Nifty Prediction and Bank Nifty Analysis for Tuesday | 2 April 24 | Bank NIFTY Tomorrow

Today we will discuss about Nifty and Bank Nifty Tomorrow we will discuss about some modern stocks Because of which there are big movements in index We will discuss about them and try to understand How can the market move Why all these discussions are important You will understand later

Actually people don’t try to relate things But if you try to relate things properly Then you will understand What you can anticipate for the market That’s the only difference People start predicting instead of anticipating Prediction and Anticipation has a difference In prediction you assume that this will happen

And in anticipation you assume that This can happen The day you think that This can happen means This can’t happen That day your trading decision Your trading technique will change Overall Yesterday I uploaded a video on Sunday Many people didn’t watch it They were celebrating in the team

I pointed out one thing I checked many backtesting results Every minute I checked many backtesting I understood one thing That Time-based triangles Are still working People are making good money Who is not making money Those who had directional strategies Hardcore non-directional strategies According to market open and close

Those people are getting trapped But those who have made some modifications Changed their portfolio Changed their SLS Their performance has improved a lot

The problem is You will get options If you do it Do buy options But get into strategy-based If you think Market is bullish Buy a

call and sell it Do this at least If you think market will fall Buy a put and sell it But you will be safe in the market You won’t know how to buy SLS And you have to make money Nothing can happen The situation has changed The situation

has not changed That’s what is going on What happened today? The story was sideways all day In fact, I wrote it in the morning Generally I don’t write all this My particular view But I wrote that today is a day to be cautious As soon as the market

opened I took it sideways Now 5-10 points are falling A small scalping move was found Under 20 EMA 5-7 points must have been made in Nifty 10-20 points must have been made in Bank Nifty That’s all If you want to be happy for that Be happy In ETA

decay, I checked At the money 20-20 points have decayed in Nifty 40-40 points have decayed in Bank Nifty Where will the poor option buyer go? Without doing anything The poor guy’s 80-90 points premium is going And I am talking about after 9.30 Leave the carry forward It’s over

This is the situation You will not improve The story will remain the same There will be a day The day the option of option buyer will go to Rs. And in that greed 29 days in the whole month Rather 20 days are not left In the market for

19 days, he will do the same Because of that one day Your discipline will be spoiled You will not improve This financial year will be the same As last year It will be better As I said The difference between anticipation and actual thing I will show you How

we can anticipate things Generally I never say Bullish-bullish-bullish But see what I wrote today Let’s see If it comes out Then it’s 2% down Many global markets are positive Rest of the global markets are positive New financial year is beginning Today fresh sellers are ready There is less

chance So cautiously bullish Approach should be kept It was written clearly at 8.20 One more thing There was another important news Many people must have seen it Many people must have ignored it HDFC bank has raised House loan interest HDFC Means other banks will also do The whole

world is talking About rate cutting Our rates are increasing For consumer Your blood will be sucked Your housing loan EMI will increase Market does not care Does HDFC profitability increase? Yes it will increase Bank nifty and nifty Who kept positive HDFC bank has major contribution You will not

read all these things You will not follow news What can you do But that’s it You are fine You want someone to say Just buy a call here Without stop loss Buy a call Go down and average Buy more calls And print money after that Open market Buy

a call Open market In last mid cap There is a move Already dead Buy a call What happened If you trade with closed eyes It will not happen People earned money by selling calls Not by buying Market will give you moves You have to judge You have to

understand Then you will be able to trade Otherwise it will be difficult Let’s see what was our discussion Our discussion’s upper level Upside move is possible 22 450 500 370 22 450 500 Market is open What to do Same thing in bank nifty We anticipated up to 47.5%

We anticipated What to do Pancakes Our move was like that 800 950 Market is open What to do Same thing in mid cap 500 540 10600 Continuous I wrote this Trade fresh levels in few minutes Because market is open What to do I wrote this Trade outside this

range When nifty broke it Bank nifty broke it 47.5% Nifty broke below 22470 What move 25 30 40 Something must have happened What to do I wrote this As expected No plan Wait to go down 20 To search a trade 10.45 Don’t forget the goal Basically It was

coming from here It was possible to slide 20 Move What to do Same thing in nifty Same thing in nifty Same thing I didn’t try to break 20 It was sideways Then I broke here Something happened But nothing happened That’s it I was warning again and again If

it is going to be like this Clear it I will deploy straddle and leave it One viewer wrote a nice comment Sir, if you deploy straddle and leave it It will take both sides That’s it And Market is teaching to make a straight line It was the same

It was the same We tried to guide live market But there is no movement in the market Some people will say You should have brought movement I can’t bring movement If I could bring movement I am not making this video If you think If I could bring movement

If I could bring movement Those who can bring movement They don’t have time to talk to you They are not busy in earning 2-4 rupees They have to play big money They are playing in billions They don’t care about our 2-4 rupees Don’t think That someone can bring

a move We can try We will play it Let’s start our calculated discussion Let’s start And the link of telegram channel is in the description You can join it But follow the video You will learn a lot What level to keep in mind for tomorrow First thing There

is no buying To open the gap Generally SIP triggers SIP triggers Because many people get salary in the end of the month Especially banking people In many corporates Salary comes in the last day of the month SIP triggered today As soon as the market opened SIP money came

No one bought No one did Now real challenge will come from tomorrow From tomorrow Movement of both sides will be possible Because sellers also Engage caution How much we have to test Means how much we will push, how much they will break they have not tested caution as

yet today they left it, you enjoy life tomorrow we will test caution tomorrow we will see what happens ok 28440 is below and above 475 take 480 ok 22480 will come above all time high is 530 22530 first move is possible above 22480 is possible above 530 is

possible above 530 is possible in short covering 22600-650 movement will come because once all time high will come 100 points will not go anywhere it will not happen that all time high will come and market will stay there for 2-4 points market will shoot from there ok so

keep in mind that above 22480 first move is possible above 530 above that is 650 then movement is possible up to 700 22440 keep in mind that below 22440 first level move is possible up to 22380 and then after that door will open up to 22300 so keep

in mind if market breaks 22440 then you can see a good dip 22380 first level after that move market is possible for 22380 second level let’s see option tab in option tab you will notice 22400-450-500 there is a good call writing put writing is not there in 22500

it is not aggressive there but put writing is there right now for some reason if market is below your 22440 so here 1 lakh contracts are going to be made all these will come in risk sharp down move can trigger you so keep that in mind now let’s

come to nifty bank what to keep in mind in nifty bank it has pulled back a bit in last but average closing is near 578 so it is not a very strong average closing or anything like that or it is not a big decline it is around last

tick 47500 is below and above 650 or 640 which we discussed let’s take 650 in morning we discussed this range of 640 market was taking the same huddle today also same so if market is above 640 47800-48000 you can try to move the market so if market is

above 47650 you can try to move the market 47800-48000 you can try to move the market 47500 market will stay below this so you can try to move the market from 47350 to 150 second level my expectation is even if nifty expiry is tomorrow there is a possible

move in banking because what HDFC did may be other banks may replicate or not and if they don’t replicate then market gets a different signal so be ready for both the sides but yes in market it is possible that nifty bank can give a move so be ready

for this now let’s come to next let’s see the option data 47500-6000 call writing is good call writing is also good overall call writing is good if you see the put writing 47600-500-400 all three call writing is good so I think 47400-500-600 all three call writing is good

there may be some inverted triangles I myself was playing inverted triangle because it was happening one candle up and one candle down so I was playing inverted triangle so it may be some people have strangle some have inverted triangle and some have straddle so it will break the

range it is clear but the problem is India Wix is so low that even on add the money there is 2 days left of expiry and still 440 points is the premium last day also 440 points was left so that is the problem that is why it is

having problem in carry forward specially as a seller ok, no problem let’s play what you have to mark on this you have to mark on this tomorrow is expiry keep one thing in mind you can play this move in bank nifty the expiry of this playing on this

is not justified that is up to you it is up to you but if you want to play on this then play range breakout if it goes below 21150 then you can play 21100 up to 21040 you can play this level or you can play clear cut up

to 21230 if it goes above 21230 then you can play 21300 up to 21350 it is possible for you you can play that midcap is moving daily it is moving up and down tomorrow you can mark 675 level below and 710 level above you can play this move

in both the range because it is moving daily HDFC bank you can notice that infreelance was not very positive only HDFC bank was positive this is the reason HDFC bank can’t be positive I wrote this in the group so it is up to you whether you did it

or not it is up to you 1465 level market will break below 1465 so 1455 to 1445 movement is possible I think upside move is above 1465 you don’t have to think about short cycle if it is bullish then you can continue trailing stop loss HICC bank was

trying to shoot up keep in mind that it is 1095 level weakness can come axis it can be negative or positive it can be below 1050 weakness can come Kotak didn’t move 1790 level weakness can come if it is above 1790 don’t sit in short cycle SBI sometimes

it moves up and down anyways 755 it can go to negative infi it moved down 1495 and above 1595 if it moves below 1495 then it will be a problem only if it is above 1595 Reliance it tried to bounce I think it can’t move above 2980 don’t

bring bullish view if it is below 2980 then it can continue then HUL if it is below 2280 then it will be a problem Silver and Gold since it was 24000 and gold was 65000 I am shouting that it can be bullish it is retraced still it is

at 77000 77150 bullish view can come above this level short cycle is trapped crude oil it is trying to move above 6930 fresh up move will come gold 68000 one more thing many people don’t understand this calculation if M6 rate is 68000 if you put 3% GST then

you will get 24% rate of physical market if we add 3% GST then it will be almost 2100 means it has crossed 70000 in future it has already done in physical market because dealer margin is there almost 21000 24k and yesterday it was 65300-400 with big dollars without

GST with GST it is 67000-68000 people should understand what gold has done I am always bullish on gold I think India’s inflation is a hedge it has crossed 400 means it has crossed 1100 means it can come above 68200 natural guess you have to keep in mind that

if it is above 145 then you have to keep bullish bias if you like the video then like it

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