Hi guys! Kat here! Welcome back to my channel!
For today’s video, I’ll be doing an unboxing and first impression review of my new sneaker pick up.
So recently, I copped the Air Jordan 1 Mid because of all these Tiktok stars and IG models wearing these
So I bought my own pair. So without further a do, let’s get on to the review! Roll VTR!
So before we get to the sizing, I just want to say this is my first ever J1
I got the mid cut because I’m petite. I feel like the highs wouldn’t suit me well.
I feel like I’d look like I’m wearing clown shoes with the high cut
The mid cut is perfect for me because it sits just above my ankles.
So this is perfect for me.
When comes to the sizing, it’s not the true to size in my case
because I’ve read a lot of feedback online that say that it’s true to size
Good thing I decided to buy this in-store because I’m actually a half size bigger with this shoe.
I’m a US 6.5 in J1 and a US 6 in Air Force 1s or other Nike shoes.
Because the toebox is narrow. So for people with wide feet, please get a bigger size.
I also noticed that it’s a bit difficult to wear it and get it off. You have to be very careful so it won’t crease.
That’s the only I had with these sneakers. But other than that, this is really such a nice shoe for your outfits.
I’d also would note that it’s a bit uncomfortable and I don’t think it’s good for long walks.
because the leather is a bit stiff and because it’s a bit narrow.
In my opinion, this is suitable if you have events to go to but not for daily use.
I feel like the Air Force 1s are more comfortable than this. But design-wise, the J1s look better.
So I got this at The Athlete’s Foot at Vertis North just yesterday.
I got so excited to shoot this video!
I bought this for 5,795 pesos. And it’s not on sale. The store only offers discounts for non-Jordan sneakers.
For me, overall, the design is cool and unique.
I would recommend this sneakers for all the women out there looking for a new pair of shoes.
It’s a must buy for me.
So that ends my short review of the J1 Mid in Alternate Swoosh
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