NFL Week 2 Preview: How Does QB Trey Lance And The 49ers Look (-8.5) Vs. Seahawks?

rainfall, So I’m going to say that This is a challenge, but I do think it leads towards the Niners continuing to try to run the ball, usually utilizing all Elahitchl. Sot fas onn min No Trey, Lance and other running back options. We are less than an hour away from the second iteration of our Sunday crunch for the season and I had a nice start. Last week I went to 11, but the loser Was a bit tough as I tried to laugh in the face of the weatr in Chicago and go over on Debo Samuels yards.

Targets were there We were never close. I was going to have Trey lands as passing yards over as part of my Sunday morning crunch spoiler. It’s not again, right? I cannot do the same thing tce ie bad. I think Trey Lance does have a chance to go over. Seattle’s not good. I know they’re getng a lot of credit for what they did in week one. They don’t deserve it. Denver lost that game. I know it sounds cliche, The Broncos average the third most yards per play of any offense in the NFL in week, one, with

only the Chiefs and the Bills averaging more than the Denver defense, pitched a second half shut out. They dominated that game. Realistically, if

you look through it They did find a way to lose. Seattle’s not good. Jamal Adams. Now out, I think try lands in the Niners can have their way. But the weather changes everything. It’shy I woie Seahawks

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