hey everyone so welcome or welcome back to 
my youtube channel my name is deepshika verma  
and i post all things beauty here i’m super 
excited because i’m actually playing with the new  
rare beauty launch they did come out with a powder 
and as well as some bronzers and some new blushes  
and i was able to get my hands on these and 
just play today i went for a really chewy look  
some juicy lips and a little bit of sparkle 
because i figured why the heck not um but i  
absolutely adore rare beauty and i have some 
thoughts on this new launch um i really just  
love this brand and their mission and kind of 
just bringing in the awareness for mental health  
they actually surpassed their 1 million dollar 
pledge for the rare beauty fund so that’s really  
really exciting and they brought in a whole team 
of more mental health professionals so aside from  
just the makeup i think rare is doing really 
really well in that field and um i’m just super  
excited to play with everything you guys already 
know if you’ve been on my channel before um how  
much i love rare beauty and i have my other two 
reviews of their first and second launches up so  

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let’s get into everything alrighty so i have 
my hair sectioned off in these cute little rare  
beauty clips um but we’re gonna do a very simple 
eye today i’m really excited to test out these  
new products for you um and we’re just gonna 
do pretty much a full face of rare beauty i’m  
gonna go in with the trusty rare beauty eyeshadow 
primer i absolutely love this primer um it goes  
on like liquid and it self sets and it has a very 
neutral like peachy tone and we’re just going to
go all over the lid and bring 
some down into the lower lash line
and it already kind of helped um with the 
discoloration that i have going on my eyelid  
so i am going to go in with the rare 
beauty this is the true to myself  
discovery eyeshadow palette and we’re going 
to use this color here called um positive  
and it’s just going to be my transition shade i’m 
just taking it onto a sigma this is the e33 um  
crease brush i’m just going to tap off 
any of the excess and i’m just going to  
go and warm up my crease and bring this up 
a little bit higher almost to my brow bone
alrighty so after adding that transitional 
shade i’m going to go into the shade called  
pure which is this color right here 
it’s a cool tone kind of like mavi  
plum shade and i’m going to 
take the kjh’s number 17.  
and we’re going to take that shade and i’m mostly 
going to focus this right in the outer v of my eye
and just kind of builds a little bit of that 
pigment before going in and smoking it out more
and rinse them down here as well 
and it’s looking a little bit subtle  
right now so i’m just really going to build just 
a little bit more just to add depth to my eye  
so i kind of built that plummy shade to my liking 
and now i’m gonna go ahead and smoke this eye out  
maybe just a little bit more i’m really feeling 
that vibe today so i’m gonna go into the shade  
called um what’s it called passionate yeah i think 
it’s this one or loyal oil crash in it whichever  
one this um brown shade is and i’m gonna take 
it onto a wrapper this is the number 26 brush  
it has a nice little dome and again i’m really 
going to focus the shade more on the outer  
part of my eye and in my lash 
line a little bit as well
really right here and a little bit down here
so i’m going to go back with that original 
sigma brush that i used and go into the  
transition shade and just clean up 
kind of the edges of the smokey eye
and bring a little bit more warmth here
so i am going to add a little bit of glitter 
there is this shade called accepting which  
is that duochrome glitter i’m just going to go 
ahead and take it onto my ring finger and she is  
very very pretty um and i’m gonna pop this 
right on the center of my lid and just kind of  
tap it on there right around here and 
bring it in and you just really want to  
press and pack the pigment 
otherwise there’ll be some fallout
okay so this is what the eye is looking like i 
am going to go ahead i color corrected already  
using the origin you stick today 
this is a little bit deeper than  
rise um and i did get a little bit of fallout 
because i used that same finger to press it in  
so um luckily this actually cleans up pretty 
nicely with their um concealer brush just going to  
just tap away some of the glitter 
and just do a little clean sweep  
taking away excess product we’re adding 
in some concealer so i’m going to use  
the verb beauty one this is in 380w i have 
some spots that i want to go over as well
and this will just neutralize them 
because it’s my natural skin color so  
i’m just going to let this sit 
on my face for about a minute  
and i’m just going to use the same rare 
beauty brush to um blend it together
okay so i went ahead and i concealed and i 
added just a little bit more of that brown  
shadow as well just to accentuate 
the eye shape maybe a little bit more  
and then now i’m going to go ahead and 
jump into my creams and liquids for my  
complexion so rare beauty did um launch their 
bronzer sticks they’re called the warm wishes  
effortless bronzer sticks and i have two of them 
these are so freaking cute i love this packaging  
it is so beautiful i just i love the 
pale pink um and then it also has  
just a rounded sculpting stick so i picked 
up the shades this one is called always sunny  
and i’m just going to swatch it in 
the back of the hand for you guys  
it’s this shade right here um she’s a little 
bit more like she’s about a shade or two deeper  
and then i also have the deepest shade which 
is full of life and this one definitely has a  
little bit more red this has a little bit more 
terra cotta this one’s definitely going to be  
like a much deeper kind of bronzing shade for 
me um this will probably be like a softer shade  
and depending on the vibe that i’m feeling i can 
go either way but these bronzer sticks they’re  
meant to be weightless and i’m pulling out from 
the site right now um they’re ultra blendable and  
buildable this formula goes on smooth and seamless 
with a natural finish they’re non-greasy they  
are water resistant and they won’t crease or clog 
your pores so that’s a big thing um i am feeling a  
softer vibe so maybe i’m gonna go into that first 
shade here i think it was called um always sunny  
and we’re gonna go and i’m gonna go right so 
right underneath here this bone right above the  
cheekbone i’m just going to just go like that and 
carve it out with creams i always like to go above  
the cheekbone because these move and so it just 
it’s easier to blend out when it’s just above  
and then i’m going to go right here around my 
chin area and my nose i’m just gonna give a little  
point down here just like that and this went 
on really really easily like it’s super creamy  
um i am going to take their foundation brush which 
i just picked up as well i’ve been wanting to get  
this and i finally have it and i have another one 
which i picked up for my kit and i’m just going to  
flip it upside down and just start blending 
away the bronzer stick and this is adding  
such a beautiful glow to the skin as well like do 
you see that it is so pretty and it’s blending out  
effortlessly which is what it’s 
claiming to do so i really like that um  
i’m just gonna go ahead and finish buffing this 
out bring a little bit of excess into my jawline
i am going to warm up my fingers just a 
little bit um and kind of just smooth out the  
nose and my forehead just a little bit more and 
press some of the product in just so it’s not too  
radiant and too creamy but this blush um sorry 
this bronzer stick really actually blended in so  
beautifully in my skin and i could probably even 
go in with the darker shade if i really wanted a  
little bit more sculpt but this is looking really 
really beautiful i really like this um a lot i  
definitely could see why a lot of people were 
hyping it up and to be honest so far rare beauty  
has been working wonders for me so i’m really 
excited so you guys if you’ve been on my channel  
before you know i love the liquid blushes from 
rare beauty and i have the shades encouraged so  
encourage here is a soft neutral pink um and then 
i also have the true mauve shade called believe  
and these are both the dewy formula um i do 
also like the matte formula but i think the  
dewy one works better for my dryer skin it’s 
easier to control the payoff i feel um and it  
really does add a nice sheen to the skin even if 
you’re not wearing highlighter so i’m actually  
going to go ahead i’m going to use the shade 
believe on this side which is that mauvy color  
these have a really nice doe foot 
and i’m just gonna go right here and  
just a little dot there um these are super super 
pigmented so you really just need like a dot  
or two don’t go crazy um and i’m just gonna take 
that same foundation brush and we’re just going to  
drape around and sheer it out and look at 
that pigment um it is honestly stunning  
um and i’m just going to continue to shear it 
out if you get a little bit too much like i  
literally just did it’s fine you can always 
go in with your complexion brushes i’m just  
going to use this one that i had from 
earlier and really just sheer it out
so this side has believe it’s very similar  
to the stay vulnerable melting cream 
blush in um nearly mauve actually  
but this is more dewy um so then now on the 
other side i’m gonna go in with encourage and  
encourage is that neutral pink shade i think i’m 
just gonna do one dot this time like right here
and blend it out just clean off the brush here
and this is really really pretty
so this is encourage that pink shade and then 
this is believe that mop shade and i just took  
whatever was left on my brush and applied it 
to my nose but this is what she’s looking like  
honestly i love it i love like i mentioned i love 
the soft pinch liquid blushes they are honestly  
amazing and if i had to recommend anything 
if you haven’t tried road beauty before  
um i would definitely recommend the soft pinch 
blushes and i’m gonna do a whole i’m gonna do  
a whole video comparing the different blush 
formulas um so definitely stay tuned for that  
alrighty so the last thing i picked up from 
rare beauty again look at this packaging  
super super cute um this is they’re always an 
optimist a soft radiance setting powder and  
this is actually like a radiant setting powder so 
it’s supposed to be different in that it has kind  
of more of a sheen or radiance to it um and it’s 
uh super finely milled and silky to the touch it’s  
talc free it’s a loose mineral powder that goes on 
light and airy to provide sheer seamless coverage  
with a subtle radiance and a natural finish and 
it’s supposed to extend the weirder makeup while  
blurring the look of pores and smoothing skin’s 
texture so no caking no flashback any of that  
and i picked up the shade medium i could have 
easily either picked up medium or even medium deep  
but i like my powders a little bit brighter 
especially around the under eye area so i  
definitely had to go a little bit lighter 
i’m just going to go ahead and take the
brush tap off some of the excess 
and we’re just going to go around  
the areas where i have some concealer and around 
the blush and i’m just going to take a little bit  
more powder i’m just going to pop it in the 
lid actually we’re just going to go in here
just get a little bit more
and press it underneath and it is providing 
a little bit of a do as you guys could see um  
it’s not entirely matte it’s not drying i can 
definitely feel like it’s setting but it’s not  
overly cakey or anything which 
is really really beautiful
so the powder did leave such a radiant finish to 
my skin i mean it’s honestly beautiful and i can  
get away with using this on days where like i’m 
not really wearing foundation or anything like  
that um so i definitely love that and i’m going 
to go ahead now i’m just going to finish off the  
eyes a little bit add some mascara and we’re going 
to go ahead and do the lip finishes look together  
um but yeah so far everything that i’ve tried from 
the new launch i have to say i’m pretty impressed  
like this is really really beautiful alrighty so 
off camera i did go ahead and finish off the eyes  
um i did add lashes as well as the rare 
beauty mascara i absolutely love this mascara  
i’m probably gonna add just a little bit 
more just to blend the lashes with my natural  
lashes um this is definitely drying out on me 
i definitely need to pick up the full size of  
this but the lashes that i used are the rem beauty 
these are the eternally meowing it’s what i used  
in my review of rem if you haven’t checked that 
out definitely go check it out um but yeah i’m  
absolutely loving how this is coming together so 
we’re gonna go ahead and finish off with lips i  
have a couple different options i am going to 
um post on instagram as well so we’ll probably  
do a couple different options but i’m feeling 
a little bit more of a mauvy lip to go with  
that blush from earlier so i’m going to take a 
lip pencil this is coffee beauty’s purpley padaka  
it’s actually an eyeliner it’s their underlined 
goggle but you can use this on your lips as well  
and it’s a twistable i’m just gonna go ahead 
and line my lips i did rub off the lip balm from  
earlier so after lining my lips i’m going 
to go in to the rare beauty this is their  
um dewy lip balm in sincere it is a cute little 
mini it came in a little gift set that i got  
and it is a beautiful mobby shade 
so i’m just going to pop this on
right in here
the color payoff for these are really really 
vibrant but they’re really really really um  
hydrating on the lips like they’re really 
nourishing i am just going to add just a  
little bit more of a gloss this is their nearly 
mauve glossy lip balm and make my lips more juicy
alrighty so this is the finished look honestly 
i love the blushes i love the bronzer sticks  
they are so easy to work with and they 
blend it into my skin really really  
beautifully um i also really love the setting 
powder i love that kind of radiance that that is  
giving um i didn’t use the liquid highlighter 
today and i felt like i really didn’t need to um  
it’s just giving me a really nice glowy look and 
it’s not caking anywhere which is just beautiful  
um so yeah i’m really impressed with the new 
launch i have to say i also really really like  
the foundation brush i think it was really really 
nice for both the contour or really the bronzer  
and the blush um so overall do definitely think 
that this collection is worth the hype i might  
be a little bit biased because i love rare beauty 
but basically everything that i’ve tried from the  
brand so far has been really really nice and 
i really love the brand’s mission as you guys  
already know so yeah definitely go check it out um 
and yeah that’s basically it i hope you guys found  
this review helpful um and i will talk to you guys 
in my next video i’m gonna head off and shoot for  
the gram i have some stuff to do but i hope you’re 
well stay safe and yeah i will see you later bye

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