Nifty Prediction and Bank Nifty Analysis for Tuesday | 04 June 24 | Bank NIFTY Tomorrow

Learning Marketing in Mahesh, today we will discuss about Nifty and Magnifty Tomorrow Nifty is expiry, we will discuss about that only And tomorrow election results will be running in live market We will discuss about that also You might remember, I explained in yesterday’s video That in best case

scenario, we will pull up to 5% and stop for once I explained the calculation on Excel And all that how we should behave, how we should approach the market So, if I show you again So, you might remember, I made this in Excel That if it is like

this, then see this And keep this approach Now, you will see that market is closed somewhere around 51,000 Here 300, average closing was of 250 But market was around 300, 300, 300, 400 And today it has come to 340 in opening So, my calculation was that if we

see in best case scenario If we see exit poll result, then market can go up to 5% And I said that whatever market opens That will give 38-40% retracement You have to see the data and then take the judgement If you notice, what did market do as soon

as it opened It broke from 340 and came to 2300 Calculate the numbers from below, it came out as 35-38% That much retracement

happened After that, the market went up slowly It is not that it gave clear cut money to someone Whatever was given, was given in the

end, after 3pm Now, why did this happen after 3pm Right, it happened after 3pm because Those who were in short positions Right, they will square off somewhere They didn’t get a chance to leave the whole day Now, go and watch the Thursday video I told you that you

have to make the strategy for Monday So, I explained in the Thursday video That what is the strategy, we can make it I told you clearly that I don’t think any media channel Is going to show less than the majority to BJP So, you will see good numbers

But, you have to take the contra view If something goes wrong So, I said that the spreads I taught you Callback ratio spread, putback ratio spread In which, if we are doing long, then we are doing two quantities So, what was that We will short one in the

money call And we will do two long calls I told you that you make the long positions of Bankex And you make the short positions of Finifty So, what will happen with that If the market goes up, then there will be no money in Finifty But, there will

be a lot of money in Bankex So, now if the market Bankex has closed above 2500 points After that, if nothing has been made So, what can I do in this But, it is not like that Because, the level at which the premium was According to that level,

I myself saw That there are about 1200-1300 points So, 1200-1300 points Are not less on one pair So, after getting that much points And what else do you want The same calculation is done Now, let’s say The back ratio spread of Finifty Is kept So, now it is

quite far So, there is no point in it There is no problem if we exit it We can deal with what will be in the market tomorrow So, if 1200-1100 points are coming Net-net So, that strategy works That’s why I made a separate video for it Last weekend

For everyone And on Thursday, I explained how to make it According to Now, even after that, no one is able to take advantage So, now your problem Many people have this problem with me Sir, you are an anti-BJP, that is my personal view But how to play in

the market I always try to guide And in the video of tomorrow The levels I explained to you What you have to do after that Mostly, the market has done that Plus, I was writing in the group today That As discussed, if you come to long Then we

will give full time to the market And euphoria as discussed In yesterday’s video 5% will end at the best case So, in yesterday’s video, I had discussed this That the euphoria will end at 5% So, today it ended Now, we will see tomorrow How it happens tomorrow I

don’t know what to say But now we plan How we can approach for tomorrow Now see Your political view and my political view Can be different I don’t like some things I keep cribbing on it You don’t like it, no problem But I always give logic Why I

don’t like something If you don’t understand logic, then don’t understand But if you don’t like the market Discussion, then it’s different Then don’t look at me But you will look at me, because you know Market discussion is my work Yesterday I shared this That I explained in detail

Who knows, will come or not I explained clearly that In India, in the last 10 years What has happened is Corporate tax rate has been reduced Rather, corporates have been given clauses Because of which Corporate taxes have been reduced That means Even after earning more profit Because corporate

profits are increasing every quarter Every company’s profit is increasing every quarter Leave covid, every quarter Every company has given profit growth Even after that, they are paying less tax And individual taxes Are increasing, some people will say Individual income has increased, so tax has increased So when individual

income has increased Income tax should also increase accordingly Your salary increases according to inflation You ask your company If your company has given a 12% hike The company will say 6% is normal 6% is the inflation hike So if your salary is increasing by 12% Right In the

same way, the income tax slab should also increase But it has not been increased Rather, as your income increases Because the maximum income of people is less That’s why you don’t understand this When you start earning 2 crores, 3 crores Then you will understand how much this tax

pinch Because against this When you don’t get anything When you are giving 10 lakhs tax You don’t know Then you will understand that I am giving so much What am I getting That question will come I think nation building is happening But if you give 1 crore Then

you don’t understand that nation building is happening Because the problem is You go to the government office to do one thing Okay And if your maternal grandmother comes Then my name will change That you pay 1 crore tax And someone is ready to give 100 rupees So his

work will be done first And you will be explained 50 rules And you will understand that you have money So the work that happens with 200 rupees You will have to give 2000 rupees So this is the account So it will pinch You will start earning 2 crores,

3 crores 5 crores I want all my viewers to start earning 10 crores a year And after that you will understand me Will not come first You will not understand until your income is less Earnings are less When the income will increase Then you will understand what I

want to say Anyway Corporate’s tax is going down That is, the taxation of the companies Is going down And the taxes of individuals are increasing And in the last 10 years You see how steep it has become Okay And The collection of direct tax is increasing day by

day Now it started declining But it has been increased by indirect taxes So you paid tax Some of your income is left Whatever you spent from that income You are being collected from indirect tax Because whatever you buy 18% GST is a matter of name Right So keep

paying 18% GST If you buy a car, then give 28% GST If you buy a mobile, then give 28% GST So that’s the story So I explained that the end user is not getting any benefit And all this gives me a problem I feel bad So let’s get

started You won’t understand When your income increases Then you will understand But okay Let’s come to tomorrow’s market And here is the link of my Telegram group See, please don’t search There are many fake channels in my name You will get many fake channels in my name But

You have to keep in mind that My channel is a private channel You won’t get it by searching Link is in the description If you want to join from that link, then do it Now let’s come to tomorrow’s discussion First thing The level at which the market is

today The average closing of 260 I don’t have to say much Let’s put the average closing of 260 Okay Where is the market now? It is around 310-320 Okay The market will be open on 9-15 Till then In many counting Because it is Lok Sabha election So in

Lok Sabha election Results come In Vidhan Sabha also Counting continues till night In Lok Sabha In Lok Sabha Clear cut verdict Will not come before 11-11.30 Will not come before that What happens before that Government employees Or Many of our army men CRPF and CISF They were on

election duty So wherever they have voting Initially Their counting starts Between 8-9 8-9 Evm counting starts from 9 First 1-2 rounds You will get the numbers According to that Many people numbers have started increasing and around 11 o’clock again numbers have started increasing so keep in mind that

market will come out on 22,320 so it will easily approach 23,500 and if it breaks 23,500 and shows confirmation that government is repeating so market will approach 24,000 but if it shows that in exit poll it was shown that all 370 seats are coming of NDA and 23,340

seats are coming of BJP and if numbers are less than that now I will give you an example, there is a channel called G News, it did a normal exit poll and it showed only 370 seats, then after that it did a drama and showed AI exit poll

and in AI exit poll it showed 370 seats to NDA so there was no need to do this drama you have to do it but there was no need now if that number comes around 320 to NDA and 272 to BJP then market will not give that much

movement that we think it will come 24,000 or 25,000 will it be correct or not, it will depend on whether 273 or 271 is coming if 273 and above is coming then market should be positive but if it comes below 270, below 271, below 272 then you can

see correction in market, until that correction is not there, 23,200 below that 23,070 first level and after that 23,000 second level if 23,000 is broken then there will be a problem and 23,000 will be broken only when there will be a problem so unless the numbers of those

seats are very drastically you can see it going down that 272 fell down then 65 came 60 came then only there is a big negative or else there is no negative government needs 273, 273 can come, if 273 comes then we will not take negative bias, we will

decide according to levels if there is anything in the live market then I will definitely update you now let’s come to option data one thing you must have noticed that 100 points premium decay happened today now many people increased it to 300 points and you are saying 100

points decay, no at the money the premium 450, 450 points you are seeing 375, 375 points, what does it mean? that almost 70, 75 points of premium decay happened only in the name of exit poll tomorrow results will come, so I am assuming 100-150 points of premium decay

in the results so decay will be very sharp if you want to play then play in monthly don’t do it in weekly, you will get stuck there are many premiums, it is difficult to derive let’s come to nifty buy, it is in uncharted territory never seen these levels,

mark it, you are at 50,900 if it breaks the 50,900 level then the first level can give you a market move up to 50,600 after that it can give you a market move up to 50,450 so if the market breaks below 50,900 then you get 50,650 and the

second movement can give you a market move up to 50,450 if it doesn’t come below 50,900 then you don’t need to think about short side what level do you have to keep in upside? you have to keep in upside 50,000 today’s market is closed, so what should I

say? hold 50,150 and what else? put a stop loss and trail it, see how far the market goes but I am saying bullish on this only when you can see on the screen that you can see so many NDA seats you have to think like this only when

you can see so many NDA seats or else the market can give corrective move for once if the numbers are less so there will be a lot of things according to that, I will keep updating in live market and keep checking the numbers on election commission’s websites and

as far as channels are concerned, keep checking till date keep checking till date or check gnews, keep checking any news so what happens is, both are fine, they don’t do that much but don’t start watching Republic of India, or else Adab Goswami will declare at 9 am itself

that 400 seats are coming, it will come but for that you have to wait till 3.30 pm ok, so till date check gnews only, it will be better on that numbers are a bit, those people do tik tok this happened and yes, tomorrow fin nifty is expiry, see

market is unchartered territory I can’t do much project in that, my opinion is that tomorrow mark above 28700 and mark below 5800 if the market is below 28580 then you can approach market till 28400, 22580 if the market breaks then you can approach market till 22400 if the

market is above 22700 then you can see bullish move, as I told you, what numbers will be there on screen you have to decide that, this is done, let’s come to major stock charts because there is still movement in stocks, let me tell you the reason why, reliance

or HDFC bank, you think there is an all time hype, reliance is an all time hype, but HDFC bank, HUL Infi, all these are not an all time hype, banking has become so strong ok, but in that also, Axis bank ran 5% but HDFC bank ran 5% right,

so we have to keep that in mind so what levels we have to mark, HDFC bank, we have to mark first level 1565 level, till then we have to keep bullish bias we don’t have to think before that, ICICI bank has gone towards extra bullish, according to me,

till 1150 doesn’t break, don’t short it Axis bank, 1220 if it comes below 1220 then weakness can come, Kotak again, as I said, banks are not that far, till it is above 1790 till then it is bullish, till then it doesn’t come below it, there is nothing to

worry about SBI ran 10% ok, let me tell you one thing there was a time when SBI used to run for 250-300 rupees and leave it, because people will say that he is just making a story anyways, 900 level, if it comes below 900 then it can give

a problem Infi, still it didn’t run, it should have run why it didn’t run, I don’t know, is it below 1405 or above 1415 it goes below 1405 or above 1415, decide according to that Reliance, 160 rupees, Adani if it becomes number one, then Ambani will also move

ahead, in this Adani-Ambani fight, the market is pulling up till it doesn’t break 3000 level, don’t short it, think about it but if it breaks 3000 level, then it will happen only when there will be a problem in numbers and if it breaks, then it will come towards

2950 I won’t discuss HUL, but 2360 will mark it it will be above 2360, decide according to that what is in silver, it is giving bullish move again, till it is above 91200 bullish view is intact, it has to come below 91200 Gold, it is going near 71400

sorry, I have to put June-July, it is above 71600 and below 71500, in whichever range it breaks, it can give you a good move NG, it shot again, it shouldn’t have done it, but it did it will mark 224 level, if it comes below it, then there can

be weakness till it is above it, keep bullish bias intact crude oil, it is broken a lot, bullish view will come above 6420, it won’t come before that If you find the video useful, then like it

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