darker but it’s what it is
that’s what we have right now i’m gonna
go back over
just the areas where i need a little
more coverage but not everywhere because
i think i have on enough
so just a couple of places where i see
like a few spots
sometimes my forehead doesn’t get
covered as well either so we’ll put a
little bit there
okay and i still can’t quite
cover those areas but i’m not going to
keep adding
foundation nope not going to
so this is what it looks like let’s go
on to the concealer i’m just i’m ready
to move on to something else
i didn’t smell any fragrance either guys
let’s see
yeah it doesn’t smell like any
fragrance is in this but
it’s a little tacky as far as how it
she has like a concealer that goes along
with each foundation
and it looks like it’s a little bit
brighter than the foundation this is 370N
concealer liquid touch corrector
Eclat i don’t know oh
wait a minute is there an english side
oh my gosh there’s an english side and
another language side
this is the liquid touch weightless
is what i have on my face right now and
this is the liquid touch brightening
they told me in the store that the knobs
the purpose of the knobs
um is to help her like she has lupus and
one of the i guess symptoms is it it’s
difficult to open things and
this helps you you’re able to just use
it open it like that
so i thought that was interesting folks
in store really like the
the concealer i’m going to do both of
them with the um
sponge i’m going to do both eyes with
the sponge guys
i’ve just been liking to blend out um
concealer with a sponge
and the applicator is another little
angled doe foot i think maybe so you can
do this
um this is a good color
it is like slightly lighter than the
so that’s nice
i’m just going to take a little bit over
my eyes too
okay it’s a very um lightweight
concealer i think it did a good job of
concealing my dark circles
did okay i’m going to put
one dot here and here
just to add a little bit more coverage
i’ll know
a little more about whether it’s
because i’m aging and so let’s see if
it’s settling in my
under eyes and i’ll know a little bit
more once i add the powder i think
but that’s not bad picking it back up i
definitely transferred a lot
of product onto it when i opened it
again the second time around
okay so that’s not good it gets really
dirty huh that kind of stained the cap
you might not be able to tell it but me
touching it with makeup on my hand
kind of transferred onto the cap this is
what they look like side by side just so
you guys can see
the color difference and they both say
370. so that’s
i think that’s nice it’s perfect like
they did it like maybe one shade one or
two shades lighter
than the foundation that it goes with
that’s good
sometimes i like to go in the inner
corner here with the brush
but i think the coverage is nice so i
think i’m okay
i’m going to use my trusty laura mercier
translucent powder um to set today
you know i know exactly how this works
for me
it won’t add any color so
we’ll know how all of this looks because
it’s translucent
let’s just set um the under eyes because
i do not want them to crease
and then we’ll try the blush
all right guys this is what it looks
like so far let’s go ahead and try out
the soft
pinch let’s look at the english side
the soft pinch dewy liquid blush there
was a matte blush
but i didn’t like some of the shades as
well they weren’t like the exact same
and this shade is joy
joy and pain
and light sunshine and rain
i forgot guys i do have the brow product
so before we do the blush
let’s go ahead and try out the brow
product is the brow harmony pencil in
and this shade is deep brown that was
the shade i chose
so there’s gel okay so i’m going to need
a spoolie
all right so one side is a gel product
with a little tiny wand here
that’s the gel the cap just comes off
like that
i was twisting and this is a chunky
brow product it looks like that that’s
the shape
it’s a little chunkier so let’s let’s
give it a go
i have this anastasia spoolie
so i’ll use that one when i need a
wow whoo dark
this looks sort of like ebony
you know in the brow wiz or something
this is different it’s um
like i feel like i can i barely have to
touch my skin for this product to
to draw on my brows here
is it’s a little hard to control
but it’s pretty
i think it’ll just take some getting
used to
see that that just made a bold brow so
let me
use my spoolie here
it is a very creamy product it’s
of course i’ma clean these up you know
but trying to
learn how to use something new i don’t
know how i feel about
having um the gel
on the on one end because it makes it
it’s like fatter on this end and so it
just feels different in your hand
this is smaller it’s skinnier
and this is really fat this is a brow
definer by
abh and imagine how tiny the brow whiz is
in comparison to this
it’s going to take some getting used to
holding this
in your hand and as i said it’s just
really creamy
product so you don’t have to really
do much before it to apply
so we’re going to definitely have to
like shape them up to make them look
because right now i got monster brows i
know i do
i’m gonna get them right though all
right let’s try
the gel
it’s like lifting
a little bit in the place where my brows
are a little sparse
the brush lifted a little bit so i’m
just gonna
and a little bit back right here
i am not sure how i feel about the brow
as far as using it so i feel like
i love the look of my brows you guys
tell me
but i feel like i had a work that was
a chore
i just got to get used to the product
using the product but i had an aha
moment when i was doing this
the look of my brows reminds me of how
my brows look
when i use a pomade but not as
slick as the pomade but this is
between a pencil and a pomade as far as
consistency of this brow product if you
have very fluffy
brows already i think this is a quick
but if you have brows that are more
sparse and require you to do more
drawing them in i think that this
product might take a little bit longer
just because of the texture of the
i was going to do my eye look off camera
but i’m just going to go ahead and film
it and speed through it
this is the tinted smudge proof
eyeshadow base
this is from nars and i just applied
this as my eyeshadow base
is like a korean beauty product that i
really have been enjoying so i’m gonna
use this today
i’m gonna use this as a transition shade

i think i can do this part off camera
i’m gonna do liner lashes
mascara and i’ll be back all right we’re
gonna just try
this with the beauty blender but let’s
go ahead and just show you guys the
color it’s kind of a
coral color i would say it was just the
i like the most i’m gonna put it on the
back of my hand instead of directly
on my face that’s what it looks like
and we’re going to pick it up with the
beauty blender
that’s quite pigmented and it didn’t
pick up much
let’s go on this side too to get rid of
some of the product
well we’re looking clown like right now
blend blend blend blend blend
okay it’s blending out
okay i’m just now i’m trying to kind of
pull it
down some a little nervous at first guys
a little nervous
that’s a pretty color that’s really
take a little bit so we can kind of get
the back here
i just i wanted to feel the foundation
to see you know it’s
how tacky it is it
it’s still kind of tacky to the touch so
i definitely think you need like
powder i didn’t powder in some of these
areas because of the blush
it’s a pretty color but i’m just not
how i feel about a liquid blush but it’s
so this is what it looks like but it
seems like like me it’s lifting
like it’s doing something funny with the
concealer so we’re gonna have to fix
i’m gonna bronze and then see what i can
do to correct
whatever the lifting was can you see
how it kind of lifted the concealer and
it may be because of you know it took a
for me to apply the blush and that’s
where some powder was right here
so i don’t know but let’s go ahead and
bronze and then we’ll
we’ll we’ll fix it the best i can
and i haven’t used this bronzer in a
while it looks a little cruddy
this is my cover FX monochromatic
bronzer and this one is suntan bronze
and it is on sale
this week it’s part of the ulta 21 days
of beauty so i thought i’d
break her back out
i haven’t really got to fix that that’s
okay how can we fix this talk to me goose talk to me goose
i’m gonna try this tarte um
color correct right here
to tone that down
and kind of put that around my edges
and i feel like i still need like a tad
of powder
like i didn’t really apply powder down
in that area
so i’m just gonna take a soft
amount here and just softly
dust it to set
the rest of my face here not bad at all
it it’s still a problem here
i feel like i still need to carve out my
cheeks a little bit
take a little dot
it’s over powder but let’s see
i gotta try i really couldn’t
fix that so we’re gonna move on but
maybe the highlighter will cover some of
this i don’t know
i’m gonna try to bring it down some to
to hide my imperfection down there
i finish the lips and set my face
we’ll talk about it
let’s try out the lip products then i’ll
set my face and we’ll discuss everything
saw two lip balm colors that i really
like blessed
and empathy blessed empathy so let’s go
with um blessed
first and what i liked about this the
shape of the lip balm is so that when
you put it on your nightstand
or any flat surface it won’t roll away
from you i like that
i thought that was innovative oh
i’m not going to apply lip liner i just
want to see how this looks
a hydrating fuss-free balm that
adds a hint of just kissed
color and soft shine
this definitely looks more like a
violety a violet pink
it doesn’t it doesn’t look the same on
my lips it looks like a
purple pink it feels good on the lips it
like it has oil in it though it feels
more like a it does feel like a lip balm
and it has like a oil type of
texture so this one is blessed
now let’s try empathy so let’s see what
empathy looks like and this is
um a little different
oh this one looks more like
the color
so that’s what this one looks like i’ll
go back to the other color but i want to
put on a
liner with it this is cork
time to set i’m using my charlotte
airbrush flawless filter
i’m going to have to watch this back and
look at myself before i can
really tell you guys how i feel about
the product because
at the end of the day how it looks at
the end
makes a huge difference versus the
whenever you’re trying something for the
first time and you’re learning how
the product works it can be a little bit
first let’s just talk about the
foundation i think that the foundation
looks beautiful once you get it finished
and now that i have everything on i
think it is beautiful
i could have done better with my shade
match but as i mentioned before
it was sort of tough at sephora because
i just i didn’t want to stay in there
long enough to get someone else to apply
it to my face and you couldn’t just
test it you know going into the tester
and applying to your face just was
out of the question for me right now so
i only applied it to my arm
it disappeared on my arm but it is
um a little lighter but as you can tell
once i applied
bronzer it’s okay i think
i’ve done okay to you know make it look
like my skin but i can still tell it’s a
little bit
light i was touching my face in the
places where i didn’t apply powder
and it still felt a little bit tacky so
i would say
that you’ll want to set this with powder
but it’s just
hard when you’re using so many liquid
like i just typically like to be able to
set my face right away with powder
than to do what i was having to do like
move to my brows like
the normal order of things when i apply
my makeup this was just harder to work
because i knew i was going to get to
that liquid blush and
it was just kind of different maybe i
should have gone ahead and applied the
liquid blush before my eyes
so that i wouldn’t have had this issue
over here that we’re going to talk about
there were no instructions that really
told you
much about the product not on the
packaging to tell me
how to proceed so um this
this is okay i like it better with the
sponge i felt like the product moved
a lot with the brush and if i was just
using a brush i would be buffing it in
forever forever forever it was still
moving around
and with the beauty blender i was able
to get it to set down a little bit
and again it is a like kind of runnier
i’ll continue to try it out to see how i
feel about it i do like how my
skin looks but i’ll have to continue to
wear it to tell you guys
how i feel about it i think i like the
concealer a little bit better than the
foundation it doesn’t feel
anything like the serum foundation
it felt like normal concealer it just
felt like a
matte concealer and it’s just a hint
brighter than the foundation color
so i thought it paired nicely with the
foundation i can see
like more wrinkles under my eye but
i am older i say that all the time i am
so you can’t 100% eliminate them i don’t
creasing i don’t think my dark circles
100% gone they’re not completely gone
but my under eye is fairly smooth
the concealer blended nicely on top of
the foundation i have a better first
impression of the concealer than the
foundation right now
the brow product i actually like
i really like the brow product
but it took some work as well so i’ll
just have to get used to it but i
like how my brows look definitely like
this crayon
but just be warned that it’s a little
tricky and i think you’re gonna have to
kind of play with it to learn how to use
the blush i’m not sure
i like the color of this blush and i
i like that it kind of
looks like a natural flush on your
cheeks like i think
that one of the benefits of a liquid
blush is that it sort of
just really blends into the cheeks
really pretty
and it looks like a natural blush you
maybe i waited too late to apply this so
the next time that i apply this
i will apply it directly on top of my
and my foundation before i set my
concealer i’m nervous about that
i may have to like set the concealer
near where my under eyes might crease
and then apply the blush but not bring
the powder too far down
like i’m gonna have to play with this
but i do think that maybe i need to
apply this sooner
and not give my foundation and the
concealer too much time to set
i felt like i had to work quickly with
this product and it started to
lift in this area i couldn’t fix it
i just did the best i could to make it
look better but i couldn’t fix it
that’s the other thing about like a
liquid blush is to me you can’t really
correct it
if you do have a problem like this where
with powder you can just kind of
you know it’s just not going to happen
and you can kind of touch it up
whereas like if this wears a little bit
can i touch it up
because right now i’m scared because of
what what happened i’m scared to put it
on top of powder
and i tried to fix it on top of powder
and it was just harder like so
it seems like you really got to put this
on wet foundation
wet concealer area and you better get it
the first time because it’s hard to go
back and fix
anything later so i don’t love that
about liquids
it doesn’t mean that the product’s bad i
don’t like that whole thing i don’t like
that process
i will use this again i will try it
again but i will move faster
the lips um
i don’t know that this serves a purpose
for me either there were various colors
for this little lip balm but i wasn’t a
fan of the colors i picked
as far as how they look on my lip color
this pink
was looking more purple pink than coral
pink and in the tube
it just didn’t look it looked a little
more coral i don’t know
but on top of my darker lips it just
changed the color
and this color is not bad i just didn’t
want to wear it today the empathy color
that’s not so bad
it’s a lip balm it feels like a lip balm
a color that especially if you put it on
with a lip liner that
could be an everyday color it’s okay
the texture is different than a lot of
products that i’ve used before
i’m not experiencing any gathering here
it went on smoothly it’s nice i like the
brand i like the concept of the brand
so i really wanted to like everything a
i don’t know yet so the jury is still
i’ll try them out a few more days just
to see
if i can kind of get the hang of them
but i definitely think this is a
brand that’s moving in a it’s a different
kind of product
i i usually keep it basic i usually
keep it simple and i you know i purchase
products that i’m
familiar with and know how to use and i
was just wanting to try something new
today so i just have to practice with
these products and see
how it goes alright guys so that
concludes my video for today
and i hope that you all have enjoyed it
if you came here trying to decide
whether to purchase these products i
don’t know if you have left with an
because i’m not quite sure how i feel
about everything myself
except that brow product i do like i do
like this
i’ll update you in the description box
as it relates to how i feel about these
so i hope that you all have enjoyed
today’s video if you did give it a big
thumbs up
if you have any questions or comments
leave them down below and i will respond
and if you’ve not already subscribed to
my channel please go ahead and click
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so i’ll be seeing you guys again very
soon in my next video so until the next
we meet again this is savvy signing out

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